Best Surround Sound Subwoofers


Do you love to play music or want to listen to music all day long? Then you’re at the right place as we will dive into the whimsical journey of music through surround sound subwoofers. 

Choose a subwoofer for your audio system to get the deep low bass volume in the room. Surround subwoofers are significant elements of the outdoor sound system because it has loud volume and bass to neglect background noises.

 Best Surround Sound Subwoofers Review

1. VMAI Soundbar With Subwoofer

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VMAI is the best manufacturer collecting many best subwoofers with amazing features. This subwoofer is truly a bass horse with its advanced technology and 120-watt power. This soundbar delivers perceptibly good sound. 

You can experience the heavy bass performance at a close mid-range crisp, treble, and beyond. Its newest soundbar adopts Bluetooth 5.0 and DSP technology to confirm quicker transmission speed, stable property, and swish transmission in long distances with low conception. 

You can experience completely different sound modes in this surround sound subwoofer like music, news, movies, and 3D mode managing remote control. It also permits you to extend treble and bass support according to your need. The power management and extra volume are situated at the proper facet of the subwoofer.

VMAI subwoofer also has the newest feature and other Bluetooth device connectivity. There are also wired connections using USB (Flash Drive), HDMI, AUX input compatible with computers, projectors, amplifiers, televisions, and more! 

VMAI was designed in such a way that the soundbar is in a decent style, impossibly thin, and accurately measured in less than 2.5 inches, and has an achromatic surface with luxury torch button style. You can manage volume/power from the side buttons. 

VMAI subwoofer is one of the best surround sound subwoofers under 200 with giving 12 months of warranty.

What We Like

  • The super sound quality with Bluetooth 5.0
  • 2.1 channel immersive sound experience
  • 12 months warranty and a sedulous style
  • Multiple input choices

What We Don’t Like

  • Does not have HDMI connecting cable with the product

2. Bomaker Soundbar With Wireless Subwoofer

61X2Zpj7zML. AC SL1500

Bomaker is well known in subwoofers and has a wide range of surround sound subwoofers with exciting features. Bomaker upgraded subwoofers styles carefully to help in improving the loudness and no more lack of bass. 

Dynamic audio experience with the surround sound subwoofers by four full-range speakers. An enlarged subwoofer chamber, bass-reflex cube, giving sound pressure level of 120db and powerful frequency of 150 watts. 

The subwoofer provides you with high-quality 3D stereo sound for improving your outdoor theatre experience. It’s a wireless subwoofer, so you can place it anywhere and experience 2x more powerful bass than the original. 

A large subwoofer for the surround sound chamber gives you powerful sound resonance and offers you a punching bass. Wireless subwoofers can be easy to handle without the hassle of many cables all over. 

The soundbar with the best surround subwoofer has the newest Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connection that delivers a 4x more steady connection. Also, 2x transmission speed has a height of 33 feet with great compatibility. 

You can shoot your videos and do wireless streaming without worrying about audio lag with just a tap of your fingers. It also has multiple wired options, including USB(Flash drive), Optical, AUX to bring media in life amplified audio.

It has four equalizer modes like dialogue, movie/bass, music/treble, etc. This subwoofer has multiple ways to control the buttons on the soundbars. The LED display is a good feature for the user. 

What We Like

  • 150 watts powerful dynamic sound
  • 2x powerful bass with upgraded subwoofer chamber for preset sound modes
  • Five connection ways and simple setup
  • Delegate design and humanized LED display

What We Don’t Like

  • There is minimal bass, and the quality is just average

3. SAMSUNG HW-T450 2.1ch Subwoofer with Dolby Audio

71PtquC2PXL. AC SL1500

SAMSUNG HW-T450 2.1ch Soundbar with Dolby Audio is the best product among soundbars manufactured by Samsung company. The soundbar can detect what you are watching and automatically optimize the sound settings, thereby providing the best entertainment experience. 

SAMSUNG HW-T450 has a surround sound subwoofer that elevates your sound experience by making it impressive and giving powerful bass for the best audio experience. SAMSUNG HW-T450 has a Bluetooth TV connection that helps you to connect, listen, and enjoy your favorite video or movies without any unwanted cables. 

It has a deep punch bass which helps in feeling the music’s beat with the powerful bass from the wireless surround sound subwoofer. Automatic optimization of sound for your favorite music by detecting what you’re watching is an amazing experience ever. 

It has a deep wireless sound kit with very efficient effects that let you expand your soundbar with a surround sound system. Energy star certificates are also available with the device. Therefore, no need to worry about power consumption. It includes four modes of inputs.

Optimization of gaming sound boosts your gaming experience also. The power source type of subwoofer is corded electric which supplies electricity to the subwoofer from the main cable or extension.

What We Like

  • Bluetooth TV Connection
  • Powerful Bass
  • Smart sound
  • Game mode and one remote control

What We Don’t Like

  • NO HDMI Arc connection

4. Bomaker TV, 2.1 TV Sound Bar with Subwoofer 

Bomaker has launched one of the best soundbars with the best surround sound powered subwoofer with 4 inches. It is upgraded with 3D surround sound with 125 dB and power of 190 watts. 

Built-in is 4x 2.25″. It has full-range speakers and a subwoofer for providing you 3x powerful sound and punching bass. It has a digital amplifier that brings out the exactness of stereo 360 degrees 3D surround sound. 

Bomaker is carefully manufacturing custom subwoofer material that brings out true punchy bass. It also has amazing digital signal processing(DSP) technology, giving floor-shaking deep bass of 60hz to 20khz.

Different from all other soundbars, Bomaker features music/movie/3D/bass/ news mode. It also has a game mode that takes you to the world of wars and victories, racing, etc., with high-quality sound. Bass and 3D models will create a theatre experience. Bomaker has multiple inputs. 

The soundbar has many ports, optical, HDMI, AUX, etc., that are easy to control with one click; Bomaker upgraded the latest Bluetooth to 5.0, which offers 4x more steady connection transmission speed with 2x and greater. 

Bomaker has humanized LED function is an amazing feature to enjoy music in low light. Press the button through the remote to turn it off during the night. It is fit for all-size TVs very comfortably because of its different mesh design.

The design of the soundbar is very attractive and elegant. It provides a 24-month warranty with exchange and free return.

What We Like

  • Immersive deep bass
  • Six unique equalizer mode
  • One-click control and multiple inputs
  • Ultimate with home theatre upgrade 

What We Don’t Like

  • Sound quality at lower volume is very low

5. VIZIO SB3651-F6 36″ 5.1 Channel- Best Surround Bar with Bluetooth

71jFzI+2mHL. AC SL1500

Vizio is a perfect provider of soundbars with fantastic subwoofers for surround sound. It produces a sound of very decent quality.

Listening to music without distortion if the volume is not exaggerated. The point that I like most is connectivity through Bluetooth connection. Thanks to the HDMI-ARC with a single cable to the home theater, you can listen to everything you see on TV.

It comes with a simple but easy-to-use remote control; it also has physical buttons; you can also download the application and control all the functions of connectivity, audio, and equalization in a more pleasant interface. Bluetooth connectivity is fast and easy to connect. Allows you to program the TV control to up/down the volume and Mute function.

Through HDMI-ARC, the TV sends Dolby Digital+ audio in 5.1 channels when I watch Blu-rays or Netflix. But if I switch to Optical or Coaxial Digital, input receives DTS from the Blu-ray; this is confirmed with an LED or the application that informs you which format is playing. So, films are enjoyed with the best effects.

What We Like

  • HDMI-ARC helps to listen everything with a single cable
  • One can manage setting through control, Android or iOS App
  • Decode Dolby and DTS features
  • Wireless feature makes it more portable

What We Don’t Like

  • The price is comparatively high with respect to features

How to Choose Best Surround Sound Subwoofers – Buying Guide

One needs to know about all the product specifications and some of the important aspects before opting for any surround sound Subwoofer. We discussed some of the peculiarities if you are shopping for a subwoofer.

  1. Budget

Budget matters a lot while shopping for a subwoofer. We all are misunderstanding about which product is best. Well, this is a big myth. It is true you will get more returns if you invest more. But keep the thought that specification and features make a device better, not its value and price tag.

  1. Voice coils 

Voice coils are Aluminum and Copper wires, which are wrapped around the subwoofer. It helps to circulate power in the subwoofer by connecting it to the amplifier. They are of two different types. The first one is a single-coil and the second is a dual voice coil and is more expensive than the advanced and latest amplifiers. It’s better to choose a dual voice coil for the best surround sound subwoofer.

  1. Durability

If you choose a device, durability is a key factor. Durability is the feature that determines the quality and life of the device. If the durability is less, then there is no value for your money, and it undervalues the features of devices.

  1. Warranty

Keep in mind the brand value and price tag alone can’t determine the device’s durability and life. Maybe you buy the most expensive subwoofer without a warranty card. When it stops working, what will be your first corrective action? However, if you have a warranty card, you can repair or exchange the product within the warranty period. 

  1. Power

If we make an opinion by looking at a subwoofer’s power, we have to observe closely how much power a subwoofer can manage consistently. The subwoofer, which has higher RMS power, is the loudest and powerful.  If the sound limit reaches the maximum subwoofer, handle the higher power than RMS.

Conclusion on Best Surround Sound Subwoofers

We have kept our promise by providing the idea of the best surrounding sound subwoofers through this review. Now the option is yours to choose a suitable one. If still, you want our opinion, then SAMSUNG HW-T450 2.1ch Soundbar with Dolby Audio is the best choice, and it is highly recommended to buy. 

However, if you are looking for an amazing subwoofer to enhance your sound experience, you can go with the top rank. If you are planning an outing for a day with family and friends, there is nothing happier than enjoying your favorite music. So just choose the best subwoofer from these and fill your void by listening to music.

Choose the best subwoofer and enjoy the journey enthusiastically. It will be fun when you have the best subwoofer in your hand with high power, bass quality, and voice coils for the same. 

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