Best Value Subwoofers


Buying the best value subwoofers becomes easy when you have a perfect list of products and a buying guide in your hand. So, here one can go through the top products and how they can be helpful in fulfilling all the requirements of high music and extreme bass quality. 

Best Value Subwoofers Review

1. Klipsch R-120SW – Best Value Subwoofer To Get Ultimate Music Experience

Klipsch R-120SW Subwoofer is used to uncover clean and chest-thumping bass, which you are never able to receive in your movies, music, or games. The credit goes to an all-digital amplifier and the front-firing drivers because this high-performance and the best value subwoofer offers deep bass along with placement flexibility. 

There will be a reinforced MDF construction to reduce cabinet vibration and increase sonic accuracy. This enables you to enjoy the ultimate listing experience with less audible coloration. The subwoofer receives a wonderful wood grain finish to suit every modern home.

With low-frequency effects and line-level inputs, you can easily connect this subwoofer to any stereo receiver or home theatre. You are likely to blend its resonance into your music system. The R-120SW has effective phase controls, crossover, and back-panel gain to help you tune the bass accordingly.

To assure accurate and controlled bass, R-120SW has an in-built 200W RMS amplifier that sounds a lot with music and movie soundtracks. If you long for deep bass, which gives you a feel of being in the part of the screen, you should definitely buy this Klipsch R-120SW Subwoofer without any fail.

What We Like

  • Great looking & design
  • Reasonable to buy
  • Easy to set up
  • Nice deep bass

What We Don’t Like

  • Low pitched notes

2. BIC America FI2 – A Unique Audio Music System For Long-Lasting Sound

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Are you in search of a subwoofer to produce high-quality sounds at an affordable price? If so, BIC America FI2 is the best value subwoofer home theatre to fit your requirements. As similar to other modern subwoofers, setting up this BIC FI2 is very simple. However, before the setup, make sure you regulate the frequency level and volume based on the speaker’s ability.

With a classic and attractive look, the big and heavy subwoofer is made of minimalist cubic styling. The thick walls at the back case will help to prevent any unnecessary resonances blended with wave formation. It has a volume control, frequency control, stereo input & output terminals, receivers, power indicator, power button, and RCA connection.

The power of this subwoofer is quite enough for home use and a party organization in the backyard. BIC FI2 may come with excellent sound quality as it can work well even at a reduced volume. Just connect this subwoofer to your receiver with the help of a speaker and stereo input level. In turn, you can receive a great sound throughout your living room. 

What We Like

  • Unique audio system
  • A budget-friendly subwoofer
  • Deliver great movie sounds
  • Provide strong lower frequencies

What We Don’t Like

  • Heavy to handle 

3. Boss Audio CXX8 – Low-Budget 8-Inch Subwoofer To Fit Every Smaller Car

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If you need to upgrade your vehicle’s stereo system within a limited space, the Boss Audio System 8inch subwoofer is the hard-hitting solution. Even though it is not big or powerful as a large subwoofer, it can work perfectly in smaller vehicles. Boss Audio CXX8 is the best value subwoofer car to generate a nice sound compared to factory speakers. 

The boss audio CXX8 is definitely the best choice if you are on a strict budget. The affordable price makes this subwoofer an attractive option for most money-conscious minds. In addition, the three-year warranty eliminates any worry you have about wasting your money. 

Due to durable and resilient material, the sound produced is great and long-lasting. It has rubber protection around the surroundings to tolerate much wear and tear without causing any damage. There is a stamped basket to absorb and transmit more energy generated by the speaker.

Though the peak power level will be lower than other 8-inch subwoofers, it may still produce much oomph in the bass.  With a metallic black finish, the great look and design go well inside any vehicle. It is really a great option for the best possible price.

What We Like

  • Three-year warranty
  • Best ever price
  • Attractive metallic look
  • Long-lasting sound

What We Don’t Like

  • Reduced peak power level

4. Monoprice 60-watt Sub – Augment The Sound Of Exiting Your Music System

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Want to improve the performance of your audio system? Just add a Monoprice 60-watt powered subwoofer as the name suggests that this 8-inch subwoofer has the capacity to produce 60-watt output. Its frequency range varies from 50 to 250 Hz, whereas its crossover filter ranges from 50 – 150 Hz. 

The control panel has frequency and gains knobs to regulate the power output and crossover filter. In this way, you can blend and balance the bass output according to your stereo speakers. There are multiple input options, which enable you to make use of any stereo options.  For every input, you will get a corresponding output.

Since the Monoprice speaker is the best value subwoofer for music, you can get pleasure from your favorite music, movie, and game with a vibrant audio soundscape. The subwoofer has a powerful voice, which is perfect for any sort of music, including clear highs given by the tweeter or solid deep bass delivered by the woofers.

Boasting a beautiful, sleek finish, this modern black-colored speaker has been designed to complement the look of your curved or flat-screen TV.

What We Like

  • Good sound quality
  • Easy to install
  • Pretty good design
  • Low priced subwoofer

What We Don’t Like

  • High-frequency level

5. Polk Audio PS10

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Why do most music enthusiasts always invest in subwoofers? They want to enhance and amplify sound quality. One such popular and perfect value subwoofer is the Polk Audio PSW10. The subwoofer has a strict, minimalistic solid design. The body is manufactured of black oak with a silver front.

The manufacturer has designed it in such a way as to prevent standing wave formation and unwanted resonances. The frequency and sound controls are also available. Users can rest assured to receive excellent performance and great sound quality. The unique configuration helps in making a clean and clearer sound even at a low-frequency level.

The Polk Audio PSW10 has come up with the best compression circuitry, which helps to cut down sound distortion while high volume levels. A smart sensing circuit helps the subwoofer to switch off or on automatically. So, no need not worry about any power surges.

The input and output terminals of this stereo speaker are easily accessible. Setting up it is also very simple. It is compatible with most music systems. No doubt, the PSW10 is economically effective with a long warranty duration. 

What We Like

  • Good value for money
  • Smart sensing circuitry
  • Impressive output quality
  • Compatible with different speakers

What We Don’t Like

  • No direct LFE input

How to Choose Best Value Subwoofers – Buying Guide

Are you still worried about selecting the best budget subwoofer? Are you in doubt about which one suits your requirements? If we are here to help you. Given below is a buying guide that you can check out and get to know the essential factors you have to consider while buying the subwoofers. Ensure that the subwoofer’s position is an essential factor, which many users often overlook while making their choices. Let us see how we make our selection:

  1. Quality:

The quality of a subwoofer’s internal mechanisms plays a significant role. But, you should never ignore the quality of materials utilized to make enclosures. It would help if you gave the utmost importance to the acoustics also. 

The materials employed must have the capability to improve the bass and acoustics. Inferior materials do not only create vibration yet also distort the sounds. In particular, this seems to be crucial for subwoofers that produce reverberating sounds at a low frequency.

  1. Size:

People often think that a bigger is always better while considering the powerful sounds being generated by the best subwoofer under $500. However, the important thing is that your chosen subwoofer should work seamlessly with other speakers and, in turn, let you enjoy an immersive music experience. 

A larger subwoofer is quite enough to reverberate if you locate the sound system in an open area or the large room of your house. Here, the deep bass is determined by how large the surface area of your subwoofer has.

  1. Volume and power:

When it comes to buying the subwoofer, another factor to consider is the power. You are likely to check the power output of any subwoofer with the help of built-in amplifiers. Doing so will help you to know whether the chosen product meets your requirements or not. 

Having the higher power out is better all the time. At the same time, take a glance over the specifications, including the RMS rating and peak power. 

  1. Range of frequency:

Everyone would like the thump generated in the music with deeper bass. These vibrations are particularly meant for the most enthralling listening experience. But, all the speakers can’t generate the same bass. So, speakers with a low frequency generate more bass. This means that lower the Hz and more the bass. Here, bass denotes all low-frequency sounds ranging from 20 – 160 Hz.

  1. Speed:

Smaller subwoofers are always faster than larger ones. Every high-quality subwoofer available on the market has been optimized to play a considerable range of frequencies. Subwoofers are designed in such a way to give a good blend of low-frequency extension and efficiency. 

So, changes made to the mass of the voice coil and woofer cone will drastically affect a speaker’s speed. The efficiency will increase for a large-sized subwoofer, and simultaneously, the low-frequency cut-off would get reduced when the size increased. In short, small speakers will move faster compared to large speakers.

  1. Placement of the subwoofer:

Since the subwoofer reproduces non-functional low frequencies, you can locate it in any place where it tends to deliver the best sound. However, your room size, furnishings, floor types, and wall construction decides the optimal placement.

Usually, the perfect placement is in the room front, room corner, or just to your main speaker’s right or left side. 

  1. Wired or wireless:

Mostly, the best budget subwoofer comes up with the option of wireless connectivity. This may avoid the necessity of having long connection cables between the speaker and the receiver. Usually, wireless-powered subwoofers have a transmitter kit, which you can plug into your home theatre’s output. 

The wireless subwoofer receives low-frequency signals from the transmitter. In turn, the subwoofer receiver enables the amplifier to control the speaker and produce the required low-frequency audio sound.

Conclusion on Best Value Subwoofers

Subwoofers are very crucial to get a home theatre experience. If you make a visit to a movie theatre, you will be able to feel the sound that emanates around you. Even though the best subwoofers cost you several hundreds of dollars, you can still find the best subwoofer under $500.  To get deep bass, subwoofers are what you need to hit you and shake you right away! 

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