Best Spare Tire Subwoofers


We have seen many people trying to find a car device, which is less in size but versatile to listen to music.

Here we come spare tire subwoofers that could be stored in the car easily, and it doesn’t take any space in the vehicle consumed by passengers. We recommend Cerwin Vega as the best subwoofer in the market with high power and optimal bass quality. 

These spare subs are very useful with optimal bass quality and versatile experience of listening to music. It satisfies the listener with decent music quality and does wonders in your car on a trip.

Best Spare Tire Subwoofers Review

1. Cerwin Vega Powered Active Subwoofer

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Spare tire subwoofers are a boon for any traveler who wants to enjoy loud music with more space in the cargo. Here we have tested Cerwin Vega with 20Hz – 150Hz frequency response and 12” size, making it perfect to be installed in the car.

250 watts of power is enough to provide smooth electric frequencies with 0-12 dB bass. Bass is boosted through these subwoofers, and the journey becomes more enjoyable and relaxable.

It has LPF filters of the 30-150Hz frequency with a remote bass knob. Therefore, it’s a great chance to grab a sub with high phase thermal protection and power flow. RCA inputs are also high and reliable for loud volume in the cargo.

Its passive radiator makes it the first choice for buyers with 4 ohms electrical resistance only. So, grab the deal today and make your journey more enthusiastic with this unique and reliable product.

The 23.5 pounds weight makes the Cerwin Vega spare tire subwoofer portable and easy to adjust in the spare tire space at the back of the car.

What We Like

  • 150W RMS with powered subwoofer
  • Easy to install in the car
  • PWM MOSFET Power Supply 
  • Valuable device for trunk space

What We Don’t Like

  • The wired cord is short for cherokee jeep

2. JBL Basspro Hub With Powered System

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Black-colored bass pro hub with 25.55 pounds weight is perfect to be used while traveling. It’s a loud sound, and unaltered volume is a way to enjoy deep and powerful bass with an output of 200 W. Bass of the JBL subwoofer ranges from 0-12 dB.

Its response frequency is higher than many other products that are 30Hz – 150Hz. The 11-inch size makes it more suitable as a spare tire sub. It also has a safety sheet to protect the alteration of sound with the quick-start button.

It has a remote controller with a 5-meter cable to operate the system anywhere inside the car. Its class D amplifier is another advantage to add a powerful punch and eliminates the risk of overheating while using it for long hours.

A 1-year manufacturer’s warranty is another add-on to use it or get it repaired for any internal damage. Complaints are significantly less, but still, it is the right choice for buyers to get a warranty.

What We Like

  • Foam size is smooth and reliable
  • Reliable wiring harness 
  • 11” size makes it portable
  • Remote controller cable 

What We Don’t Like

  • Size is a bit larger for tire space

3. Rockville RockGhost Hidden Powered Subwoofer

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Another super bassy best spare tire subwoofer with clean sound for the pure musical experience. It eliminates all the unnecessary sound or any irritating vibrations from the sub and let the listener enjoy music with full and clear bass.

A 20-foot wired remote is the best add-on for any user as it’s not easy to change the sound from the dashboard every time. So, keep the remote on your lap and change the music or adjust volume as and when required.

It is a budget-friendly device that anyone can buy after spending a few bucks. And, yes, it has tuned airport design to allow fresh air to pass through and fro. 

At last low pass, crossover filters are another add-on to make it more durable and accessible to use for many years.

What We Like

  • The 8-inch size is perfect, making it the best spare tire sub
  • Helps in reducing fatigue feeling in ears
  • Low Passover filter and phase control
  • Extreme loud sound with super bass

What We Don’t Like

  • Vibration under the backseat could be a disadvantage

4. Pioneer TS – WX610A BandPass Spare Tyre

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Its input power of 100 W RMS with a peak output of 200 watts is perfect for grabbing a fair deal. It has an aluminum diecast with a 200 watts amplifier. 

Bass is balanced with a remote with 6th order bandpass of active subs. It helps to get a fair flow of sound on and around the vehicle.

The device is compatible with almost 140 vehicles, so you need to worry about yours. One can also check the 2-ohm impedance for better use and easy to port because of 4.9 kg weight.

Wired remote is also available with a 2.10 dual voice call feature. Amplifiers and clear instructions are also available with the manual.

What We Like

  • 25-180 higher response frequency
  • Ferrite magnets are more durable
  • PP cone material makes it long-lasting
  • Perfect for space of the 14-feet spare wheel

What We Don’t Like

  • Bass quality is less than other subs

5. CDT Audio SUB-15H Subwoofer

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It’s a sub recommended to those who want to spend fewer bucks on the device and want a reliable and moderate product. 

A company from California has released a perfect gadget for buyers to resolve the issue of low music in cargo. A small and reliable design with extra bass and quality is a device with quality.

An extended detachable remote is available with an easy guide and controls to use the sub. Therefore, we recommend it for moderate use with a good woofer experience. 

What We Like

  • 380 watts peak power for better response
  • 40Hz – 150Hz Variable Crossover Frequencies
  • 92dB Input Level with Dual 5.3 x 8.4 inches Woofers

What We Don’t Like

  • Product quality is less in terms of sound and bass.

How to Choose Spare Tire Subwoofers – Buying Guide

When you find a reliable option for music in your car, at that time, a product that fits best for the query is a spare tire subwoofer, which helps to reduce the space of the sound system and provides optimal enjoyment.

Here we are going to discuss why these spare wheel subwoofer are good and a reliable product for buyers:

Less Space Consuming

The major problem for any driver is adjusting space for bass in the car. But they have to lose some space for passengers to fit it earlier. But now, these spare tire subs could be adjusted in spare tire space.

jbl basspro hub is the one who solved the problem of many buyers by introducing this super flat and compact-sized sub in the market.

Now, it is easier to install bass in your cargo and enjoy long drives with your loved ones. The spare tire could fit easily in between the spare tire space and consume unwanted space effectively. 

There are different spare wheel subwoofers available for other car models. So, one should check the size before buying one.

Offers Smart Design 

The design of these subwoofers is so compact, attractive, and durable, and it looks good while keeping in the space. Even it is manufactured in such a way that it becomes beautiful with better built-in quality.

It has sound-deadening material that helps eliminate any unwanted vibration under the seat and delivers pure and unaltered sound.

A Perfect Remote Control

Remote controllers are another add-on to the subs as it becomes easy to use the device from any seat in the car. One can also keep it on the lap to adjust volume as and when required.

Crossover helps in providing reliable sound direction inside the vehicle.


Size should be the primary concern for any buyer as it can affect the device’s usage and performance. So, try to check whether it fits properly in your car’s spare tire space or not. Every tire has a little different size, and accordingly, devices are needed.

One can check the size requirement through online mode. The list is provided with the speaker that which one is good for the buyer and which is not.

Bass Quality

The reason to buy these subs is to get loud and clear sound in the car. Hence, the quality of the product matters a lot when it comes to providing better performance.

We have seen people complaining about many spare wheel subwoofers which didn’t fit as per their requirement. But, the reason for the same is less knowledge and exploring before buying.

So, try different models and test them for your car to make it easier for you to pick the most accurate device for your vehicle.

Also, one can compare the features for sound quality before selecting one. It helps in getting the best device under your budget without any hurry.


It will be easy for buyers to select the best brand from the market and enjoy the ride. One can keep the solution to listen to music in hand all the time. One can go for Cerwin Vega or JBL BassPro as these are top brands with the highest selling rate with positive reviews.

One can also go for budget best spare tire subwoofers if usage is less. Enjoy the ride with too high sound quality. 

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