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Are you finding the best square subwoofer? If so, in this article we have compelled the top list to help you get the best one.

There are many subwoofers available in the market which are round in shape then what is the need to build square subwoofers? It is because of the cone area which helps in the circulation of air.

More efficiently, the air will move around the subwoofer; more will be the bass quality with clear production of sound. Simple shapes are easy to manufacture and acquire all the basic advantages and sound production.

This large shape with more cone areas helps in high-quality sound production and better sound effects in the surrounding area. Therefore, square subwoofers are more popular than the old design of round subs.

Top 3 Best Square Subwoofers Review

1. Kicker 46L7T102: Best Square Subwoofer

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Square subwoofers are easy to adjust to at any place without any problem. It has a dual 2-ohms battery with sealed enclosures. It can be fitted in any thinnest space as its body is slimmest than any other subwoofer.

It looks very stylish and it’s really very compact you can easily install it in your car quickly.

Kicker 46L7T102 Front Look

It saves 20% core area than any other round subwoofer. The top plate is designed with a unique management system. 14 pounds makes it lighter in weight and portable. It can be placed under the car seat easily. The deep bass is outstanding, giving reliability to the single subwoofer.

Kicker 46L7T102 install in car

After using it for 4 weeks, we found it as the best subwoofer, which comes under middle-range subwoofers. It has 500 watts of maximum power output with the latest square sub technology.

What We Like

  • 48.1-pound lightweight sub
  • Precise in size and easy to install
  • Sound connection
  • High-quality bass with superior quality

What We Don’t Like

  • Coil damage in some products

2. Pyle PLSQ10D Square Subwoofer

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Pyle is a leading manufacturing company of subwoofers that tries to add additional features for more comfort reliability for users. They have renowned products which are certified for international trading. All modifications and enhancements are done to meet the demand of users.

pyle PLSQ10D subwoofer look

It has a 4-ohm polypropylene cone with a silver-treated design. 88 dB square steel basket helps in eliminating excess heat while playing music for long hours. Extremely durable with 70+70 oz magnetic structured rubbers surrounding the outer side of the sub.

2.5’’ high temperature with dual voice coils to produce soft music without any distortion. It helps in producing high-range sound with better frequency levels. 

A perfect subwoofer is available for users with Bumped Vented Extended Pole Piece.

What We Like

  • Peak power of 1200 watts
  • Kapton dual voice coils
  • Clear sound production with a mounting depth
  • 4-ohm impedance in each voice coil

What We Don’t Like

  • Cannot be installed in tight/congested space easily

3. Kicker L715 15-inch Dual Voice Square Subwoofer

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A perfect 15-inch square subwoofer is available in the market with dual voice coils of 2 ohms. When 2 coils are connected to the main amplification source, it becomes easier to get high bass quality sound without any deterioration in the quality.

Extremely powerful motor with oversized magnets which allows music to pass out to users with more reliability. Pole piece and backplate attached with the subwoofer keep it cool by eliminating the excess heat out.

Distortion-free music is the dream of any music lover with Kicker’s high-volume sound. The fluctuation of sound is very less with accuracy in sound production.

What We Like

  • Strong suspension with lace spider surrounding the outer edge
  • 39.6cm  mounting depth for easy placement
  • Q-classed subwoofer for better sound
  • Continuous power handling of sub

What We Don’t Like

  • Size is comparatively small than other subs reducing bass quality

How to Choose Best Square SubwooferBuying Guide

Most of the speakers we bought from the market are round in shape, which often makes it difficult to place them in a small space. Therefore to solve the problem, manufacturers have introduced the concept of the lean and thin square subwoofer, which can be mounted easily at any place.

Here are some tips that one should before buying a square subwoofer.

  1. Less Wasted Space

The best advantage of buying a square subwoofer is that it acquires less space and saves the space which is unnecessarily acquired by many round subwoofers. Therefore, we recommend users go for a 10-inch square subwoofer for cars. 

And if you want to buy it for a home, then select any 15-inch square subwoofer.

  1. Better Bass and Sound Quality

It helps to know its efficiency to produce sound. Less distortion of music confirms the quality of any subwoofer. The uninterrupted flow of music is best to enjoy the environment. 

  1. High-Frequency Responses

Better frequency responses of 80-100Hz are best recommended for any square subwoofers. The customer review of the kicker square subwoofer is positive, and people are recommending the product.

Also, our team has tested the product and found it reliable for years based on its frequency, power, and impedance. 

  1. Larger Cone Area

The bigger the size of the square subwoofer, the more will be the cone area. The cone area is the space left in between the subwoofers, which allow air to pass away easily. It helps in the enhancement of sound quality and clarity in music.

Most of the buyers who want to place the square subwoofer in larger areas try to buy bigger subs. It helps in producing high-quality bass sound with no distortion or disturbance. 

  1. Motor of Subwoofer

Kicker manufacturers have always tried to use better and heavy watts motors to make the device durable for years. One can check the motor efficiency and compare it with other devices before buying.

In this way, one can go through the above-mentioned features to buy the best square sound subwoofers. Buying guides always helps in grabbing the best product with more efficiency and reliability. A warranty is also provided for each product.

The warranty cards are given when you buy, and any problem in the subwoofer during that period will be resolved free of cost. External damages are never included in the warranty by the company.

FAQ’s About Square Subwoofer

To answer all your question regarding square subwoofers we have listed here some most common questions that customers have in their minds while purchasing square subs.

Are Square Subwoofers Good?

Square subwoofers are really great in terms of space and performance. You can get high sound quality with a square subwoofer because of its great internal cone area mechanism. Also, you can easily install it in your car without a larger space.

Are Square Subs Louder than Round?

Square subwoofers come with larger cone air so it’s capable of moving more air hence, it’s performance would be louder than round subwoofers.

Are Square Subwoofers Better than Round?

Yes, Square subwoofers are better than round ones in terms of style, look, and performance. Square subwoofers offer louder sounds and can be easily fit anywhere you want. On the other hand, round subwoofers are less louder than square subs because of the smaller cone area.

Which is Cheap Square Subwoofer?

Pyle PLSQ10D is one of the most affordable and cheap square subwoofers on our list. If you have less budget and still want a square subwoofer then you can surely go for this one. For better performance, we recommend trying out Kicker 46L7T102 its winner square woofer of our round-up.

Conclusion on Best Square Subwoofer

Therefore, to select the best square subwoofer from the above option, one has to compare their requirements with the features of the subwoofer. The essential thing is to compare the space you have to mount the subwoofer with the size of the sub.

Finally, our winner of the best square sub is Kicker 46L7T102.

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