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Do you want to listen to music wherever you go? If yes, you need a portable Bluetooth subwoofer. However, it can be a challenge to achieve consistently high-quality bass from even the best portable subwoofer, as compared to the wired subwoofer. 

If you are ready for a little struggle to fulfill your music desires, you may probably achieve it. You need to do a little research in the market to compare the excellent portable subs. We will help you with this by reviewing the top 5 portable subwoofers and what you need to know to compare the perfect one. 

Best Portable Subwoofers Review

1. JBL PartyBox 100 High Power Portable Wireless Subwoofer

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It has been a couple of years, JBL has gained a vast fan following among the entire world. If you want to buy a sound system then JBL is the first name that comes to mind. Undoubtedly JBL deserves this respect. 

One of the immense reasons behind the brand’s trust is this JBL PartyBox 100 wireless portable sub. The high-powered best portable subwoofer allows the user to start a party whenever or wherever they want. 

The portable sub features a rechargeable battery that lasts for a maximum of 12 hours. It means you can shake your floor with this JBL party box for the entire night. However, if your party is at night, then the full lighting panel helps you to create a disco environment in your home. 

The straightforward Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect it with your smartphone, tablet, or any Bluetooth-compatible device for uninterrupted wireless music streaming. 

The high bass sound and capability of hitting low-end frequencies make it a great subwoofer for playing fast-paced pop or rock music. However, if you love to sing, then simply connect your mic and guitar with this highly efficient subwoofer, and start impressing others with your singing talent. 

Apart from the technical specifications, if you want more volume and bass, you can use two speakers instead. However, two speaker’s weight is a bit difficult to carry. But don’t worry, the high bass sound JBL box comes with handles for easy mobility. 

What We Like

  • 160 watts sound output
  • RGB LED lights for party nights
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Mic and guitar compatible

What We Don’t Like

  • Battery durability is questionable

2. Alto Professional TS312S  2000 Watt 12 Inch PA Subwoofer

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The alto professional TS312S is one of our favorite portable subs, which is an important part of live concerts and parties. The battery-powered portable subwoofer is featured with a 12-inch driver, which is known for extremely high bass output. 

Furthermore, the 2000 watts powered active subwoofer can handle high-end frequencies to provide extremely clear and crisp sound with less distortion. However, the highly powered subwoofer is a great fighter, which can handle long-hour parties without getting overheated. 

Secondly, the subwoofer is designed by USA professionals, especially for heavy use. The XLR outputs with six discrete outputs make it the first love for the musicians and party lovers. It allows you to connect several musical instruments and provides a high bass output of playing music and instruments. 

Apart from this, the lightweight, portable cabinet provides an easy-to-carry offer, making it worth buying. However, the rugged and robust cabinet with high-level air circulation makes it the most durable portable speaker. 

The alto professional PA system can handle 1000 watts of continuous power, and the wonderful circuitry can prevent power fluctuation, overload, and overheating. However, the medium-sized speakers are an excellent option to boost the party, which involves a 200-250 people crowd. 

What We Like

  • Weighs only 25KG
  • Durable and rugged portable cabinet
  • 1000watts RMS power
  • Excellent frequency response

What We Don’t Like

  • Can’t produce louder volume

3. Pyle PSBT125A 1200 Watts 12 Inch Portable Subwoofer

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Pyle is one of the leading brands in the music industry, which has pleased its users with its highly efficient subwoofers. In the line of best portable subwoofers, the Pyle PSBT125A has made a specific and proud place. 

The 1200 watts active subwoofer allows easy wireless streaming at a distance of 33ft. However, you can connect it with your favorite Bluetooth-compatible device, including Android, Apple, Ipad, tablet, etc. 

The 12-inch driver contains echo, bass, and terrible controls to provide extremely high DJ bass sound. However, the superb frequency response enhances the richness of the sound and takes it to another level. 

Furthermore, the compact and portable subwoofer system comes with a mic and remote control. The LED indicators and remote controlling function make it one of the best monitoring subwoofers. 

The thing that we liked about this sub is its built-in rechargeable batteries which last up to 10 hours. However, the LED battery indicator alerts the user to recharge the battery for uninterrupted party enjoyment.  Furthermore, the battery takes less than one hour to fully charge. 

One thing which we liked the most is its unique suitcase design. The portable speaker is designed with a carry handle which allows the user to take it wherever they want. Furthermore, the USB/SD card support function is highly appreciable. 

Lastly, if you love to sing and record your voice, it can be your desired subwoofer. The speaker and mic set can easily be set up to record external sounds, and it also has an echo and bass system for better mixing. 

What We Like

  • Easy monitoring
  • Multiple receiver connectivity ways
  • Rubber wheels for easy mobile
  • 2200 mAh battery

What We Don’t Like

  • Only good for indoor parties

4. EIFER Heavy Bass Loud Powerful Portable Bluetooth Speakers

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EIFER has been committed to the music system industry for many years and has brought buyers’ best listening experience. The compact portable Bluetooth subwoofer is suitable for home, stores, small parties, and picnics. 

However, we didn’t consider it for big parties that involve a vast crowd, but if you are looking for a speaker for a family gathering indoor party, it can be the greatest choice. Its multiple connectivities offer the best thing, including Bluetooth, AUX input, USB, and TF card. 

Furthermore, it also supports FM radio which you can stream while sitting on your lawn to explore your favorite radio shows. The 5W power provides clear, and stereo sounds with all kinds of music, including classical, rock, or other fast-paced music. 

The mobile phone stand holder and remote control feature make it easy to use wireless speakers. You can also use it as the best portable subwoofer for a car due to its compact design. 

However, the 12-month warranty ensures its durability. Secondly, the 10kohm impedance also defines the capability of handling high power input. Also, the frequency response for the richness of music is 60hz to 16khz.

What We Like

  • 14-6 hours battery backup
  • 12-month warranty
  • Waterproof IPX5
  • Extremely lightweight subwoofer

What We Don’t Like

  • High Price Tag didn’t match its specifications

5. JBL Professional EON618S 

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One more JBL subwoofer in our list of the top 5 best portable subs, which is highly recommended for DJ parties. The 1000 watts’ continuous power handling capability and 18-inch driver can produce high-end deep bass sound with less distortion. 

The selectable crossovers and superb frequency response from 31 Hz – 150 Hz ensures a clean, clear, and crisp output even at high volumes. The self-powered rugged cabinet is able to circulate air to prevent overheating while playing it for long hours. 

The ergonomic and portable design is featured with injected molding techniques, increasing the cabinet volumes for better acoustic performance. However, the waveguide technology addition ensures the sound traditions and covers the pattern of high frequencies. 

Furthermore, the high-end JBL portable subwoofer speakers are packed with brilliant specifications which work together to lead it to extraordinary Low-Frequency production, loudest, lowest, the cleanest subwoofer in its class.

What We Like

  • 10 ft power cord
  • Frequency ranges from 31 Hz to 150 Hz
  • 1000watts Class D amplification
  • Combo mic and line inputs

What We Don’t Like

  • A little bulky to carry for one person

How to Choose Best Portable Subwoofer – Buying Guide

There are plenty of portable Bluetooth subs available in the market that pride themselves on generating the extreme bass level. The wonderful specifications are the reason behind their performance. 

Therefore you need to know those factors, which makes a portable sub better than another. Here is a detailed buying guide to compare the best portable subwoofers, have a look!

  • Different Categories

There are three basic types of Bluetooth sub, which come to fulfill different purposes. Firstly you have to consider how loud you need it. Your volume requirement will help you to choose the desired type of portable speakers. 

  • Personal Bluetooth Sub

 The first category is personal speakers or single mini speakers. Hence you can also use it for a party but make sure the party room is smallest enough as the mini portable speakers can’t produce high level sound and bass. 

  • Medium Sized Speakers

The medium sized speaker can perform both roles, including family get together or occasional home parties. However, if you need a portable speaker for a large party hall, it’s probably not the right choice. 

  • Full-Scale Speakers

Lastly, the full-scale portable subwoofer system involves multi-speakers and is ideal for earthshaking parties. These speakers also allow you to connect with music instruments and mics. 

  • Power

The size of the subwoofer can decide the range and power of the same. It is often asked by the people how much power we need for booming and blast portable speakers. However, in a medium-sized venue that involves 200-250 people, a 2000 watts powered speaker is good. 

Apart from this, the power ranges up to 20,000 watts. The highly powered portable Bluetooth speakers are the basic need of musical concerts. 

  • Active or Passive

Just like the wired speakers, the portable ones also come in two types; active or passive. However, the active portable subs are more popular for small parties. But when it comes to a massive crowd, you need an external amplifier to provide more power to your portable speakers. 

  • Driver

A speaker who is great for high frequencies can hit the lowest ones accurately, just like the speaker with the lowest frequency managing capability can’t handle high ones. So now the thing is what is the solution. 

The solution is a speaker with multi-drivers. When two or more drivers work together, they split the frequency range between them at a minimum and cover both the lowest and highest frequencies. The multi-drivers help speakers to increase output and efficiency. 

  • Monitoring

A speaker with a good monitoring offer is always a great choice, especially during parties. It doesn’t matter what you are doing, playing music or any instruments. If your speaker comes with an easy monitoring feature, then things become more convenient. 

  • Connectors

Choosing connectors ports is the toughest area of shopping for the best Bluetooth subwoofer.  It becomes more critical when you have to connect several mixer outputs to amplifiers and speakers. The two different cable connectors are much popular. 

If the subwoofer is unable to handle high power then you need to know about the different connectors to choose your required one.

  • SpeakOn

SpeakOn is the most popular and durable type of connector which is able to handle extremely high power. The multi-pin connector is usually found in high-end amps and subwoofers. 

  • TRS

It almost looks like the headphone connectors, which are used when users need to have two conductors and a shield in one plug. 

  • XLR

The XLR 3-pin connectors are good for transmitting balanced mic level, mixers, and line-level signals to powered or passive speakers. 

  • TS

Another ¼” connector is perfect to set-up 2 conductors is known as a tip-sleeve connector. These connectors work almost like the TRS. 

  • Banana Plug

The special connectors are used to connect wires of multiple speakers and amplifiers. It is also used for spacing the binding post receptacles on the back of the power amplifiers. 


So, here we have given the list of top portable subwoofers with various features. You can choose the one after reviewing the buying guide and product list and compares it with your requirements. Our team has tested all the products before referring them to readers.

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