About Us

Welcome to SoundSuggest.com!

SoundSuggest.com is a free resource site dedicated to Sound related stuff. Our mission is to provide the best possible information about sound & music tools, tips, and guides at just a single place.

To make your life easier and make you feel free we work hours to produce information about sound products and reviews.

We are a dedicated team of sound enthusiasts. We’ve spent years testing out the sound gadgets. Our goal is to outfit you with the knowledge and resources to make your best decision in tools selection. Here on SoundSuggest.com we review the latest sound gear and give you unbiased reviews and comparisons so you can make a well-informed decision. We hope you enjoyed the site!

How We Test Tools?

We spend hundreds of hours to make your selection easy and quick. We mostly try to test the different sound gadgets or products for the same purpose. Then we write a tool buying guide based upon our experience with all tools list in the shortlisted form.

We are specialists in sound stuff, so we decided to start this website as a platform to share our knowledge to empower our readers.

We continually testing out different sound tools through different technical and non-technical aspects. Whatever products you see on our website are personally tested to provide you the best products. We spend hundreds of hours every month to shortlist the best tools. We also consider points like value for money, and easy to use.

Meet Our Team

Simon Franklin

Simon Franklin

Founder of SoundSuggest.com (Sound & Music Enthusiast)

Simon loves to play a lot with audio & music equipment. He tests different sound & music gear to make his sound quality better. Each guide and review on this website has been approved by Simon to give you the right information.

Lucy Williamson

Lucy Williamson

Chief Editor

Lucy works really hard to write, research, and create content. She loves writing about technology and all the latest gadgets. In short, she’s a tech geek:)

Ronald Tarbell

Ronald Tarbell

Expert Editor

Ronald is an expert editor with a BSc (Hons) in Sound Engineering and having years of experience using, repairing, and testing gear.

If you want to get in touch with us for any question, suggestion or collaboration you can contact us here.