Best Subwoofers Under $500


When you want to host a guest party at your home, the one thing that requires the most is music. But what if you don’t have super bass and loud-volume speakers at home? No need to worry about this anymore as now you can easily buy the best subwoofer under 500 from e-commerce sites.

Subwoofers are always a boon for music lovers as it gives a chance to enjoy their favorite song peacefully. You can adjust the sound of subwoofers as per your interest and requirement in the room.

Also, it has better built-in quality and enhanced performance at budget-friendly prices. One can easily get them within their budget. Even it is an essential component for a home theatre to give extra-bass and powerful sound quality.

A variety of subwoofers are available in the market. We will compare the top subwoofers at mid-range prices with super-bass, loud and uninterrupted volumes, and portable devices.

Best Subwoofers Under $500 Review

1. Klipsch R-120SW – Best Subwoofer Under $500 Dollers

IMP or injection modeled graphite subwoofers is extraordinary and light when it becomes stiff very much. R-120W comes with minimum distortion and cone breakup, which can help you provide an exceptional low-frequency response. 

This subwoofer’s built quality is excellent; it comes with a wood frame, which increases the durability of the product.

Another good feature of this subwoofer is the low-frequency tones blended securely by many other speakers. It helps you in demonstrating a perfect bass level for your room. The frequency of the subwoofer is between 29 HZ-120 HZ, which delivers a high sound quality.

I appreciate this subwoofer as it is highly flexible. The front-firing and having great performance subwoofer is designed to come up with deep bass. These could be the best subwoofers as you can place it anywhere as it is very much lightweight due to its wooded frame.

You can also experience a loud and high-quality sound from this subwoofer as it comes with 400watt power. It could be the best-powered subwoofer in the market. 

What We Like

  • Comes with the wooden frame
  • Bass-reflex via rear-firing port
  • Maximum power of 400watt
  • Have flexible placement

What We Don’t Like

  • Thin MDF used

2. Polk Audio PSW505

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If you need a big and heavy bass impact, then PSW505 is the perfect one for you. It comes with a wide long slotted load venting, which improves the precise and thunderous bass response and decreases the disturbance, noise, and distortion. 

PSW505 comes with excellent built quality, which makes it superior to others. It has Rock-solid MDF construction, which helps to provide better sound quality. The subwoofer also provides accurate and distortion-free resonance response, which helps in the improvement of the sound.

From my personal experience, PSW505 could be the best subwoofer under 500 as it has a large 12-inch long thrown driver, which is very much helpful for high durability and better linearity. The 125 HZ frequency with a maximum output power of 500 watts is very beneficial for providing extra bass to the subwoofer.

Although Polk Audio PSW505 also has some minor issues. The built quality is not as good as written in the description as in some pieces the LED lights are missing. It is a little more expensive than other subwoofers of the same features. 

What We Like

  • Deep and powerful bass
  • Maximum of 500watt power
  • Easy to integrate
  • Rock-solid MDF construction

What We Don’t Like

  • Nothing

3. BIC America F12 – Best Value Subwoofer under $500 Bucks

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From the highest impact sound to the softest whispers, audio BIC America F12 will be a great choice for you if you need clarity in dynamic range. This home subwoofer comes with a simple yet very elegant design paired with a very affordable price.

BIC America F12 comes with a decent base that enhances the sound quality to a better experience level. The F12 also enables you to enjoy features like an adjustable crossover, adjustable volume control that helps us to operate it very simply and enjoy the audio without any complication. 

F12 has a nominal weight of 42.70 pounds that makes it easy to carry from one place to another. It has a sensitivity of 90 dB that lets us enjoy the music in every corner of the room. It could be the best budget subwoofers due to its various features. 

After a lot of research, I conclude that this could be the best subwoofer to buy at the given price range. It has a durable front-firing of 12 inches, and a 475 peak powered subwoofer that makes your audio quality to many heights. F12 comes with a frequency range of 25 Hz-475 Hz that provides it a decent coverage area.

What We Like

  • Clear and Powerful bass
  • Adjustable volume control and crossover
  • Best in value
  • High frequency of 475 HZ

What We Don’t Like

  • Sometimes a bit heat up

4. Polk Audio HTS 12 Powered Subwoofer

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Polk HTS 12 is a great subwoofer with powerful deep bass, which provides heavy music listening and enhances home theater. With patented dynamic balance technology, it comes with a 12-inch driver, which provides very clear bass, low distortion, and has better linearity. The durability of this home theater subwoofer is also high. 

For the best home theater experience, Polk Audio HTS 12 powered Subwoofer is a perfect choice. It is a 400-watt class D amplifier and has a 12-inch long-throw driver with the patented power port technology that delivers a high-quality sound and powerful bass. The design of the subwoofer is also very unique and attractive.

The subwoofer is very easy to control with variable volume options, low pass filters, and phases. It provides optimum bass quality as it has 400 watts of peak power. These subwoofers have stereo line and LFE level inputs.

Although these are the best subwoofers for home, they also have some minor problems. Sometimes the 12v trigger does not respond when set to auto on mode. But overall, it has great features to attract users.

What We Like

  • Have high efficiency
  • Polk patented power port technology
  • Have real panel controls
  • Have 180Hz frequency

What We Don’t Like

  • Nothing

5. Klipsch Reference R-10SW

71vkyOuCwUL. AC SL1310

Klipsch Reference provides amazing featured subwoofers and has a copper-spun front-firing woofer, which helps to provide dynamic power as you have never enjoyed before. This subwoofer provides a great home entertainment experience with excellent sound quality, which cannot be experienced by an extended base.

It comes with the best 10-inch subwoofer, which makes it perfect for delivering perfect sound. The subwoofer provides 300watts of maximum power. It is best for enjoying movies, music, and games due to its thrilling sound quality, and it is very much flexible as it can be placed in any room for the demand of high bass.

Although it is very durable and portable due to its strong built quality and could be the best 10-inch subs, it also has phase control and low pass crossover, making it easy to control. A black detachable grill cover is attached to it. The receivers of the subwoofer have life or line input for compatibility.

While searching for the best subwoofers, R-10SW will be a great choice as the subwoofers’ frequency is very easy to control with great features. But after regularly operating the subwoofer, it gets heated up very quickly.

What We Like

  • 300-watt maximum power
  • 10-inch coil

What We Don’t Like

  • Nothing

6. Yamaha 8″ 100W Powered Subwoofer

91ka6Pvh9rL. AC SL1500

With excellent and high-quality audio facilities, this subwoofer could be the best due to its compact design. It has a twisted flare port, advanced YST II, which provides a high-quality woofer unit, and discrete ampere circuitry. The bass response of the subwoofer is very impactful and powerfully rich. 

It comes with a clear and tight base due to its new twisted flare port. The maximum power supported to the subwoofer is 100 watts, which helps to support excellent audio quality. The design of the subwoofer makes it very durable and attractive. The frequency of the subwoofer provides it with deep bass.

I had personally used this powerful subwoofer and had a great experience. This is a fantastic little subwoofer for my room as it delivers an excellent sound performance with heavy bass. This is the best for playing music and games. Its 100 watts power subwoofer has a great built design and comes with all the good features.

This powerful and best-budget subwoofer is very impactful, but it releases very much heat while using it for a long time. You cannot use these subwoofers with any electronics which does not come with bass management. 

What We Like

  • Maximum of 100-watt power
  • New Twisted Flare Port
  • Have Subwoofer cables
  • Best for small rooms

What We Don’t Like

  • Unusual and deep flawed

7. BIC Acoustech PL-200

71YyBzRD1RL. AC SL1200

An audiophile state-of-the-art BASH amplifier drives the subwoofer Bic acoustech PL-200. This subwoofer can provide up to a maximum of 1000 watts dynamic output, which makes sure to provide heavy bass. The sound quality of the subs is excellent, and it is very comfortable and easy to control.

If you are looking for an ultimate theater experience, then Bic acoustech PL-200 is perfect for you. With a 12-inch front-firing long-throw powered subwoofer, you can experience very much fun and enjoyment. The frequency of 200 Hz and adjustable crossover and volume controls provides a deep bass in the subwoofer.

You can use these subwoofers due to their high durability and built quality. It comes with a long-excursion surround and 12″ poly injected due to its high power magnet set up. It is very much affordable between 12 subwoofers.

After long research, we concluded that it might be the perfect subwoofer for all. But it also has some minor issues. Sometimes even after providing full EQ, there is a steep drop-off at 50 HZ. Overall, it is a perfect one.

What We Like

  • 1000 Watts power input
  • 12-inch front-firing subwoofer
  • Maximum 200 HZ frequency
  • Have a high power magnet

What We Don’t Like

  • Sometimes steep drop

Buying Guide: Top Tips to Select & Use Subwoofers

Before buying a subwoofer, it is essential to look after some features that may cause a huge difference for a user to buy it. So, here are the features and specifications you must go through before buying a device:

3-Dimensional Sound Quality

The best thing about Subwoofers is its sound coming equally from all three sides. The advancement in technology helped manufacturers to give exciting sounds to this effective home theatre.

3-D sound also helps create a super-bass from all the sides, helping increase the sound effect in the room.

Less Load on One Side

The subwoofers were manufactured with one side sound immersion, which causes load and loss of beats. But, due to 3-D subwoofers, the load is less, and the quality is more. It prevents distortion, which is again a boon for the listener.

The durability of the speaker also increases when there is less load on one side. Hence, keeping it up to the mark and long-term use these subwoofers with 3-D sound immersion are best.

Extra Ports

These new subwoofers have some extra ports to allow air to come in and out easily and increase the bass quality. The electric radiations are more coming out and maintain sound quality.

Helpful Crossovers

Electric-based circuits help to redirect frequency levels and maintain main-enclosures and re-routed sounds. The bass of speakers is always non-directional, and it is difficult to pinpointed in one direction. 

These new subwoofers can easily redirect the non-directional rays to different parts of the room helping in reducing the effect of earthquake sensation at one corner.

Battery Life

While spending a huge amount to buy a subwoofer, one must look after its battery back-up or for how much time you can play it continuously.

Yes, this information could be gathered by user-manuals, but we prefer to research and check the buyer comments to know its worth. 


After researching for so many weeks and testing different brands and models of subwoofers, we finally picked Klipsch R-120SW Subwoofer Black as the best subwoofer under 500. The battery life, bass, and sound quality, with easy to port features, are the reason for selecting it as the best subwoofer.

Subwoofers help to enjoy the music at home. There are many subwoofers designed, especially for a home, to give extra comfort to the buyer. 

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