Best Subwoofers Under $300


Is your budget is not enough to own an expensive subwoofer? Don’t worry, in this buyer’s guide you are going to meet with some brilliant subwoofers under $300. 

Listening to music while driving a car or at your home is everyone’s desire. But only the best subwoofer under $300 can provide you the excellent experience of enjoying the deep bass sound. We aren’t denying that the most expensive models offer better quality sound. 

But still, there is a wide range of under-seat subs, which aren’t too costly, but they can fulfill your music needs. In this buying guide, we have chosen some of the top best small home theatres and car subs, which feature extreme caliber specifications. 

The branded subs listed in our buying guide are manufactured by some popular manufacturers. A few models come with built-in amplifiers. Thus you didn’t need to install two separate devices for extreme bass sounds. 

Now the most considerable thing is whether these subwoofers are under 300 dollars, but still, they can give a tough competition to the expensive ones. 

So, here we are going to classify the best subwoofers with features like deep bass, loud but clear sound quality, and portable products that buyers love to use.

Best Subwoofers Under $300 Review

1. Klipsch Reference R-10SW: Best Subwoofer Under $300 Dollers

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Klipsch is one of the best subs-making companies and designs the best subs in the market. Klipsch reference R-1OSW is one of the best subwoofers designed by the company, which provides excellent sound performance. The built quality of these subs is above expectations. 

Subwoofers provide the best entertainment experience with high bass and great sound quality. This home theater subwoofer is the best subwoofer, which provides excellent sound quality due to its maximum dynamic power of 300 watts. This is a digital amplifier with all the good features.

This could be the best budget subwoofer as its price is not much high and has great features. It comes with a powerful 10-inch copper spun front-firing design, which makes it very durable and portable. It is very much impressive while watching movies and music due to its high bass. 

Its small size and lightweight offer very much flexibility of placement anywhere for getting high bass. This subwoofer provides a very loud sound with extra bass, due to which it may be the best subwoofer for under 300 dollars. 

What We Like

  • 300 Watt maximum Power
  • Copper spun front-firing design
  • Very high bass
  • 10-inch powerful subwoofer

What We Don’t Like

  • Control buttons are a bit tight.

2. Polk Audio PSW111 8″ Powered Subwoofer Under $300

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The PSW111 8″ Powered Subwoofer comes with Polk audio technology’s power in a very small area. This company is an excellent sub-making company. It comes with great sound quality with less space-consuming subs.

For experiencing less than the strongest and deepest bass and best studio subwoofer under $300, Polk Audio PSW111 8″ subwoofer is the perfect one. It comes with a cone driver, which provides 8 inches dynamic balance. 

This sub may be the best-powered subwoofer as the subs’ power supply is a maximum of 300 watts. 

These subwoofers come with a floor coupled downward firing port, which is very beneficial as it provides maximum bass impact and keeps the front of the cabinet as low profile as it can. 

The frequency of the subwoofer is 250 HZ, which increases the sound quality of the subwoofer. As it comes with smart compression circuitry, which gives balanced and thrilling music and movie experience very much.

It limits the distortion of the subwoofer and provides very deep sound even with very low frequency. 

What We Like

  • A sleek detachable grill
  • Have extra punchy bass
  • Maximum of 300-watt power
  • Multiple hook-up options
  • Klippel optimized subwoofer

What We Don’t Like

  • Nothing

3. Yamaha 8″ 100W Powered subwoofer

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If you want to bass in your life, then you are in the right place. Yamaha is one of the perfect manufacturers of high-quality subwoofers. This subwoofer could be the best subwoofer for music as it comes with deep bass and has high quality built design, which increases its value. 

For experiencing loud and clear sound with high bass, then Yamaha 8″ is perfect. It comes with a maximum of 100 watts of dynamic power, which increases the subwoofer’s bass. The RMS power of the subwoofer is 50 watts.

From my perspective, this Yamaha 8″ could be the perfect subwoofer with a speaker size of 8 inches. 

These subwoofers are very much affordable due to their low price. The outer body of the sun is made up of high-quality material, which makes it highly durable.

Sometimes this subwoofer gives a boomy sound as it does not have any low pass filter. These subs are deeply flawed, due to which these cannot adjust the frequency. Overall these could be the best car subwoofers.

What We Like

  • Maximum of 100-watt power
  • 8 inch of speaker size
  • 50 watt of RMS power
  • High bass 

What We Don’t Like

  • Not adjustable frequency

4. Echo Subwoofer

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Amazon is one of the best companies producing consumer electronics all over the world. The Echo sub produced by Amazon is one of the best Echo sub having rich bass. This Echo Sub adds deep bass and rich left/right stereo sound to your Echo.

Echo Sub is a very powerful subwoofer that provides premium quality sound to your Echo with its deep bass sound through a 6” woofer. 

It also delivers down-firing to enjoy dynamic music. It can pair with Echo and Echo plus. This could be the best subwoofer under $300 due to its various features.

Echo sub can pair with two Echo or Echo Plus (2nd Gen) devices by a wireless 2.1 stereo system to enjoy rich left/right stereo sound. This device is very easy to set up. Setting up requires the device to plug in and connect it with the Alexa app.

The Echo Sub produced by Amazon is an amazing device due to its unique 4L sealed chamber with a 6” downward-firing woofer, 100W Class D amplifier, and a low frequency of 30Hz. This Echo sub weights 4-4.2 Kg, which may vary due to the manufacturing process.

What We Like

  • 100W deep bass sound
  • Pairs with Amazon Echo 
  • Pairs with Echo Plus
  • Simple to set-up

What We Don’t Like

  • Do not work with firestick. 

5. Bic America F 12 Front Firing Subwoofer

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BIC America is a well-recognized company for manufacturing deep bass subwoofers. From the highest pick to the softest whisper Bic American is leading the market. BIC America is one of the cheap subwoofers manufacturing companies.

BIC America F12 has no competitor in producing dynamic and crystal clear sound. 

The main focus of Bic America is to produce a subwoofer system that makes you feel like you are sitting in a theatre, and it comes with the trust of Bic that ensures you a long-lasting life of this subwoofer system. 

BIC America F 12 offers you an output capacity of 116db that makes you feel you are sitting in a live concert. It could be the best subwoofer for under 300 dollars. It is featured with a high 475-W peak amplifier design that makes it a compact powerhouse.

The small subwoofer offers you features like an adjustable crossover, adjustable volume control, automatic signal sensing, and many more that make it popular among the buyers and provide it easy to use module.  

What We Like

  • Excellent built design
  • High output capacity
  • Good sound production
  • Maximum of 475-watt power 

What We Don’t Like

  • Troubleshooting with disconnecting wires

How to Choose a Best Subwoofer Under $300Buying Guide

We have reviewed some top models of the best subwoofer under $300. If you are still confused about which one to buy, then take a look at some crucial factors which need to be considered while making a purchase decision. 

Wire or Wireless

There are generally two types of models available in the market. Firstly the wired ones, which are a bit critical to set up and use. However, wired or traditional woofers are stronger and more powerful than wireless devices and durable as well. 

But if you want an easy to set up home theater subwoofer, then we will recommend the wireless ones. You will also get some advanced connectivity features and superexcellent deep bass sounds. 

Solid Structure

Well, $300 isn’t too cheap enough, as you can get a stronger structure in this budget. So always try to go with a model whose structure is good enough to bear the vibrations of bass sounds. 

We agree that you can’t get some thicker wooden or stronger material made subs in this much budget. But still, the models we have listed are sturdy and durable enough to bear the vibrations caused by high-excursion drivers. 

Connectivity and ports

The next important trait is the connectivity features. Most cheaper models come with one or two input ports. But there are hundreds of models available as a small subwoofer, which have several connectivity options. 

Apart from this, a sealed device that didn’t have several open ports aren’t able to play music in high volumes. If you do it forcefully, then it may lead to damages. 

On the other hand, the open ports have enough output space in order to produce extremely high and deep bass sounds. So we recommend the open port and multiple connectivity devices as the greatest pick. 

Automatic Device

No need to wonder; yes, you can get features like auto turn on and off in the best studio subwoofer under $300.  Many of the latest models in this budget allow the user to activate the automatic turn on and sleep. 

The feature helps the subs to auto-connect with the receiver and sleeps down when disconnected. The good thing is that it depends on the user whether they want to activate this feature or not. 


Last, but the most important trait is power. Whether your budget is tight, but still, you do not need to compromise with the power factor as you have seen in our reviews section that one can get extremely powerful devices in this price range. 

One has to check the watts of the device, which will inform you how much energy it can produce and provide to its amps. 


Hope now you are educated enough to choose the best subwoofer under $300. Without any doubt, we can consider Klipsch Reference R-10SW as the greatest pick as it has the most powerful mechanism and several connectivity options. 

On the other hand, it is really straightforward to install it. Other models are also brilliant enough to produce high volume and bass sounds. 

Well, it depends on your budget, but in our opinion, you can choose any of the above-listed subs. 

We have proved our words that in this price range, one can get a high-quality build model and excellent sound quality as a perfect studio subwoofer. Pick any of these as per your budget.

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