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Nowadays, television has become the centerpiece of your living room. With technological up-gradation, TVs are becoming incredibly slim and beautiful. As a result, you need to compromise with the sound quality of your television.

Whether you are watching action movies or listening to your favorite music track, you need a decent speaker to boost sound quality. Today, most of the soundbars come in an impressive size to comfortably sit in front of the TVs.

The best soundbar with a subwoofer can deliver a deep and powerful bass to improve your TV audio system drastically. Even, they are capable of giving you goosebumps.

There are numerous soundbars available in the market in various shapes and sizes, and different features to enhance your surrounding sound system. It will help if you choose according to the dimension of your own TV set.

To narrow down your choices, I have rounded up some of the best budget soundbars. Just give a 10-minutes read to find out our recommendations to clutter up your living room.

There will also be a detailed buying guide at the end part of this article. Let us dive in to find one.

Best Soundbar with Subwoofer Review

1. Yamaha Audio YAS-209BL Sound Bar 

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Yamaha Audio YAS-209BL comes first in the list of the best soundbar with a subwoofer. It is the newest version that comes with multiple features to give you an excellent audio experience.

Besides, it also has a stylish and elegant design to match your living room. Therefore, it is sure that you need to spend a little more to pick this soundbar. This Yamaha YAS-209BL comes in a 6.25-inch size.

Enabled with 1-inch dual tweeters and 1.75-inch four drivers, it has become the best soundbar for a large room. Bells and whistles are some of the other additive features of this soundbar.

Featured with Wi-Fi connectivity, this Yamaha YAS-209BL Bluetooth soundbar with subwoofer is also compatible with Alexa voice control technology.

You will notice an HDMI ARC port to make it connect this device with your television. Another HDMI port is present there to get a connection with a media player.

So, you will have an excellent Wi-Fi connection to monitor your soundbar from anywhere you want. Therefore, you do not need a remote control to play this woofer.

Most interestingly, the sound quality has made this soundbar with a subwoofer the best one. It delivers a crisp, sharp, and bombastic sound to enhance your entire surrounding.

“Clear Voice” technology is another excellent feature of this soundbar. This technology helps to isolate the dialogues of your favorite movie. Moreover, it will help you to listen to even the whispering dialogues.

You can get this soundbar in Black color along with a bland look. So, if you want, you can easily hide this soundbar from your view. Also, it requires a very minimal and quick installation procedure.

What We Like

  • Comes in a non-descriptive look
  • Quick and easy set-up
  • Simplistic connectivity app
  • Compatible with Alexa technology

What We Don’t Like

  • Audio cuts off very frequently
  • Little pricey

2. VIZIO SB3651ns-H6 Surround Sound Bar with Subwoofer

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VIZIO SB3651ns-H6 is another soundbar that comes with a complete set-up to fulfill your requirement. However, it is available in a straightforward design. Both the satellite speakers and subwoofers make this soundbar the best among the other competing brands. 

Small attaching components come with this soundbar to allow you to move around your home quickly. Therefore, you can easily balance the sound quality of this VIZIO soundbar with a subwoofer.

It is lightweight and has a slim design to give it a stylish look. So, you can mount it on your room wall or place it on a flat surface. It is 36-inches in size. So, you can get the best pair with the same size or a little bigger size audio system.

As it has smaller components with it, it will take a little more space than the other soundbars. So, those who do not have much space may face issue placing it. But it is the best soundbar with a subwoofer to give you an unsurpassed sound quality.

You will notice a brushed black finish touch all over the subwoofer to make it match your TV set. It has an amalgam of features that helps you to deliver crystal-clear sound from all the possible directions.

The manufacturers attach a center speaker with it that helps you to listen to all the dialogues very clearly. DTS sound technology allows it to create a 3D sound effect to your entire surrounding.

You can best pair it with a 4K TV. Most importantly, you need not compromise with the build quality of this soundbar. It has a robust subwoofer to release thundering bass.

What We Like

  • Easy installation
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Super easy to install
  • Pretty good app

What We Don’t Like

  • User-manual is not well-instructed
  • Non-responsive customer service

3. SAMSUNG HW-T450 Soundbar

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SAMSUNG HW-T450 comes next in the list of the best soundbar with a subwoofer. You will have well-balanced sound quality along with a punching bass with this Samsung soundbar with a subwoofer.

 Though, it does not have many inputs to support Atmos content. It is going to be the only issue that you are going to face with this soundbar. You will also miss the low-range bass with this SAMSUNG soundbar.

Though, it has EQ settings to help you to set with this soundbar. The manufacturers attach a remote control to allow you to monitor this soundbar. Moreover, it comes in an excellent design.

SAMSUNG uses black-colored plastic along with a glossy touch to give it a stylish look. They use wood to make the subwoofer. But the subwoofers get dusty very soon.

SAMSUNG HW-T450 comes with an extended woofer. Though, it will undoubtedly fit below the legs of your TV set. It has a similar size to your computer desktop. Moreover, this wireless soundbar allows you to set it anywhere in your room.

You will notice two openings on both sides of the bar- one is for the power cable, and the other is for inputs. This SAMSUNG soundbar with a subwoofer allows you to wall mount this device.

For those who love to watch action movies, SAMSUNG HW-T450 can be ideal. It has a decent frequency range that delivers a heavy bass to enjoy your favorite cinemas.

You will notice dynamic soundboxes with it to make it the best soundbar for a large room. PHD technology also helps to release crystal-clear and sharp sounds to enhance your surroundings.

What We Like

  • Easy to set-up
  • Delivers a good and deep bass
  • Price worthy
  • Bluetooth connectivity

What We Don’t Like

  • Unable to deliver the lower bass
  • Non-responsive customer service

4. Sonos Beam – Sonos Sub (Gen 3) 

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Sonos Beam- Sonos Sub (Gen 3) soundbar with subwoofer comes with the necessary set-up to produce deep and powerful bass. Therefore, it allows you to enjoy your favorite cinemas with a cinematic sound experience.

If you connect Sonos Sub with other Sonos speakers, it will enhance the mid-range frequencies to upgrade your music. Therefore, you can declare it to be the best Dolby Atmos soundbar to create a home-theatre set-up.

You can also pair 2x Sonos One or One SL with this Gen 3 sub to get an immersive experience. It is the best soundbar with a subwoofer that transforms even the soul-shaking bass into an enriching one.

You will notice face-to-face positioned two force canceling speakers to minimize the vibration. It also helps to restore all the energy into your living room.

The manufacturers attach a flat power cord to get rid of the tangles. It comes in an ergonomic design along with a button. The company has made this soundbar sleek with a black or white glossy touch to suit your interior.

You can also place this sound system beneath your sofa or lay flat in your living room. The mounting position will not affect the performance of your sound system.

Most interestingly, it has a very minimal installation procedure. You can merely plugin to smooth run your device. Moreover, you can install the Sonos app on your smartphone to monitor this soundbar.

Moreover, BLE and NFC compatibility is another notable feature of this Bluetooth soundbar with a subwoofer unit. So, those who want to add a rumble experience to their music track must install Sonos Beam (Gen 3) to bang on.

What We Like

  • Delivers a deep and enriching bass
  • Produces Zero rattle
  • Easy installation
  • Allows easy mounting facility

What We Don’t Like

  • Little expensive

5. Polk Audio Signa S2 Sound Bar Wireless Subwoofer 

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Polk Audio Signa S2 comes last in the list of the best soundbar with a subwoofer. This straightforward soundbar is available with a wireless subwoofer. It is the V-shaped sound signature that has made it the best.

You are going to have a relatively lovely audio quality when you are busy with your favorite TV shows. 2.1 speaker configuration does not support Dolby Atmos sound to enhance your listening experience.

Though, you can consider it to be a decent soundbar with a subwoofer. It is true, you are going to miss the low-end notes from Polk Audio Signa S2, but it is ideal for delivering a punching bass to get a rumbling feeling.

It is the best budget soundbar that comes with a 2.1 configuration setup. The manufacturers mostly use plastic to give it a straightforward design. You will also notice a mesh-like fabric on the front side.

Therefore, it comes in a fragile look along with a long dimension. But you can comfortably place it between a 55-inches TV set. As it has a slim design, it will not cover the bottom of your television.

The company attaches a small subwoofer to save your floor space. There is a power input on one side and the other inputs on the other side of this soundbar. You can see a universal hole to ensure an easy mounting.

As Polk Audio Signa S2 does not use premium-quality plastic, you cannot expect much durability and longevity from this soundbar. It has a stereo dynamic to release a loud bass.

If you play this soundbar at the maximum level, it may create distortion due to compression issues. Moreover, it can help you to listen to the dialogues of your favorite cinemas very clearly.

What We Like

  • Bluetooth syncing works very easily
  • Satisfactory sound for a semi-large room
  • Fair priced
  • Speedy delivery

What We Don’t Like

  • Remote functioning is a little difficult

How to Choose Best Soundbar with Subwoofer – Buying Guide

Please consider the following factors before buying a soundbar with a subwoofer:

  • Positioning: Positioning or placement is the first factor that you need to consider before buying a soundbar. It is essential to check the space of your TV table-top or the carpet area before picking. The soundbar should not block the bottom part of your television. Else, you may face an issue operating the remote control.
  • Connectivity: The best soundbar with a subwoofer for large rooms must come with excellent connectivity. Bluetooth Soundbar with subwoofer should have RCA and HDMI connectivity. This connectivity allows you to connect your soundbar comfortably with your television. On the other hand, Bluetooth connectivity helps you to join the soundbar with your smartphones or PC.
  • Active/passive: You can find most of the soundbars to be involved. These devices require a very easy installation. It would help if you plugged in to run the machine smoothly. Rest soundbars are passive. Therefore, you need external amplifiers to run this device. This amplifier will help the soundbar to power the device.
  • Soundbar: Traditional soundbars are narrowly designed. You can keep it in front of your television set or on the wall, right below the wall-mounted television. Moreover, the sound base comes in a flat design. It allows you to place your TV on top of the sound base comfortably. There are bass drivers present inside these sound bases. You must follow these factors if you have any space-related issues.

Conclusion on Best Soundbar with Subwoofer

Here ends the list of the best available soundbar with subwoofer. Each of these soundbars comes with the best features to deliver an excellent bass to enhance your surrounding sound system.

Most of them are available in a moderate price range. Those who want to pick a cheap soundbar with a subwoofer can choose any one of them to fulfill your requirements.

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