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Amplifiers always help to provide a better way to listen to music in a tremendous way to every music lover. Here we are giving a perfect list of the top 5 best subwoofer amplifiers that one can use daily. 

Best Subwoofer Amplifiers Review

1. BOSS Audio Systems R1100M Monoblock Car Subwoofer Amplifier

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The best-selling car subwoofer amplifier is a single-channel monoblock amp, which comes with 1100 watts peak power and a 2ohm impedance rate. However, it can also perform as a 550 peak power level at 4ohm. 

The class A/B amplifier is specially designed with a simple layout and bass boost button. The wonderful mechanism ensures superb bass and without any high-frequency notes production. 

The robust and compact design is powered with a MOSFET power supply, which keeps it for higher efficiency productions. However, the shorting or circuitry protection and three years warranty ensure the durability of the best car amplifier for bass.

The well-built amplifier offers two separate single-channel options, and it is extremely feasible to install in cars. The bass boost button and the low crossover filter ensure the low-end deep bass sound output.  

Furthermore, the remote control system and easy configurations make it the most straightforward amplifier to use. However, it is specially designed to provide what your speaker wants to shake your car. 

What We Like

  • High level and low-level inputs addition
  • Allows to set the bass boost range
  • It allows use as two separate single channels
  • Three years warranty card

What We Don’t Like

  • Nothing

2. Rockford Fosgate R500X1D Class D One Channel Amplifier

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The Rockford prime series class D amplifier is well designed with 500 peak power watts at 2ohm impedance and 300 watts at 4-ohm impedance. However, it comes with remote control, which enhances the ease of use factor of this popular class D amplifier. 

Rockford always proves that it is the best subwoofer amplifier brand, with its high-end models, and this one also takes the pleasure. The MOSFET-powered amplifier comes with a robust aluminum heat-sink to prevent overheating and voice distortion.  

Furthermore, the well-built monoblock amplifier is also featured with over-current and shorting protection. However, the 12db crossover rating also impacts a positive impression on this Rockford car amplifier’s power handling capability. 

The flexibility between the single-channel allows it to reach the top-end frequency pass from 50 to 250HZ quickly.  The one best thing which we really want to appreciate is its quiet start-up, as it never produces irritating sounds when turned on. 

The 4-gauge well-grounded connection and compact design help users with easy and quick installation. The well-engineered Rockford Fosgate amplifier is specially made for those who don’t want to compromise with the sound and bass quality. 

What We Like

  • Superb 500 watts power
  • Brand value enhance trust in the buyer
  • Cast aluminum heat-sink to prevent overheating
  • Reduces current consumption

What We Don’t Like

  • Nothing

3. Rockville dB14 4000 Watt Monoblock Amplifier

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One more MOSFET-powered amplifier in our list of best subwoofer amplifiers, which comes with a huge 4000 watts peak and 1000 watts RMS power. The high-end performing model provides 2000 watts to 2ohm single channel and 1200 watts to 4ohm single channel. 

The durable chassis and CEA 2006 compliant amplifier has gone through all the efficiency test levels and ensures the lowest distortion. The under and over-voltage protection is the best thing which we liked the most. 

The remote bass control mounted amplifier allows eBay to adjust the equalization and the delay soft start system avoids the frustrating start-up noise. However, the detailed manual and mounting accessories with screws is an add-on for the buyers. 

The sophisticated engineering enables the mechanism to provide high-powered output, and the 12db octave crossover enhances the sound quality. The D class amplifier is perfect for the people who usually leave the sound button at the highest level. 

The best subwoofer amplifier kit provides a real rumble to your speakers with its lowest frequency range handling capability and 90db sensitivity ratings. However, the one-year warranty, IC-controlled protections, and CEA certificate ensure its durability. 

What We Like

  • Highest powered subwoofer amplifier in our list
  • Addition of a subsonic filter
  • Low level and high-level crossover inputs
  • Delayed soft start system

What We Don’t Like

  • Only good for small home theater setup

4. MTX Audio THUNDER500.1 Class D Black Amplifier


The 500 watts RMS-powered monoblock MTX audio amplifier is specially designed for people who do not want to compromise with the sound quality but don’t have a big budget. The perfect audio system is able to terminate the possible distortion. 

The class D amplifier with a PCB mount surface is really straightforward to install. The best budget subwoofer amplifier is compatible with a bigger 12-inch sub and able to handle the low-end frequency ranges. 

The variable low and high-level crossover and selectable bass boost button ensure the desired bass sound with little distortion. With high efficiency, the monster amplifier can minimize power loss and heat when run for long hours. 

Furthermore, the small footprint and compact design allow users to fit in in the tightest spaces. The durable amplifier is the best solution for beginners who didn’t know the critical installation process. 

What We Like

  • Budget-friendly but highly efficient
  • Variable low and high power crossover
  • 500 watts RMS power
  • One year warranty

What We Don’t Like

  • You may face overheating

5. Lanzar Amplifier 2000 watts Car Audio Amplifier

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One more single-channel amplifier comes with a huge 2000 watts of power. The cheap subwoofer amplifier features excellent frequency response and RCA connectors to keep a secure connection between the amp and speakers. 

The monoblock amplifier comes with an LED indicator and soft turn-on, off buttons, which makes it easiest to use. However, the line-out jacks allow the user to set up multiple amplifier systems without using splitter cords. 

The D class amplifier is ideal for small cars or small home theater setups due to the 10 HZ to 45 HZ frequency response. However, it is able to reduce the possible crosstalks and frequency disturbance. However, it’s a great deal with variable low and high pass filters and bass boost variability. 

What We Like

  • Great deal with a budget-friendly price tag
  • 2000 watts peak power in a compact design
  • Frequency. Response: 10Hz – 45kHz
  • LED indicators

What We Don’t Like

  • It doesn’t have a bass remote. 

How to Choose Best Subwoofer Amplifier – Buying Guide

What will your amplifier do for your speakers? While shopping for a new amplifier, you need to know the answer. The answer is simple, it takes the weak signal and enhances it to make it more powerful. 

However, the above-listed top 5 best subwoofer amplifiers are highly capable of producing more power for your speaker. If you are confused about choosing the perfect one from these top five options, then this buying guide section will help you. 

Here we will talk about the specifications and factors that make an amplifier suitable for your speakers. If you keep all these things in your mind, then we ensure you will make a good purchase decision. 

  1. Power

The power terms are measured through two different categories; RMS and Peak Power. RMS stands for root mean square, refers to the capability of handling continuous power. The professionals are concerned about RMS power rating more than peak power. 

However, the peak power rating is just a part of the marketing strategy, which determines a subwoofer amplifier’s efficiency for producing power for a short time before damage or failure occurs. Furthermore, it would help if you also matched the amplifier RMS power with your speaker. 

If you have an over-powered amplifier, then your speakers may produce fuller sound when played at full volumes. However, an underpowered speaker can’t be loud even working with a high-powered amplifier. 

  1. Impedance

Impedance or OHMS are the measurements of the resistance which a speaker adds to the circuit. It is crucial to match the amplifier OHMS rating with your speaker’s impedance rate. 

If your amp meets with low resistance, it may produce more powered output, but it will lead to damage or unit failure. The multi-channel, mid-range, or tweeters always range 4-ohm impedance. 

  1. Class

However, there are many different classes of an amplifier, and each has its own pros and cons. We will not engage in a lengthy explanation, as the below given major terms are enough to compare. 

  • Class A

Also known as a high-end car subwoofer amplifier, which is ideal for producing extremely accurate output. It tends to reduce the possible crossover distortion and offers a brilliant frequency response. However, the large-sized class A amps are heavier enough and the most expensive ones. 

  • Class B

Another analog amplifier uses a push/pull method for audio output. Hence, it is not good for the car’s audio system, but if you want the best subwoofer amplifier for home theater, then it will perform with more efficiency than class A amps. 

You may find a little distortion because it generates heat while running, and it’s also a costly option. 

  • Class A/B

The hybrid between A and B class amps is more efficient than A class amplifiers. It accepts the various crossover distortion levels to produce high-quality bass sound. However, the expensive amp also produces heat but less than class A and B amplifiers. 

  • Class D

Class D or digital amplifiers are most common nowadays, as the small-sized amplifier is far more efficient than other class amps. However, you may feel a little voice distortion in the performance of this affordable amplifier. 

  1. Channel Configuration

An amplifier comes with different channel configurations, and it depends on your application required channels. In simple words, it is a power signal which amplifiers distribute in all channels. It varies from 1 speaker to 6+ speakers and channels. 

The power rating of an amplifier is as watts per channel for a specific impedance rate. Therefore, you have to calculate the power rating as per the channel configuration. 

  1. Audio Filters

Audio filters like high pass, low pass, and subsonic filter are some of the advanced features which are available in high-end latest amplifiers. It controls the frequency and is extremely helpful in fine-tuning the amplifier. 

  1. Warranty

Like all the other discussed factors, the warranty also matters. Do not compromise with the durability assurity, as you have invested a significant amount of your hard-earned money. 

Conclusion on Best Subwoofer Amplifier

So, here is a perfect list and buying guide for all our readers who want to buy the best subwoofer amplifiers. One should compare all the products and find essential features before proceeding further.

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