Best Shallow Mount Subwoofers


Music is the source of life for many people. It keeps them relaxed in times of worry and reduces stress. This is the reason that music systems are installed in cars because it gives a cheerful feeling to the travelers.

Everyone wants to have an excellent music system in their cars, and shallow mount subs are the ones to be selected for it. The shallow mount subwoofers are developed to fit in a lesser space. This makes it a favorable choice for smaller cars having space issues. 

There are many cars, which are compact and cannot accommodate heavier music systems. For them, subwoofers play a pivotal role in giving great music. 

The shallow mount subwoofers are designed specially to have low mounting depth. Its purpose is to enhance your music experience in the car by boosting the bass level. 

What makes them an ideal choice are their compact size, lightweight design, and flat base. 

These qualities of the shallow mount subwoofer have added to its popularity for providing an entertaining musical experience. This is quite contrary to the normal speakers, which do not have a high bass level. 

Normal speakers are designed to give you a soothing music experience, which is opposite to what the new generation wants.

Why Need Shallow Mount Subwoofers?

The main reason to buy shallow mount subwoofers is that they take very little space as compared to regular subwoofers. 

The latter ones are high mounted; while, the former ones are low mounted. This is the reason that they can be easily fitted into small cars having space issues. 

No matter, it is about a big car owner or a small car owner; the music lovers will try their best to have excellent music in their vehicle. 

Top 7 Best Shallow Mount Subwoofers Review

1. Skar Audio VD-10

719FdwVwIQL. AC SL1500


  • Peak Power of 800 Watts
  • Twin 4 Ohm Voice Coil Configuration
  • RMS Power of 500 Watts
  • Great Roll Foam Surround Sound
  • Pressed Paper Cone
  • 2 inches High-Temperature Copper Voice Coil
  • Mounting height of 4.41 inches

Skar is a name to reckon with high-end music quality for your car. 

This subwoofer is the perfect answer to a space-saving music system with a mounting height of just 4.41 inches. 

Its high-performance based pressed paper cone is attached to a superior foam surround to give a qualitative sound in the car. 

It is manufactured to provide a great sound system and an ample amount of power. The Skar Audio VD – 10 has been designed to fit in less space, which lends them versatility. 

The driver of this subwoofer uses an extensive temperature 2-inch voice coil, which is designed to give great performance and a dominant sound system.

 This series of subwoofers are intended to help you in getting a wonderful music experience. It is quite affordable to use and provides excellent music for your car or place where low-mounting woofers are needed. 

This seems to be one of the best options for my sweet little car. 

What We Like

  • Produces an excellent crisp sound 
  • Mounts in tight spaces for easy fitting
  • Suitable for various types of vehicles
  • Boosts audio system bass

What We Don’t Like

  • Average system that might not handle top performance

2. Rockford Fosgate R2SD2-10

71iJCHiI+JL. AC SL1024


  • 200 to 400 watts of power
  • 10-inch diameter for easy installation
  • Mounting height of 3.41 inches
  • The impedance of 2 Ohm
  • Twin 12 AWG compression terminals
  • Injection molded cone for deeper bass

This exclusive low mount subwoofer is designed for specialized spaces where bigger-sized woofers may not fit. What makes it one of the hot favorites is that the subwoofer has been powered to deliver full-size bass.

 Its 2-Ohm dual voice coil is effective enough that Rockford Fosgate can be set in different configurations. The Rockford Fosgate features a shallow motor assembly to fit in tight spaces. 

Also, its injection-molded cone is ideal to give a deeper bass. Being smarter in terms of providing high-quality surrounding sound; this subwoofer is the one that I have fallen in love with. 

What We Like

  • Excellent subwoofer to give a high-quality bass system
  • Easy to fit in the tight spaces
  • Gives consistent and reliable performance
  • Flexibility in setting system
  • 1-year warranty for more authentication

What We Don’t Like

  • Falls on the slightly costlier side

3. Pioneer TS – SW2502S4

61Ub g83O4L. AC SL1500


  • 100 to 300 watts PMS power
  • Mica-injected resin cone
  • Single 4-Ohm shallow mount series
  • Mounting height of 3.18 inches
  • The frequency response of 20-125 Hz

The shallow mount subwoofers from the Pioneer’s TS Series are designed to give great bass for enhancing the music experience. 

It can get fit in tighter spaces where traditional subwoofers will not fit in any way. This subwoofer has the power to give you excellent bass performance as needed. 

It is a perfect option for those, who need a thumping sound in their car’s music system.  

The ideal quality of this subwoofer is the oversized cone created from mica-injected molded resin. It allows for an easy flow of air to deliver high-quality bass in the car.

What We Like

  • Able to get fit in the tighter spaces
  • Performs smart enough for a great musical experience
  • Low mounting height makes it worthy to use
  • Compatible with various music systems

What We Don’t Like

  • No twin voice call
  • A little complex to handle

4. Boss Audio Systems D10F

71438il9eQL. AC SL1500


  • Mounting height of 3.4 inches
  • Poly Injection Cone with 2 Inch Copper Voice Coil
  • 800 watts of maximum power
  • Resonate frequency of 50 Hz
  • The impedance of single 4 Ohm

The boss audio system D10F is designed to function exceptionally well in sealed enclosures yielding solid bass. 

Sealed enclosures are reasonably simpler to create, which makes it essential for such subwoofers to accommodate. 

This is an ideal subwoofer to get fit in less space or small cars and give high-performance sound. Everyone loves to have a wonderful music system, and this subwoofer tends to adapt as per many music systems around. 

What We Like

  • Affordable low mount subwoofer
  • Fits in tighter spaces
  • Gives high-quality performance
  • Compatible with various music systems
  • Sounds flawless in a ported box 

What We Don’t Like

  • Nothing

5. Kicker 43 CWRT 102

6146pPDGskL. AC SL1000


  • 800 watts of maximum power
  • 400 watts of RMS power handling
  • Rubber surround and waterproof
  • 10 inches of speaker size
  • Impedance of 2 Ohm

Kicker 43 CWRT 102 is designed to work effectively with pick-up trucks, small cars, and ATVs. What I like about this subwoofer is that it performs greatly like a bigger-sized subwoofer having excellent surround sound. 

It does not kill the cargo space as the subwoofer fits properly in tighter spaces. Its rubber surround tends to last longer and opts for heavier use. 

This subwoofer has an ideal combination of specially designed back and top plates for a better excursion. Its 400 RMS power allows the speaker to get adjusted as per different sound needs. 

Kicker 43 CWRT 102 is a versatile subwoofer that appears excellent in sealed and ported enclosures.

What We Like

  • Fits in less space with ease
  • Built to work long-lasting
  • Produces clean and loud sound
  • Quite an affordable choice

What We Don’t Like

  • 2 Ohm DVC rated slightly lower than actual measurements

6. JL Audio 10TW3-D4

61m+YFOz5fL. AC SL1024


  • Mounting height of 3.2 inches
  • 125 to 400 watts of the max power range
  • 10 inches of speaker size
  • The impedance of 4 Ohm

JL Audio 10TW3-D4 is a brilliant subwoofer that fits in lesser space and gives an excellent sound system. 

Its polypropylene cone is manufactured to withstand resonance. Its 10 inches diameter requires very little space to fit without any difficulty. 

This sound system is an excellent choice for those, who love to hear low notes at the time of travel and fighting with space problems in their vehicle. 

The goodness of this subwoofer lies in its excellent sound that can be adjusted easily as per need. 

The polypropylene cone of the subwoofer is designed to withstand resonance without a doubt.

 It can handle high power and does not get flex under such circumstances. Even, the durable rubber in the cone allows the passing of air for better sound quality. 

What We Like

  • Ability to fit in much less space
  • Gives an excellent sound system
  • Capable of controlling lower frequencies 
  • Affordable enough to fit in the budget
  • Excellent power as per its size

What We Don’t Like

  • Cannot produce loud bass 
  • Not waterproof at all

7. JBL Club WS1000

61wMTLjVcHL. AC SL1500


  • Mounting height of 3 to 5 inches
  • 800 watts of maximum speaker output
  • 35 to 175 Hz of frequency response
  • 200 watts of RMS Power

People looking for a sleek design of subwoofers will have a fascination for JBL Club WS1000. 

It appears to be extensively powerful and can provide high-quality sound in comparison to its rival products. 

This subwoofer has been created with 800 watts of power and 200 watts RMS to provide excellent bass. The most essential thing that lends JBL Club WS1000 specialized recognition is its ability to generate wide frequency response. 

This model is powered to give brilliant sounds that might not be accessible in the regular speakers or subwoofers.

 JBL Club WS1000 is a stylish subwoofer with less mounting height, which makes it suitable for many vehicles. 

Not to forget that it is affordable enough to fit your budget constraints. This seems to be the favorite choice of many and me too. 

What We Like

  • Excellent bass output
  • Brilliant sound quality
  • Quite affordable to buy
  • Solid noise cancellation ability
  • Possess ambient listening modes

What We Don’t Like

  • Bass mode is slightly more intense
  • Installation is a little tedious

What Should be Kept in Mind While Buying Shallow Mount Subwoofer?

A great sound system in the vehicle makes your journey comfortable. This makes it necessary to buy high-end subwoofers that fit in different vehicles without difficulty. 

Certain things should be kept in mind at the time of buying performance-based low mounting subwoofers.

1. Power

It is important to consider the power capacity of the subwoofer before buying. The reason is that every subwoofer does not give the same sound output quality. 

So, defining your preferences before surfing the internet is an essential step.

 You should ensure that the subwoofer needs to match the amplifier to be used with it. This is necessary to get the maximum output for sure. 

2. Size

The size of a subwoofer is an imperative factor to consider at the time of purchasing it. A larger installation base calls for better sound quality and expansion. 

On the other hand, a rich and tighter sound base necessitates subwoofers. There are various sizes of subwoofers available in the market – 8, 10, 12, and 15 inches. You should be assured of the available space for installing the subwoofers, before buying them. 

3. Enclosure

Subwoofers are positioned in a wooden enclosure like sealed and vented ones. A subwoofer designed with a sealed enclosure intends to generate tighter and accurate bass because there is no space for the air to move. 

On the other end, well-ventilated and ported enclosures are developed to create the maximum amount of voice output. Such subwoofers are intended to produce excellent bass. 

The people looking for a thumping sound should opt for ported enclosures. Contrary to this, buyers looking for better sound clarity need to opt for a sealed enclosure.

4. Design

There are down-firing and front-firing subwoofers, which direct the frequencies of the bass. If you are willing to have surround sound in the vehicle; then, a down-firing one is the best to choose. 

On the contrary, the front-firing design is an ideal choice for people willing to hear bass directly. You should select the design as per your needs, before buying the subwoofer. 

Benefits of Using Shallow Mount Subwoofer

Subwoofers tend to reduce the size of your overall music system in the car. Every music system takes extensive space in the vehicle. As subwoofers are smaller in size and have low mounting height, they take much less space in your vehicle. This makes it possible for a high-quality music system to get installed in your car.

Subwoofers have the knack for enhancing the overall sound of the music system. It creates a real cinematic experience to make your traveling enjoyable. Moreover, the frequency can be adjusted to get the sound system as per your needs.

The main idea of using subwoofers is to get a strong base in the car, which might not be possible in normal speakers. It gives an excellent frequency creating a thumping sound.

As they are smaller in size, they can fit in tighter spaces without any difficulty. Their installation is quite easier and you can enhance your music experience.


Subwoofers are an integral part of a high-end music system.

Shallow Mount Subwoofers are designed to give rich sound and give better bass for music. That’s Why they are a preferred choice to fit in different cars through their compact size and less mounting height.

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