Best Outdoor Subwoofers


Are you planning to rock in this chilled Winter? Or, like to enjoy barbecued meat with your dear one in your backyard, lawn, or the pool? But all these arrangements will be incomplete without a good outdoor subwoofer!

A subwoofer can add bass to your audio system to enhance your listening experience. Human ears generally feel trouble listening to the ranges between 20-200 Hz.

Only a subwoofer can help you to feel those lower frequencies. Various nightclubs and cinema theatres use subwoofers to make you feel vibrational sound effects.

Likewise, if you want to make your pool party rocking, install an outdoor subwoofer. It will deliver an excellent bass that will nicely blend with the surrounding backyard.

These outdoor subwoofers are weatherproof to help you to install them anywhere. Different companies manufacture several outdoor subwoofers in various shapes and sizes.

It is troublesome to find an appropriate one. Therefore, I have come with a detailed overview of some of the best outdoor subwoofers. Please read this article to add good bass response to your garden lawn.

You will also get a detailed buying guide at the end of this article. Let’s dive in.

Best Outdoor Subwoofer Reviews

1. OSD Audio Outdoor System


OSD Forza-8 comes first on the list of the best outdoor speakers. It has all the features to deliver high-quality sound that beautifully blends with your outdoor surroundings.

This 8-inch subwoofer is weatherproof to help you to install this audio speaker comfortably in your outward lawn. You need to connect this subwoofer with your audio system to enhance your listening experience.

Your pre-installed audio system can make you feel only the high and mid-range frequencies. Therefore, you must install this subwoofer to enjoy the lower range of frequencies.

Though it comes in a compact size, it is mighty. It can handle up to 250-Watt power to fulfil a wide range of coverage area with an enormous sound. 88db sensitivity is another feature of this outdoor subwoofer.

This small size subwoofer comes in brown colour. The manufacturer’s design this audio speaker weatherproof. It helps them to withstand snow, rain, storm, and other uneasy conditions.

Moreover, the company mainly uses premium-quality ABS plastic to make these subwoofers durable and long-lasting. In-ground compatibility is another exciting feature of this outdoor audio subwoofer.

If you dig this subwoofer underground, it will still satisfy you with its high-quality sound system. OSD Forza-8 subwoofer also allows you 360-degree omnidirectional sound flow.

It is one of the best outdoor subwoofers to deliver you a heart-pounding bass than the other market available competitors. The higher power handling capacity helps this subwoofer to provide bass up to a larger area.

It comes with all the mounting accessories and a proper user-manual to offer you an easy installation. Overall, OSD Forza-8 is ideal for your outdoor settings. 

What We Like

  • Sounds great
  • Comes in a perfect size
  • Decent components
  • In-ground compatibility

What We Don’t Like

  • Not available in all colors
  • Creates terrible ruffle inside the house

2. Klipsch AWR-650-SM Indoor/Outdoor Speaker 

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Klipsch AWR-650-SM comes in a unique structure to give a stone-like design. Apart from design, you need not compromise with the quality of this outdoor subwoofer.

It releases a good bass that beautifully combines with the surrounding. The only issue is that you may mistake it to be a rock and sit on it. Though, it is weatherproof to withstand any uneasy situation and temperature.

Klipsch outdoor subwoofer has an excellent performance. Enabled with the 6.5-inch dual voice coil and ¾-inch polymer tweeters have made it the best outdoor subwoofer.

Therefore, it is perhaps the best subwoofer for outdoor events to deliver sharp and crystal-clear sound. It also allows you to connect multiple devices to get the best pool-party experience.

Klipsch outdoor subwoofer plays the function of a speaker as well. Those who want to get the right combination of subwoofer and speaker, Klipsch AWR-650 is ideal for them.

There are active subwoofers present to connect this device with other speakers to perform together. Bluetooth connectivity is the only thing you are going to miss this outdoor subwoofer.

So, this subwoofer does not allow you to connect it with your smartphone. It is the best outdoor subwoofer that comes with a two-way design. Therefore, it can deliver a more transparent sound than the other market available subwoofers.

Klipsch outdoor subwoofer allows you to get a wide range of frequency, ranging from 66 Hz- 20 kHz. It is perhaps one of the best outdoor subwoofer speakers that come with booming bass. 

Moreover, it requires a straightforward installation process. You only need RCA cables to connect this device with your amplifiers. You can get this outdoor speaker in two various colors, black and brown.

What We Like

  • Comes in vibrant colors
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Available in a beautiful design
  • Fast shipping

What We Don’t Like

  • No warranty coverage
  • Bass may lack a bit at the lower background level

3. Sonos Sub (Gen 3) – Wireless Subwoofer 

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Sonos Sub (Gen 3) is another best subwoofer for outdoor events that can deliver crystal-clear sound quality. It comes with a 40-80Hz frequency response to make your listening experience better.

This frequency range is a little less than the other outdoor subwoofers available in the market. This wireless outdoor subwoofer is the best to deliver earth-shaking bass.

Besides the performance, you need not compromise with the build quality of this subwoofer. You will notice a robust in-built driver makes you enjoy smooth sound bass.

This driver also helps you to avoid any distortion. Sonos does not concentrate on power due to the presence of an in-built amplifier. Both these drivers allow this subwoofer to deliver a loud sound that can fulfil your entire surrounding.

Another exciting feature is that it requires very minimal installation. Even, you do not need extra cables to make this subwoofer installed. In-built compatibility of this wireless outdoor subwoofer helps you to pair with Amazon Alexa to get voice controls.

Sonos (Gen 3) comes in a simple design. You can get this device in a rectangular shape with a hole in the middle of the woofer. There are two rubber pads present to hold the subwoofer firmly and prevent scratches from the surfaces.

Though you will miss the in-built EQ with this subwoofer, it may also pinch your pocket a little to give you thunderous bass. Moreover, these subwoofers are available in two different colors.

Most interestingly, Sonos allows you to install a user-friendly app on your smartphone to monitor the subwoofer as per your preference. You can also enjoy numerous radio stations from all over the world.

What We Like

  • Delivers heart-pounding bass without distortion
  • Both are standing up and lying down compatible
  • Glossy finish
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity

What We Don’t Like

  • Little expensive

4. Bose 251 Outdoor Subwoofer 

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Bose itself is a leading company to manufacture various audio systems. Bose 251 is perhaps the best outdoor subwoofer that delivers high-end sounds to make your surrounding rocking.

Bose environmental subwoofers come in a stylish and elegant design to comfortably place it in your outdoor lawn. Even, the manufacturer’s design this subwoofer weather-coated to make it long-lasting and durable.

Most interestingly, it is the best speaker for outdoor events that can withstand up to 158-degree Fahrenheit and (-40 degree) Fahrenheit temperature. The design of this subwoofer helps this subwoofer to deliver chest-thumping loud sound.

The sound is so loud that you can even feel it from the yard and the patio. Besides, 2.5-inch driver and 5.25-inch woofer have made it one of the best outdoor subwoofers available in the market.

The installation procedure of this external subwoofer is straightforward and requires very minimal time. Even, the manufacturers attach all the necessary mounting kits to make the installation simpler.

Bose 251 outdoor subwoofer allows you to place it on the surface and hang them against the wall. Moreover, this subwoofer comes in an affordable price range.

You will notice an articulated design to deliver a sharp and clear sound both in the workshops and basements. Polypropylene made cabinets help the sound to reach even in the glass-filled wide coverage area.

What We Like

  • Responsive customer service
  • Nicely packaged
  • Terrific sound quality
  • Easy setting-up

What We Don’t Like

  • Little bigger
  • May take little time to deliver

5. TIC GS50 Outdoor Subwoofer

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In the outdoor subwoofer reviews, TIC GS50 comes last. Though last, it has all the latest features to make your pool party a remarkable one. The manufacturers design this subwoofer in such a stylish look and colour that it can easily combine with your garden lawn.

You can easily place this waterproof subwoofer anywhere outside to withstand any harsh situation. Apart from green, it has another four various vibrant color options.

The installation procedure for this outdoor subwoofer is straightforward. It would help if you did a wiring set-up to make the subwoofer run. There is an in-built amplifier that allows it to deliver a good bass.

Those who want to get extra highs can set another satellite device with this subwoofer very easily. 360-degree audio is another exciting feature of this outdoor subwoofer.

Therefore, TIC GS50 will deliver sounds from all the possible directions. Enabled with 25-200 Hz frequency range, it allows you to have a good range of lows.

250-Watt peak power and 125-RMS rating will help the subwoofer to release ultra-loud sound. Though, it would help if you expense a little more to pick this subwoofer.

Bluetooth connectivity is the factor that you are going to miss with this device. But you are going to have a sturdy build quality with this subwoofer. The weather-coated case allows you to place this device comfortably on the outdoor lawn.

What We Like

  • Outstanding sound quality
  • Fantastic for the price
  • 360-degree audio is suitable for backyard
  • Super simple set-up

What We Don’t Like

  • Bluetooth connectivity is missing
  • Does not come with an in-built amplifier

How to Choose Best Outdoor Subwoofers – Buying Guide

You must consider the following factors before purchasing an outdoor subwoofer:

  • Location: First, you need to decide the place where you are going to install this subwoofer. Moreover, it would help if you considered the coverage area of this subwoofer also. The larger the area, the more powerful will be your subwoofer. 6.5-inch to 8-inch subwoofers are ideal for more extensive coverage areas.
  • Weatherproof: The best subwoofer for outdoor events must withstand any harsh weather along with ultraviolet sunlight. Therefore, try to pick the subwoofers with moderate weather-coating to make them long-lasting for years.
  • Watts: The wattage capacity will decide both the volume and the coverage area. Generally, the 60-Watt subwoofer is suitable for less than 300-sq ft coverage area. On the other hand, 80-Watt and 100-Watt subwoofers are suitable between 300-500 sq ft coverage areas. But those who want subwoofers for above 1000 sq ft area should pick the device with 250-Watt capacity.
  • Bass: The best outdoor speakers deliver low frequencies for a good bass response to give your party a rumble effect. Therefore, the bass is the most crucial factor for an outdoor subwoofer. On the other hand, too much bass can create distortion. Similarly, too low bass makes the music very flat. Always choose a subwoofer with a moderate range of low frequencies.
  • Low distortion: It is obvious, the best outdoor subwoofer comes with low distortion. Some below quality subwoofers have 25%-30% distortion. Therefore, they cannot make you enjoy the crystal-clear and sharp sound.

Conclusion on Best Outdoor Subwoofer

Hopefully, this outdoor subwoofer review will help you to decide the best one for you. Each of the products comes with premium-quality sound and an easy installation.

Choose any one of the above options to rock your guests with outstanding bass.

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