Best Subwoofer Cables


Have you already invested in exclusive subwoofers and receivers? It’s time to think of the cable. To enjoy an excellent sound quality, you need the best subwoofer cable as its cross-section; flexibility, housing, and material used to play a significant role in the sound delivery. 

You should never ignore the cable quality. Thus, it would help if you opted for the strong and reliable ones based on your budget and requirements. Just check out the following subwoofer cables reviews and make a wise decision.

Best Subwoofer Cables Review

1. Amazon Basics Subwoofer Cable For Precise Sound Quality

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Amazon Basics subwoofer cable is reasonably priced. However, it is quite effective and durable for the money spent. Whether it is a home theatre or a stereo receiver, the cable can send low-frequency signals. 

To increase conductivity, split-tip pins have been used. You can find gold plating on the RCA plugs. The users get more convenience due to supple, dielectric PVC insulation. 

There is no possibility of getting signal loss. Instead, you can assure deep bass and good sound quality. This thick and heavy-duty cable is best suitable for people in the haunt for top-quality ones. 

Not only are the plugs stable and strong, but they also have maintenance-free purple ends. So, the in-wall installation is going to be safe and sound. 

The copper material used in the conductor is copper clad steel, which is not free from oxygen, so that is apt for high-frequency uses. Since the cable is 0.14mm in thickness, there is still some hum expected to be available. 

These 15 feet cables are somewhat flimsy because 30% of the aluminum jackets only get trimmed. You may have a warranty covering the period of 1 year.

What We Like

  • Steady and stable
  • Get PVC insulation
  • Inexpensive to buy
  • One year warranty

What We Don’t Like

  • Flimsy aluminum jackets

2. Audioquest Black Lab Cable For Home Theatre

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As soon as you think of the subwoofer cable, a clearer and smoother sound is the first thing that strikes your mind. Here is where you need the assistance of Audioquest black lab cables made of OFHC technology.

Unlike other copper conductors, this cable consists of oxygen-free long-grain copper plugs for high conductivity purposes. Instead, they include grain boundaries, oxides, and impurities in smaller quantities to assure better performance.

To prevent energy loss, foamed-polyethylene is used for insulation. The plugs are corrosion-resistant, gold-coated, and extra grounding is also provided. This eliminates huge hum problems. So, you don’t need to have separate wires.

No doubt, users get attracted to the sound produced by the subwoofer. The cable is very flexible to turn around corners. You can rest assured to avail of deep bass and clear subwoofer sound without hum or buzzing issues. 

This cable is the best subwoofer cable for home theatre use. Even though the cable is inexpensive, it is simple, strong, and easy to use. Also, it gives you coverage of a 5-year warranty. 

What We Like

  • Sturdy and flexible
  • No energy loss
  • No hum issues
  • Warranty for 5 years

What We Don’t Like

  • Absence of braiding

3. AudioQuest Irish Red to access more frequencies

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AudioQuest Irish Red is the best subwoofer cable, which you can use for multiple applications. With proper insulation, this heavy-duty cable is very thick to avoid noise or interference. So, you are likely to hear more frequencies with it. 

You will get deep, tight, and punchier bass instead of a muddy one. Compared to aluminum, silver used inside the conductor is very efficient to reduce jitter and eliminate distortion. There is a long grounding wire on each side of the cable to generate an impressive sound quality. 

It is particularly designed for audio applications. The NDS system is less advanced when you relate it to the advanced Audioquest Boxer. This is not a 3-layer cable, but the cable shielding will be 100% reliable. 

The cable is metal-based, and not carbon is used. The reason behind the selection of metal is to eliminate distortion. Every subwoofer receives the best RCA cables from Audioquest as they give 5-year warranty coverage. 

Usually, these cables are suitable for audiophiles since they are strong, durable, and top-quality too.

What We Like

  • Thick, reliable, and durable
  • Deep and full bass
  • No noise or interference
  • Perfect cable shielding

What We Don’t Like

  • Nothing

4. Blue Jeans LC-1 To Enjoy Multi-channel Functionalities

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So, what is the best subwoofer cable? Only a sturdy, convenient, and reliable cable can able to produce excellent and decent sound quality. Blue Jeans cables are always outstanding. Yes, it enables you to enjoy the music through a happy medium.

This medium-priced cable is thick and double-braided so that it is best suitable for in-wall mounting. In particular, the analog audio cables receive 95% of copper braiding. This results in effective protection against low-frequency interference and hum issues. 

Unlike Amazon basics and Media Bridge, you will get a clean and clear sound with deep bass. The pronunciation is also superior. It goes well with any calibration system. Whether the sources may be one or two, you can effectively use these subwoofer cables. 

The cables do multi-channel duties. The jacks come with a security lock to assure a tough grip and contact tension. The cable is extremely flexible with top-quality connectors. Its reliability and thick shield do matter. 

Qualified American workers were used to make and assemble these cables in WA. It undergoes several vigorous tests to meet the highest industry standards. 

What We Like

  • Security lock feature
  • Thick and long-lasting
  • Perform multi-channel functionalities
  • Deep and tight bass

What We Don’t Like

  • The grounding wire is absent

5. Audioquest Black Lab To Make Great Stuff

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Audioquest black lab cable is made of long-grain conductors to keep strand-interaction distortion at bay. Strand interaction is responsible for cable distortion. To provide a complete solution to this issue, solid core conductors have been used in the cable.

This AudioQuest subwoofer cable is now ready to take charge of your home theatre. With the help of LCG, clearer and smoother sounds are possible. It is superior to many other cables using regular OFGC copper. 

LCG assures to give a better performance with fewer grain boundaries, fewer impurities, and fewer oxides. In this way, insulation is also essential to offer stability to the cables. That is why; Black Lab makes use of air-filled insulation prepared from foamed polyethylene. 

Shield coverage is 100%. An advanced noise dissipation system is a must to prevent RF interference. A Noise-dissipation system helps you prevent a considerable amount of RF interference from contacting the equipment’s ground plane. 

Usually, the Audioquest subwoofer cable designs its connectors from scratch using specific materials. This results in outstanding performance and long-lasting quality that everyone deserves. 

What We Like

  • Low level of distortion
  • Highest quality materials
  • Design from scratch
  • The advanced noise dissipation system

What We Don’t Like

  • little ground strap

How to Choose Best Subwoofer Cable – Buying Guide

Different brands offer different subwoofer cable varieties, so making the perfect selection is a bit confusing if you don’t have any previous experience with this sort of cable. Each cable has a different design as well as performance capabilities.

So, the significant thing is to understand the features that contribute to the performance of a cable. Here are some features to consider while selecting the best subwoofer cable. 

  1. Conductor:

It is a common fact that no cable is found without an electrical conductor. Usually, this conductor runs over the cable length. In the case of a subwoofer cable, you will find the conductor at the center. That is why the conductor is referred to be the “core material.”

The function of this conductor is to transmit the audio signals to the speaker. Material and length are two different factors, which have an impact on transport signals. The most common conductor material used for subwoofer cable is copper.

The lightweight copper performs its work perfectly, and at the same time, it makes the entire cable feel light to handle. The conductor has an electric resistance called capacitance. If the resistance is higher, conductivity is lower, and hence, the output sound quality is also lower.

Why is copper used as the core conductor? Do all copper cables possess the same conductivity? Manufacturers use some technologies to enhance the copper’s effectiveness before using it to design their cables.

 For instance, Oxygen-free copper has more conductivity than a normal one. Thus, you have to make a proper investigation regarding the type of copper used in the particular manufacture. 

  1. Shielding:

The cable shielding denotes the size and the type of material used. The need for cable shielding is to protect the output from interference. Braided copper, aluminum foil, or a combination of both can be used in the best subwoofer cable.

Cables with dual shielding can do better. In contrast, subwoofer cables with thin shielding do not offer you the expected performance. Electromagnetic fields present near the wire generate external interference, which easily reaches the cable and creates noise. 

The resultant noise disturbs the sound response of your speaker.

  1. Connector design:

Connectors are nothing but the cable ends, which get plugged into ports using relevant sound components. The design of the connectors tells the efficiency of the signal transmission. So, top brands include a connector with much care.

If the connector securely fits into a jack, it won’t come out. Besides, a secure connection is important to reduce the chance of getting noises. To ensure the connector is in perfect shape, the gold coating is used to eliminate corrosion and rust in the best subwoofer cable for home theatre

In the case of rust formation, the structural integrity of connectors gets reduced, and therefore a lower quality sound and signal transmission is achieved. 

  1. Sturdiness and flexibility:

Many different things influence the durability of any audio cable. Initially, the design and material of the connector have their impacts on plugging and unplugging. If a cable has a strong grip and gold-plated connectors, it tends to remain longer.

The next thing to consider is the material, which is utilized to construct the cable exterior. It should be tough enough and durable instead of soft. Soft materials are often prone to cuts and scratches. 

Heavy-duty rubber and plastic are said to be the best materials for lasting durability. To achieve hassle-free management, the exterior materials must have enough flexibility. If a cable is too stiff, you cannot be able to bend it when needed.

The above described four factors are the essential considerations, which you ought to keep in mind before selecting a terrific subwoofer cable like an Audioquest subwoofer cable.

Conclusion on Best Subwoofer Cable

Maybe, you have now got the answer to what is the best subwoofer cable. If you make a clear note of your needs, budget, and music listening experience, choosing the best subwoofer cable is very easy.

Go for thick and double-shielded cables at any cause. Have an informed decision using our reviews and buying guide.

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