Best Subwoofers for Single Cab Truck


If you are looking for the best subwoofer for single cab truck, then there are multiple options. These help in providing quality sound and higher bass in the truck. Powerful speakers with less compatibility of providing higher sound in fewer places will produce terrific sound quality.

To resolve the situation, one can efficiently get greater frequency subwoofers that provide remarkable sound quality with higher bass.

Top 3 Best Subwoofers for Single Cab Truck Review

1. Pioneer TS-WX1210A: Our Top Pick for Single Cab Truck Subwoofer

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Pioneer has manufactured a perfect design of a subwoofer with a built-in enclosure for single cab trucks. It has a maximum power of 1300W, which makes the volume and peak power extreme. People love to listen to clear sounds without any distortion of music.

It has a Class-D amplifier with carpet. The enclosure is designed with high rigidity and maximum power. While checking we found that this sub is efficient and reliable to use for years. It can also produce high outputs and bandwidth with maximum power.

The woofers of Pioneer TS are highly sensitive, making them more optimized for a small sealed enclosure. One can buy this top subwoofer with the most advantages for any user.

You can also check out the video of Pioneer TS-WX1210A.

What We Like

  • 2-ohm total impedance
  • Frequency response ranges from 20 to 125Hz
  • Perfect 12-inch size for single cabs
  • 350 RMS and 1300 watts maximum power

What We Don’t Like

  • Sound can be improvised on high volume

2. ASC Package Kicker Sub: Best Sub for Single Cab Truck

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This 12” inch mini subwoofer can give you a chance to experience great bass quality with distortion-free sound in the car party. One can listen and have one fun in the single cab after placing this sub with DX-Series Amplifier to enhance sound quality.

It gives a chance to every consumer who wants to enjoy superb sound quality with an affordable product. Our expert has tested the subwoofer for 10 weeks and concluded that it could provide the sound quality of 2 subwoofers in single enclosures. 

Yes, its dual arrangements allow every user to get the freedom of using 2 subs in single seal packed neat enclosures. Also, there is no need to go through various irritable steps of setting up the enclosure at the place. You can just buy and easily install it in your single cabs.

In this way, we categorize ASC as the best double filtered and optimized sound-producing subwoofer as compared to other products.

What We Like

  • 300 watts maximum output power
  • 150 RMS output Power
  • 4-ohm impedance
  • Easy to install in less space

What We Don’t Like

  • Parts need to assemble by the buyer on buying 

3. Kicker Comp C12 Dual: Single Cab Truck Sub with Box Enclosure

The quality grey carpet helps to protect the subwoofer the most with high-quality binding terminal cups. The high-quality MDF material is used to protect the outer shell of the enclosure. One can easily buy it from any e-commerce website without any worry about quality.

Our experts found it suitable for keeping it on the back of truck seats. It can be adjusted easily on any single cab truck. It also has air space which helps in eliminating excessive heat from the subwoofer. It eventually maintains the internal temperature and humidity in the cab.

So, here we recommend a perfect product for travelers who want budget-friendly products with maximum features in them.

We have experts who check the product and then use them for days. It helps us to know the efficiency, power, and sound bass quality of the subwoofer. 

What We Like

  • 48.1-pound lightweight sub
  • Precise in size and easy to install
  • Sound connection
  • High-quality bass with superior quality

What We Don’t Like

  • Coil damage in some products

How to Choose Best Subwoofer for Single Cab Truck? – Buying Guide

You should consider some essential specifications while selecting a sub for a single cab truck. It becomes easy to use when you know the major features of the product.

  1. Sensitivity of Product:

The level of sensitivity of any subwoofer is measured in dB. More dB refers to more power and clearer sound with higher bass quality. Therefore, it is recommendable to buy a subwoofer with higher sensitivity and power to enhance listening to sound.

  1. Frequency of Sub:

The higher the frequency, the higher will be the sound quality and volume of the subwoofer. In-car or truck subwoofers, 20-30Hz of frequency is considered a decent amount with effective results. For a seal-packed subwoofer, frequency matters a lot to produce stable and non-resisting sound quality.

  1. Size & Dimensions:

To fit your subwoofer inside a small cab or truck, its size should be small in size and dimensions. The range of size varies between 10” to 12”. If your truck or car is bigger, you can go for a 16” to 18” subwoofer.

  1. The impedance of subwoofer:

One can prefer three variants of impedance for small cab subwoofers. These can vary from 2Ohm, 4Ohm, and 8Ohm. The set-up and space of the subwoofer decide how much impedance subwoofer you can install at your place.

Bigger subwoofers for bigger space and halls have more impedance than smaller ones. But for small cabs, the required impedance is lower than others.

  1. Installation of Subwoofer:

Always buy the subwoofer, which has easy steps to install and is readily available to use after keeping it in the cab. One should ask the seller about the installation process and guidance before buying the same.

  1. Price:

There are a variety of subwoofers categorized by price range. One can select the one within their budget. Even subwoofers are there with quality in the low range. But we always suggest selecting the quality over price. If you need to pay a little more then also you should go for better features and specifications. 

In this way, there are many things that one can look at while selecting the best cab truck subwoofer, which permits you to enjoy the music.

Conclusion: Which is Best Subs for Single Cab Truck?

Cab or truck subwoofers are selected very precisely to enhance the sound quality and keep it in the right place in less space. People often buy high-volume subwoofers without considering their compatibility with cabs or trucks. 

Specially designed cab subwoofers help to enhance travel in taxis with a unique and enhanced touch. 

Finally, Our winner of this article is Pioneer TS-WX1210A. It’s the best subwoofer for a single cab truck.

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