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Subwoofers are the part of the speaker which adds extra depth, feeling, and emotions to music. Generally, the audio systems of vehicles, home theatres, and studios prefer large subwoofers. 

Subwoofers can’t be used alone because, in general, the purpose of a subwoofer is to increase the lower frequencies to the higher ones. In an amplifier, it is necessary to add a subwoofer as it produces lots of necessary frequencies, which is required in augmenting the quality of music.

After a lot of research, here we are giving some of the best all-in-one subwoofers according to their unique and general features mentioned here.

Best All In One Subwoofers Review

1. Sound Storm Laboratories LOPRO10 Subwoofer 

LOPRO10 Subwoofer feature Built-in Amplifier improves the switching speed, which allows increasing the switching frequency of the product with the help of that subwoofer to accept high information. 

The low thermal impedance for higher switching frequency allows catching the frequencies from any source unit quickly, improving the subwoofer’s overall performance a lot. One should keep the frequencies between 80 Hz to 120 Hz.

A low-pass filter is used to remove high notes from the subwoofer that let the speaker run smoothly for a long period. If high notes of any source reach directly to the speaker, it will produce lots of noise, which is not acceptable for the users. This feature of the subwoofer reduces high tone to a great extent.

It also produces low-level inputs or RCA inputs to connect with the source unit and accept the information. If any amplifier doesn’t provide RCA input, it has a unique feature of high-level inputs to connect with them so that amplifiers with no RCA input don’t face any trouble in connections. 

Various boost basses allow the user to adjust the sound according to their choices. The user can use the bass boost to experience music beats in the air. Just keep in mind that the user should adjust the bass boost responsibly; otherwise, it can affect the subwoofer and the speaker. 

This subwoofer is available with a dimension of 15″x 9.75″x 3″ that can also be fitted in small areas.

What We Like

  • Built-in Amplifier 
  • Low-pass filter
  • High-level inputs
  • Variable bass boost

What We Don’t Like

  • Weak RMS

2. JBL Bass Pro Subwoofer

JBL Bass Pro Subwoofer provides 8 inches of JBL Bass Pro to experience music without any interference and disturbance.

It also provides a great output peak as compared to other devices. It can control up to 250 watts of output peak that allow the user to increase the power up to 250 watts without distortions in the subwoofer.

This product has 125 watts of Root Mean Square which enables continuous power output of an amplifier. It informs the user about the amount of power the speaker can handle daily without compromising sound and distortions. 

JBL Base Pro also features an efficient class D amplifier that operates up to the highest frequency by shifting various frequencies. With the help of this technique, it reduces interior space by using the smallest power transformer that will help users a lot in using their speaker smoothly. 

It also has the unique feature of a soft start turn-on feature, which ensures the increasing voltage applying on the device slowly and gradually helps increase the lifespan of the subwoofer. It also keeps the quality of sound better.

The speaker level inputs of this subwoofer are used in connecting an amplifier to an aftermarket radio, where the RCA input feature is unavailable. The weight of this product is 0.99 kgs which are very lightweight and enable the user to carry the product anywhere easily. 

What We Like

  • Output Peak
  • 8-inch JBL Bass Pro
  • Output Peak and RMS
  • Class D amplifier 

What We Don’t Like

  • Remote controller

3. Pioneer TS-WX – Best Active Subwoofer

Pioneer features a Built-in amplifier used in increasing the frequencies of bass results in deep thumping sound so that the users can enjoy the music’s beat completely. This product comes with 1300 watts of output peak; one can supply a maximum of 1300 watts of power to the subwoofer. 

The product can handle up to 350 watts of RMS, which is good compared to other products. It enables the user to use it for a long period. 

The built-in class D amplifier of this product used in catching the highest frequency among the available frequencies enables the user to experience a good quality of sound.

This product has a unique feature of cellulose fiber cone, enabling the reproduction of the best quality of sound without any disturbance. This feature allows the product to respond to the vibration quickly and also produce the sound signal accurately. 

The sensitivity of the product is 114 dB which is great at such a reasonable price range. With the help of sensitivity, the user knows the amount of output it produces in 1 watt of power. If the sensitivity of the product is high, it will produce louder sound at better quality without distortion.

The Bass Boost Remote of the product controls the bass in the music allowing the user to control the tune of the music they want. One should keep in mind that they should keep the region between 45 Hz and 50 Hz as it is the most comfortable frequency.

What We Like

  • Built-in amplifier 
  • 350 watts of RMS
  • Cellulose fiber cone
  • Sensitivity 

What We Don’t Like

  • 20 amp fuse

How to Choose Best All in One Subwoofer: Buying Guide

  1. Low-frequency extension

Subwoofers that can run out of steam on very deep bass notes are the best all-in-one subwoofers. 

Thus, it’s advisable to invest in subwoofers that are capable of producing the deepest tones and clear bass. These subwoofers offer the users clarity and grace. 

Furthermore, go for subwoofers with a spec sheet. Spec sheet is written based on test results in a room designed for complete absorption of sound. 

  1. Low-frequency output and high sound pressure 

An all-in-one subwoofer can play an effortlessly loud and distortion-free soundtrack irrespective of the depth of the source material. Thus, try to invest in only low-frequency output level subwoofers.

The best subwoofer is that which generates enough energy for effortless performance with massive SPLs. Subwoofers that supply energy beyond reference volume, with zero bottoming out or quitting at critical moments, are highly effective.

Before investing in an all-in-one subwoofer, pay a glance at how much energy and chest-thumping power it’s capable of creating along with the deepest bass notes. Checking the wattage is also advisable as it helps detect the size of the internal amplifier.

  1. Accuracy in frequency response 

The best all-in-one subwoofer is the one that produces the bass quality according to the listener’s choice. Furthermore, a good quality subwoofer is ideal to produce the right pitch with the enhanced movie, music, and audio track.

100% Accuracy in frequency level is the prime factor in creating a unique home theater experience. Accurate frequency output reflects the exact tone without any distortion level an artist needs to hear and feel.

Just check for the clear and powerful soundtrack. Do not opt for unclear and flattened sound notes. Furthermore, check the soundtrack extension level produced by your speakers.

  1. Speed

Just check the subwoofer’s impulse ( it must be extremely fast) and change in momentum ( it must be easily accelerable and de-accelerable). 

Invest only on subwoofers with high lightning speed and the proper pace audibility. Subwoofers with fewer pre-installed bass quality easily get over the soundtrack on a frequent basis. Whereas best subwoofers are installed with automatic stop-playable bass according to the listener’s expectations.

Check the integration levels of bass with the other speakers. Furthermore, it’s advisable to check whether the subwoofer resembles the part of your speakers, with a proper blending with their sound and performance level.

  1. Power 

If you want to have a subwoofer system that booms, you must invest in the one with plenty of power. Do check the RMS power ratings. RMS ratings showcase the continuous power handling and output of any subwoofer. RMS Power is an important factor before purchasing the subwoofer because it avails the users with an enhanced realistic experience than peak power. Make sure that the sub you are buying is capable of handling your amp’s output power.


To choose the best subwoofer, we recommend the users focus on every feature of the subwoofer. A good subwoofer can take the user to a different world of music. 

By merging any subwoofer into an amplifier to realize the best quality in the sound system of vehicles or home theatres can be fulfilled by observing every basic detail of the subwoofer. To achieve the best sound signals in a woofer, one should always use amplifiers.

But keep in mind to observe the frequencies and sensitivity of the subwoofer while buying as it is the most important feature of a subwoofer. According to their general features, we concluded the best all-in-one subwoofers, including RMS peak, Built-in Amplifier, output peak, and many more. One can make their experience of listening to music thrilling by buying the best subwoofers and amplifiers.

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