Best Active Subwoofers


An active subwoofer means a sub with its internal amplifier to produce quality sound with distortion-free music. We need to look for some extensive quality factors like enclosure, electric power, sensitivity, resonance, and bass quality. 

If you want to buy a multi-channel subwoofer with 2.1, 3.1, or 5.1 channels, then you can buy any of the below-given products. We have analyzed all the 5 subwoofers mentioned below on this basis to get the best active subwoofer.

Best Active Subwoofers Review

1. Sony SACS 10-Inch – Best Active Subwoofer

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Sony SACS has the best 115 watts power subwoofer with effective bass qualities. Earlier subwoofers were manufactured with paper cones which deteriorated in quality over the years. It has a 9.84 diaphragm thumping bass quality with reinforcing authentic quality.

But, Sony SACS has MRC fiber, making the subwoofer more rigid and durable for a long time. You can get the best quality maintained for years. No deterioration is found in these types of subwoofers.

Sony provides a great experience of sound with the best active subwoofer for the home theater experience. It produces low-frequency sound with high bass quality. 

One can use it for the long term with multi-channel connections. It reduces the production vibration of tight bass. 

Vibration often causes unnecessary interruption of sound with low-quality music production. It has tight bass of acoustically absorbing waves and damping vibrations. Therefore, double vibration quality is available within the same cabinet with less pressure inside.

Amplifiers help in producing sound by converting electrical waves into sound waves. It provides a punch to the track and enhances the experience of the user for a long time. 

What We Like

  • Compact design
  • Stylish finishing
  • 115 watts power
  • Undistorted voice quality

What We Don’t Like

  • Sound distortion may be felt over years

2. Pioneer TS-WX1010A – Best Sealed Enclosure Active Subwoofer

61XBt6t3q0L. AC SL1100

While searching for the best subwoofers with quality and high bass, our team found Pioneer the best option for high bandwidth and more output. The distortion of music is less with high sensitivity and easily adjustable controls.

It has variable bass controls. So, one can enjoy the moment as and when required. The remote control is provided with a gain controller for better side panel control. Our experts have used the product for months and have verified its durability and compatibility of the product. 

The installation procedure is easy and simple and can be adjusted in compact places. If you have any doubt about working, then check the user manual that gives a perfect explanation about the product with a detailed description.

It has a wired remote control knob which helps in a flexible system and easy user controls. Its trapezoid shape is a perfect rigid shape and produces lesser internal standing waves. It also increases the flexibility of the installation of subwoofers at the place.

What We Like

  • 0 to +12db Bass
  • 40 to 1200 Hz frequency
  • Very feasible installation process
  • High-quality bass quality

What We Don’t Like

  • Sound quality is average on high volume

3. Cerwin Vega VPAS

81UpCPbjI9L. AC SL1436

High-level inputs with RCA and special controls are available with the subwoofer. One can buy it from any e-commerce site and enjoy the quality of sound and clear volume. Fuse rating given to subwoofer by users is quite high with 25A*1. 

You will also get constant subsonic filters of 35Hz. Filters help in producing quality sound with no distortion and alteration in music. It also has variable low pass filters of 85-150 Hz to filter the sound on variable volume immediately. 

We found it quite effective and easy to use through remote control. Sensitivity helps in providing better sound quality without any sound distortion. It has a longer product life than others. It also has adjustable controls for sensitivity with a phase switch of 0 to 180 degrees.

It also has a thermal protection circuit to prevent any damage due to excessive heat in the subwoofer. Thermal protection is essential in any brand of subwoofer. Cerwin keeps the quality in mind before selling it to the customer.

What We Like

  • 75-150Hz LP filter
  • 200W RMS power 
  • Turned on soft remote
  • Remote Bass Knob

What We Don’t Like

  • Overheating was found in some products

4. Edifier T5 Powered Subwoofer with Low Pass Filters

71UDQS7tJ6L. AC SL1500

Edifier provides powerful and highly perfect distortion-free music to provide an efficient listening experience. It provides effective sound quality on low volume with proper output. It comes under high and mid-range bass filters.

The best thing we found about the product is its 2-years of manufacturer’s warranty. Any external damage to a part will not be covered under warranty, but any internal damage will be resolved within the period.

Saving energy or electricity also helps in contributing to the environment. It shuts off the subwoofer power if not used for too long. Wooden enclosures are made with dense fibreboard to provide durability and the strongest quality.

It also provides better-reduced resonance quality to provide high audio quality and high bass sounds. The cabinets have low resonance sounds with the purest sound and eliminate unwanted noise.

Unwanted noise often irritates the customers and creates hassle while enjoying music or movies at home. 

What We Like

  • Elegant design with simple features
  • Distortion-free music with free bass quality
  • Adjustable volume controls
  • MDF material with reduced resonance

What We Don’t Like

  • Chuffing produced from ports

5. Pioneer TS-WX130DA – Best Compact Active Subwoofer

61QKnDmXJeL. AC SL1200

Deep phase mode with high resonance frequency helps in producing quality sound for the long term. It helps in producing better sound quality with the least distortion in music.

One can install it in less space with simple adjustments. Our team has researched for weeks before finalizing it in the list of top 5 active subwoofers.

You can attach it with home theatre and experience high-quality sound effects with stable bass. The Class-D amplifier is attached with urethane to provide quality music. Active subs are less costlier than passive subwoofers. One can buy it today to enjoy with family and friends.

One can buy it for getting the best home theater subwoofer with attached amplifiers. An amplifier helps in filtering and delivering quality sound in the room.

What We Like

  • Quality low pass speakers
  • Car stereotype
  • Aluminum cone
  • Control tailors frequency response

What We Don’t Like

  • Issues with high volume level

How to Choose Best Active Subwoofer – Buying Guide

Buying an active subwoofer is necessary with deep bass quality, and low frequency is essential. But one must know a few things before buying the same:

  1. Low Frequency with Deepest Bass

Very few subwoofers are capable of providing low-frequency sound with deep bass quality. One should buy a subwoofer with more than 20Hz or up to 150Hz. One should check the quality of deep bass at low volume.

Our team has researched various products and then selected the top 5 products with quality sound.

  1. Active Subwoofer or Passive Subwoofer

Most buyers often try to find “what is an active subwoofer?” or the difference between passive subs. The active subwoofer has its in-built amplifier, and passive subwoofer amplifiers have to be attached separately.

It helps in getting two-in-one features in less space and compact designs. Therefore, choosing an active subwoofer over a passive subwoofer is more advantageous.

  1. Pinpoint Speed on Start & Stop

When an individual wants to start, stop or pause the music, action should be executed immediately. One should check the speed at pinpoint with better sound quality.

You can find an efficient quick switch on and off subwoofer. Therefore, you must buy a subwoofer with pinpoint speed. 

  1. Budget of Subwoofer

The budget of each subwoofer is different and active subs are more affordable and budget-friendly. The subwoofers can be purchased for under $300 very easily. So, you can match the requirements and then select the subwoofer accordingly.

But, one must never give preference to quality over price. You can buy quality products by spending more money.

  1. Compact Design

The design of the subwoofer should be sleek and seamless. The body with MDF quality provides durability for years. Easy to fit in the space with compact size too. 

Compact design means easy to fit in the space, short height, with strong material on the outer shell. One can adjust active subwoofers in cars, at home, in-home theatres, and many more places.

  1. Ported or Sealed Sub?

Ported subwoofers have different points, and it helps in easy airflow and prevents excessive heating of subwoofers. The sealed subwoofer is completely closed from all sides and has no space for airflow outside the subwoofer. It may cause heating after years.

So, our team has used both ported and sealed subwoofers for weeks and then selected ported subwoofers for reducing excessive heat-up. In the industry, both the subwoofers are equally used for different purposes. So, one must check the requirement before selecting between ported or sealed subwoofer.


We have researched the quality and response of the best active subwoofer for four months. If you want to experience a thrilling experience of distortion-free music at home, then you can try any 1 the best-powered subwoofer from the list mentioned above. 

When checking the subwoofer or RMS quality’s power, it can go up to 100 watts with an attached amplifier intended to acquire quality sound.

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