Best Car Subwoofers Under $100


Selecting subwoofers become very easy when you have multiple options with complete details. So, here our team has selected the top 5 affordable car subwoofers that you can buy for less than $100. One should check the features and specifications and match them with your requirements. One can buy it through e-commerce sites with just one click.

Best Car Subwoofers Under $100 Review

1. Rockville RW8CA – Best Under-Seat Car Subwoofer Under 100

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Rockville is manufacturing the most popular and affordable subwoofers with high-quality material and durability. This 8” active subwoofer is perfect to be placed inside a car for a long trip. It provides super bass quality and a fantastic sound experience to travelers.

600 peak and 150 watts RMS power are perfect for an efficient power supply and high energy volume. We have seen it as the best high bass-producing subwoofer available in the market.

It also has adjustable sensitive input with delayed remote turn-on buttons. Its thermal protective circuit is another boon for the user, enabling an individual to place the sub inside the car without worrying about any mishappening or short-circuit. 

Sensitivity of 100dB makes this under-seat car subwoofer more comfortable and prominent frequency responses of 20Hz to 150Hz. 29Hz of the built-in subsonic filter is more durable and produces more high-quality music inside the car.

What We Like

  • Input sensitivity of subwoofer is adjustable
  • RCA input is very low level
  • The remote turn-on is flexible
  • Properly secure thermal circuit protection 

What We Don’t Like

  • It gets hot easily

2. Rockford Fosgate with 10-inch DVC Car Subwoofer

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Rockford subwoofer is in second place on our list of the top 5 subwoofers under 100. It has a perfect stamp-cast basket with venting to keep it safely placed under the car. Its mountain depth is 3.4 inches with a power handling of 400 watts.

Our experts have used it for more than four weeks and categorized it as the best subwoofer with 16 AWG tinsel leads.

It’s a motor in a shallow space that consumes less area in the car. This subwoofer is a perfect option for sealed enclosures that keeps the airflow optimal from the upper side and makes it look attractive and produces less heat.

What We Like

  • Best Thermal Protection
  • Anodised voice coil
  • PVC trim ring is integrated
  • Best low-frequency music is produced

What We Don’t Like

  • Speaker foam may split from edges over years

3. Kicker 10-inch Dual-Voice Coil Speakers

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Kicker subwoofer is available at mid-range prices in the market with the most optimal features and advantages for users. Its 4-Ohm current flow and 350 watts power is perfect to produce ear-bursting sound and extreme bass in the car.

One can place this subwoofer either inside the car or at the house for small house parties. It is small in size. Hence, one can install it at any place easily without any hassle. It has a perfect Injection-molded Cone with a unique design and attractive look.

Our experts found its sensitivity of 83.6 dB to produce high-quality sound with better effects and low-frequency volume.

What We Like

  • Dual-voice coils
  • 50-400 watts RMS power
  • Sealed enclosure
  • Wired remote for easy access

What We Don’t Like

  • Heat transmitters can be more secure

4. Skar Audio 800 Watt Dual 4 Ohm Car Subwoofer Under 100 Dollars

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Another dual power car subwoofer is available to provide perfect 800 watts peak and 400 watts RMS power. It has a grade press paper cone with high-temperature coils of 2”. One can easily place them inside the car to enjoy loud music with super bass quality.

High roll foam has surrounded the subwoofer to control unnecessary disturbance and distortion of loud volume music. It can add a deep depth to your car stereo system and make the listening experience extraordinary and amazing. It can make the journey smooth and easy to pass.

It has a powerful triple stack high ferrite motor with an extreme temperature of copper. It can also have a temperature cooler and air-ducts to pass the hot air outside and keep the device cool. It can produce perfect and loud bass with accurate low notes in a variety of music.

Therefore, our team has selected this subwoofer as the best sub to produce powerful sound effects, and you can get it at amazing rates from the market.

What We Like

  • Dual voice coil configuration of 4 Ohm
  • 19’’ ported length
  • 7.2’’ cut-out diameter
  • 5.9’’ mounting depth

What We Don’t Like

  • Surround sound cracking issue

5. JBL 8″ Car Audio Subwoofer

6120AOlfyCL. AC SL1500

It comes last on the list but is a very powerful and prominent subwoofer that we find at a reasonable cost in the market. It is most affordable yet has almost all the required features that a subwoofer must-have. So, here we found the following advantages of the audio car sub.

The sound distortion of bass is too low, and the peak power handling capacity of the sub is more up to 800 watts and RMS power of 200 watts. The best thing while producing high sound is extremely high output without any distortion.

The noise-canceling feature is perfect for stopping all the unwanted noise coming out from the sub. Its frequency range makes it a more reliable product with 38Hz to 200 Hz. 

It has some extra components like a foam basket, an easy-to-understand user manual, and a remote to control all settings. You can place your subwoofer in your car, and you will never find difficulty while installing the subwoofer.

What We Like

  • Extreme lightweight with 2 pounds
  • Surrounded by high-roll rubber
  • Best transducer to produce quality sound
  • The best add-on to car stereo system

What We Don’t Like

  •  The output is less than mentioned sometimes

How to Choose Best Car Subwoofer Under $100 – Buying Guide

If you want to buy one of the best subwoofers within your budget, You need to know the different features of the subwoofer and which one suits you best. There are some things you can keep in your mind always before you buy any subwoofer.

  1. Quality

Subwoofers have good connectors, satisfying performance, are made of durable material, and use less power to produce good bass. The subwoofers made of plastic cones don’t need to be better than hybrid material cones. 

The subwoofers should last for a long time; that’s why it is very important to check the buyer’s reviews. While reading reviews, keep in mind to check both negative and positive reviews. It will help a lot. 

Generally, users compromise with the quality of the product when they get a cheaper product, but one should never do this. If one wants to buy a cheap subwoofer as per their budget, then he/she should especially observe the quality of the product.

  1. Incredibly Extension of Low Frequency

Most of the subwoofers can’t produce deep bass notes or tones. Technically, their notes are around 20 Hz or below it. They exaggerate the mid-bass performance, which hides the missing notes, which creates a single-note bass, boomy, which is an incredibly unbelievable experience at the lowest frequency. 

The best car subwoofer for deep bass provides the deepest bass clearly and elegantly; sometimes, the user can even feel the music which is a great experience. The user should always go for subwoofers that run great without steam at a deep bass note.

  1. Price and Value

It is important to buy a subwoofer within budget, but the user should pay attention if the product is valuable for money or not. If the user buys the cheapest product, it will have lots of problems after the warranty period; finally, the user has to spend lots of money on repairs. 

Buying cheap subwoofers without observing quality, durability and other important features is never value for money. So the user should always observe every feature of the product along with the price in this way, they can save money and buy a good quality product in their budget.

  1. Pinpointing Speed

Subwoofers should have an exceptionally fast impulse or momentum change to be the best. If there is any problem with its speeds, the speaker will create extra notes that will not allow the user to hear music pleasantly. So the speed of the impulse and momentum changes should be equal to lightning speed. 

In many cases, subwoofers overload the speaker’s sound, which is again very irritating to listen to; that’s why the world’s best subwoofers stop playing at that moment and rebound at a perfect moment, so the music doesn’t seem distinguishable, and everything remains perfect. 

The user should always purchase the best subwoofer for a car having great pinpointing speed within their budget.

  1. Amplifier

The best car subwoofers provide loud and disturbance-free music. To produce its spontaneous volume adjustment while the system speeds up, it has its internal amplifier, which is generally not available in other subwoofers. 

It is very important to adjust the volume. Otherwise, the subwoofer may face further damages. The world-class subwoofers generate a sufficient amount of energy within the mentioned volume to perform SPLs effortlessly. 

The user should pay attention to the energy and chest-thumping of the product at a very deep note. To know the size of the amplifier, one can also check the product’s wattage.


Here we have mentioned the best advantages of buying the best car subwoofer under 100 with prominent basic requirements like high bass, optimal sound quality, no distortion, no unwanted sound, and many more. One can match their requirements with any of the subs mentioned above and buy which suits them the most.

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