Best Subwoofers Under $100


Subwoofers are very crucial to deliver excellent bass to make you enjoy your favorite music and movies. But it may restrict you from spending a ton of money to pick a car subwoofer.

Therefore, those who are running on a tight budget can go through this list of the best subwoofers under $100. Though it is true, you are not going to have a high-end bass from these budgeted devices.

But they are capable of giving a well-defined bass to make your ride rolling. Therefore, you can say it is the advancement of technology that has made this economical range of car subwoofers as powerful as you can expect.

You may spend a lot of time picking the best budget subwoofer for your car. Hence, I have put together some of the best subwoofers for under 100 dollars to help your quest.

Please go through them carefully to give your car a rolling thunderstorm of bass. You will also get a detailed buying guide at the end of this article. Let us dive in.

Best Subwoofers Under $100 Review

1. BOSS Audio Systems CXX10 Subwoofer

BOSS CXX10 car subwoofer comes first in the list of the best subwoofer under $100. It is ideal for those who are running short on cash. Though inexpensive, you need not adjust the build quality along with the performance.

Moreover, these cheap subwoofers are going to deliver you excellent sound quality. If you place this sub in the right enclosure, it will give you a crystal-clear bass. Therefore, you can install this economic sub in your car to get great music and bass.

It is true, you will not receive a window-rattling sound but a solid bass to keep yourself happy. You will be surprised to see the build quality of these car subwoofers available in this price range.

You can install them not only in cars or trucks but also in the marines. Being moisture-resistant, they do not soak moisture from the surrounding. You will notice a polypropylene-made cone to enhance the durability of the device.

Moreover, the manufacturers design the surrounding with a thick foam to ensure durability even after prolonged usage of intense bass. The only issue you may face with this subwoofer is the presence of a spring-loaded speaker terminal.

Also, there is an advanced cooling system to deliver continuous music. It is user-friendly and comes with a large surface area to ensure a low-frequency bass. 

Besides, BOSS CXX10 car subwoofers come with a 3-years manufacturing warranty. Even, you need not face any hassle to make the subwoofer installed in your car.

Overall, it can be the best budget subwoofer you can have in this price range.

What We Like

  • Value for money
  • Great customer service
  • Speedy delivery
  • Looks pretty

What We Don’t Like

  • The spring-loaded speaker terminal is missing
  • Elementary instruction manual

2. Planet Audio AC12D Car Subwoofer

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Next comes the Planet Audio AC12D car subwoofer on my list. It also comes with numerous additive features to make it the best subwoofer under $100. Designed with a dual voice configuration, it can deliver a great-sounding bass in this affordable price range.

Planet Audio car subwoofers are available in three different sizes, including 8-inch, 10-inch, and 15-inch. Though less priced, it has an excellent build quality and features that have made it the best car subwoofers under $100.

Therefore, you can go a long way with this long-lasting subwoofer. It has spring-loaded and color-coded speaker terminals present in it. These features help to wire in this audio device easily and comfortably.

4-ohm voice coiling helps to increase the flexibility of the product. Moreover, this small subwoofer comes with an easy installation. Though you will not go to have 18,00-Watt power continuously, still manufacturers claim.

Instead, it will deliver 900-Watt RMS power for regular usage. Another exciting feature is that it comes with various wiring configurations. So, you can attach additional subwoofers with this to get the best result.

87db sensitivity and 39Hz frequency has made it an ideal subwoofer for the car. The manufacturers design this subwoofer with a poly injection cone along with a foam surrounding.

Remember, to get the best result, you need to install this small subwoofer in one cubic foot sealed enclosure or a two cubic feet ported enclosure. Not only that, but it also comes with an excellent SPL output.

All these features help you enjoy the best possible bass capabilities you can have in the market. Planet Audio car subwoofer has a subsonic filter amplifier to give a properly tuned performance.

Besides, you are going to have a 3-years manufacturing warranty with this smart purchase. It is inevitable; all these features have helped gather an excellent customer review of this car subwoofer. 

What We Like

  • Sounds great
  • Worth the money
  • It does not get heated
  • Solid built

What We Don’t Like

  • Delivery may take little time
  • Non-satisfactory customer service

3. Rockville RW8CA 8″ Subwoofer

810VoKcEeNS. AC SL1500

Rockville RW8CA is another noteworthy car subwoofer that comes with multiple features that can make your day. It is also capable of delivering a great-sounding bass.

It comes in a sleek design to make it fit easily in your car interior. It has a 2.7-inches enclosure to be fit under the car seat. There is also an in-built amplifier that has made it the best subwoofer for under $100.

This feature not only helps to make the installation easy but also ensures a smooth wire cleaning. Rockville nurtured the car subwoofer so adorable from start to end to make it user-friendly.

Featured with all the high-level inputs, this subwoofer for a car does not require a remote to monitor the unit. You will notice all the information and output at the side chassis to make the wiring more comfortable and smoother.

This car subwoofer is the only slim device you will have in the market available in this economical range. The company attaches a remote-like knob and all the mounting accessories with this subwoofer.

Moreover, you can control the sound of this subwoofer as per your preference. Featured with a subsonic filter technology, it can filter out all the low-frequency sounds that may not be audible to us.

Besides, crossover filter, phase control, and bass booster are some of the other additive features that can make it the best car subwoofer under 100 dollars. 

Therefore, looking to upgrade your car audio system can pick this subwoofer to satisfy their music mania.

What We Like

  • Impressive bass from such a small unit
  • Great price
  • Knob works pretty well
  • Easy mounting

What We Don’t Like

  • May face connectivity issues
  • Non-satisfactory build quality

4. Skar Audio IX-8 D2 Subwoofer

71AtqmuPCdL. AC SL1500

Skar Audio brand is a new arrival. Though a newbie, Skar Audio, has gained very much popularity in this category. Therefore, I am going to enlist a Skar Audio IX-8 subwoofer in this genre.

The sound and the built quality have made it the best subwoofer under $100. So, you need not compromise with the quality of this economical subwoofer.

This car subwoofer will deliver a pure sound for a long time to make your ride rocking. It comes with 300-Watt peak power and 150-Watt RMS power.

This power is ideal for making you enjoy the perfect bass along with the symphony orchestra. Moreover, the manufacturers use premium quality materials to design 2-inch voice coils.

This feature helps it to be compatible with any power. Skar Audio subwoofer under 100 dollars comes with a magnetic surface and a Ferrofluid coating.

They not only enhance durability but also ensure safety from any circumference. An advanced cooling system is present in this car subwoofer to deliver continuous music.

Besides, 83.2db sensitivity and 30Hz-350Hz range of frequency can indulge you in investing in this smart product. Most interestingly, this subwoofer’s eye-catch and fashionable design will certainly match your car interior.

What We Like

  • Amazing sound
  • Super impressive build quality
  • Nice packaging
  • Looks stylish

What We Don’t Like

  • Not suitable for low power application
  • Non-satisfactory customer service

5. Acoustic Audio PSW-6 Powered Subwoofer 

61nahdtYMPL. AC SL1000

In the list of the best subwoofer under $100, Acoustic Audio PSW-6 comes last. It is the best home theatre under $100 that comes in a compact size. There are numerous features available to make it a favorite.

It offers a varied range of best performance under this price range. As this is a home theatre subwoofer, it is capable of collecting the juice. Hence, you can say that it is the best budget subwoofer available in the market.

This stylish subwoofer comes with 250-Watt peak power along with a 6-inch low-frequency driver. 30-250Hz range of frequency has made it the best subwoofers available.

Besides, it can deliver a deep bass to make your music livelier. Auto shut down, LF crossover control are some of the other additive features you will find in this subwoofer.

Moreover, this subwoofer for home is suitable for smaller rooms. So, what are you waiting for? Sit on your relaxing couch and enjoy watching sports, Netflix, or any other music videos with this dynamic device.

Also, a low-level speaker helps to deliver a soft bass. Therefore, it will not disturb your neighbors. This subwoofer comes in a cabinet shape with having four feet to ensure a firm grip.

The manufacturers give a black ash finish touch to this home theatre to match your interior.

What We Like

  • Outrageous performance
  • Delivers a deep and nice bass
  • It comes in a perfect size
  • Satisfactory customer service

What We Don’t Like

  • Low-quality RCA and adapter
  • It May take a little time to deliver

How to Choose Best Subwoofer Under $100 – Buying Guide

There are certain factors that you should consider before picking the car subwoofers:

  • Price: When you plan to buy the best subwoofer for under 100 dollars, you need to consider the ‘price’ factor first. Though the subwoofers ranging from $300-$500 may come with various features. But many subwoofers under $100 also come with features that may make your ride energetic.
  • Features: The best subwoofers come with various parts and functionalities. All these functionalities you may not get with these $100 subwoofers. Like auto signal detection and crossover, some of the features must be checked before picking the subwoofer.
  • Design: Most of us keep an audio system in our living room. Therefore, choosing a subwoofer for the home must match your room interior. I can suggest picking neutral color subwoofers to match with your room. Also, you should choose a compact size device. The subwoofers that come bigger may make you annoying!

Conclusion on Best Subwoofer Under $100

It is not true; you must spend a ton of money to purchase a subwoofer. To pick a subwoofer with all the smart functionality can be a notable achievement.

You can get all the subwoofers mentioned above within $100. All of them can make your car ride more thrilling. 

Make a smart choice and let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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