Best Tube Subwoofers


Tube subwoofers are specially manufactured with a compact and sleek design to give a customized look and easy installation in the car. There are various models that you can prefer, and here we have categorized 2 top subwoofers.

Go through the list and buy the best sub. 

Best Tube Subwoofers Review

1. Skar Audio Tube Subwoofer with Vented Enclosure

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It is a perfect 8-inch subwoofer with a vented enclosure with a dual 2-ohm wired enclosure. The RMS power of 350 watts and peak power of 700 watts makes it a more durable and clear sound-producing product without any distortion of music.

Installation of the system is very quick and feasible. Just adjust the amplifier, tune the music in the system and enjoy the deep bass sound. Our team found it the most reliable product with clear hitting sound and a portable product.

Frequencies can be played easily and adjustable due to the high roll surround sub. It has a 49oz ferrite motor with voice coils of high temp of 2” wide. 

Clean look with Skar logo is perfectly designed to increase the grace of the product along with sleek design. Its air space enclosure is a 1:00ft cube with a perfect turning frequency of 41Hz.

What We Like

  • 16’’ width to fit in space
  • 33.8 pounds weight
  • 1-year product warranty
  • Hassle-free installation

What We Don’t Like

  • Amps need to be adjusted a few times

2. Payle Carpeted Subwoofer Tube with Aluminum Voice Coil

61+VH3ZJY5L. AC SL1200

250 watts of high-powered projections equipped with a built-in output amplifier is a perfect choice to enjoy the music without any alteration. It also has a rubber edge suspension to complete the enclosure system durably.

Its 15” voice coil with 4-ohm impedance reduces distortion of music to a vast extent. Tube subwoofers are the best choice to replace blown or round subwoofers. These are perfectly designed to be fitted in the car with easy installation steps.

Blue LED light makes it look more attractive and eye-catching, adding another look to the sleek-designed subwoofer. It also contains a blue polypropylene cone.

The distortion-free sound makes the journey beautiful and rocks the party night. Our team has also tested the product for 4 weeks and found its sound as the clearest and produces less disturbance on high-frequency.

What We Like

  • Line-level RCA input
  • In-built high output amplifier
  • Reflex vents for more bass
  • Super lightweight and adjustable

What We Don’t Like

  • LED-Light won’t move in multiple directions

How to Choose Best Tube Subwoofers – Buying Guide

Tube subwoofers are small in size and easy to install without any physical hindrance at the place. Therefore, these are the best subwoofers preferred by car owners for long trips. Hence, classified as the best tube subwoofer for the car. Here are some tips that help you to buy the best subwoofer today.

  1. Peak Power

Peak power determines how effectively your subwoofer will work for long hours. Anyone who buys a subwoofer wants to get effective bass quality with distortion-free sound. 

Tube subwoofers offer clear sound with high frequency and up to 300Hz.

  1. Budget

It depends on your requirements and spending power. But we always say to consider the features and the qualities of the product before buying. In some cases, one has to spend a little more, but it is worth it to get a long-term durable product.

  1. Size

The primary aim of buying any tube sub is to get a compact, sleek and small subwoofer. So, consider lightweight and comparatively small subwoofers. The 2 mentioned above are top in the list as per our experience.

  1. Voice Coils

DVC- dual voice coils are available with tube subwoofers to establish a perfect connection and mounted cylinder. For any enthusiastic music lover, the flexibility of the sound system is essential thing. 

  1. Enclosure type of Subwoofer

The enclosure of any subwoofer affects the sound. Therefore, it should be closed in a sealed enclosure to produce accurate sound and high volume. There are multiple types of enclosures available, like ported or bandpass.

Go through the above features and specifications to buy the best tube subwoofer. It is very easy to select if you know your requirements and buy accordingly. 


Now you can buy the best tube subwoofer to enjoy distortion-free music with high frequency and non-hindrance. It offers quality in a compact size with a high amp and reduces surrounding noise.

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