Best Low Profile Subwoofers


Low-profile subwoofers are specially designed subwoofers that produce loud sound and low pitch frequencies. These are known as loudspeakers. A variety of them is available in the market with various specifications and add-ons.

The weight and size are reduced to make them easily adjustable at any place. Here is the list of best low-profile subwoofers, which one can refer to know more about the product. 

Best Low Profile Subwoofers Review

1. Skar Audio VD-10-D4 800W Low Profile Shallow Mount Subwoofer

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The skar audio 800w best low-profile subwoofer is specially designed to manage high-power inputs. The inches driver and 4OHM dual copper voice coils ensure its capabilities of working for long hours without overheating. 

The most wonderful thing which we liked the most is its paper cone which is stitched to premium foam. The high-performing cone provides a light and rigid option to attain the desired sensitivity for producing quality bass sound. However, the pressed paper cone is also able to reduce distortion and achieve the lowest frequency response. 

Furthermore, an 85.1db sensitivity rating is also appreciable, which ensures a high amount of power management. However,  the winner of the top 5 best low profile subwoofers list is highly capable of fast-paced handling music by generating deep bass. 

Apart from the technical specifications, the Audio skar subwoofer comes with a compact design and is ideal for mounting in the tightest spaces. However, the woofer enclosure and mounting basket addition ensure better performance and air circulation. 

The best part is its 2-layer Conex spider which makes it perfect for mounting in small spaces. Therefore do not worry if you have a small car, as you also can experience the extreme bass sound with this skar audio subwoofer. 

Last but not least, the Boss-USF 20 slender metal-made dual voice coils can bear high temperatures. Therefore, we can also consider it the perfect low-profile subwoofer for long drives. 

What We Like

  • Space-saving compact design
  • High-temperature dual voice coils
  • 500 RMS watts
  • Perfect mounting depth

What We Don’t Like

  • Durability is questionable 

2. Sound Storm Laboratories LOPRO10 1200W Subwoofer

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The sound storm active subwoofer comes with 1200 watts max power and a MOSFET power supply, making it the perfect solution for managing the stereo’s high power. The best low-profile subwoofer for the car enhances the richness of sound with its in-built low pass filter. 

However, the built-in amplifiers do not require an external amp to produce high volumes and bass. As it already holds enough power to play louder volumes of fast-paced music including pop, and rock. 

Furthermore, the best part is its offer for easy control. The sound storm subwoofer comes with a wired remote, which easily controls the output and variable bass effects. 

We also liked the auto-shut-off function, which prevents the damages from overheating or power failure. Moreover, it’s a great choice to install a subwoofer in a small area without compromising the power and performance. 

The brilliant option to upgrade your vehicle’s music system is able to take you to the next level with the help of its wonderful specifications, including variable low pass crossover, bass boost, subsonic filter, and phase control. 

However, the sound storm pro series comes with an A/B in-built amplifier that features a specific linear circuit to enhance the sound quality and reduce distortion. However, the 10-inch driver is the biggest proof of its capabilities. 

What We Like

  • MOSFET power supply
  • Remote control subwoofer
  • Auto-shut-off to prevent damages
  • Variable low pass filter

What We Don’t Like

  • The in-built amp can’t produce extreme bass

3. Pioneer TS Audio Low Profile Stereo Subwoofer

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A 10” height subwoofer with a high excursion is a perfect option for a low-profile subwoofer. It has seamless integration with a full range of automotive loudspeakers.

Our team labeled it as the best product with a worthy price range. Butyl rubber surrounding the subwoofer helps in easy protection with 56oz of the double-stacked magnet.  Its cone material has glass fiber and stamped steel.

A dual voice coil is also available with nominal impedance. It has a 5.25” mounting depth with a double ferrite magnet to produce high volume sound without any noise. Get the best subwoofer today to enjoy the time with loud music and extra quality. 

What We Like

  • 400 watts RMS power
  • 1300 watts maximum peak power
  • 2-20Hz Frequency range
  • Full range loudspeakers

What We Don’t Like

  • May produce unstable smell if used on high power for long hours

4. Rockville RW10CA – Slim Low Profile Subwoofer

Slim subwoofers can be placed at any place easily. You don’t have to worry about the adjustment of the subwoofer at your place. We found Rockville as the best subwoofer for the car as it produces the least volume. 

The low pass filter used in the sub reduces the external noise and transfers clear sound with extra bass.

It has a thermal protection circuit, which makes it safer for the passenger inside the car or bus. Auto-turn on and off technology controls the excessive use of power.

What We Like

  • 800 watts peak power
  • Input sensitivity is adjustable
  • 0 to 180- degrees phase circuit
  • Optimal Thermal Protection

What We Don’t Like

  • It lacks lows and punches while playing music

5. BOSS Audio Systems BAB10 with Great Controls

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A remote-controlled subwoofer is great for vehicles. Our team has tested the subwoofer for many weeks and found it compatible and durable. 

It has 1200 watts maximum power range with variable low-pass filters. BAB10 cable can be used to connect sub with radio and make the volume louder in larger areas.

It has variable bass boost up, which produces clear sound with the least interruption. It ensures proper functionality and safety for the users. The double-layer protection on the outer side of the sub adds a protection level.

What We Like

  • MOSFET Power Supply
  • Super Boosted Bass
  • Low Pass Filter
  • Easy remote control

What We Don’t Like

  • No additional cables are available for connection

How to Choose Best Low Profile SubwooferBuying Guide

Choosing the best low-profile subwoofers isn’t an easy task. In the last section, we have provided a list of the best models. We hope now you have got every single specification of the top models. However, you still need to know many more things for comparing the perfect one, which perfectly matches your needs. This buying guide section is as important as the product review one, so do not skip it. 

  1. Size

Size is the most crucial consideration, which defines what your new subwoofer can do. However, it ranges from 8 inches to 15 inches, and it defines the capability of producing different sounds and music. 

Firstly the smallest 8-inch subwoofer is more responsive and punchier than others. The smallest size is ideal for playing fast-paced music like rock and double bass. However, it can be the right choice for people who love to hear soft and light bass sounds. 

Secondly, the 10-inch subwoofers are the most common and safest choice. It is also great for playing fast-paced music while generating a great amount of bass. However, the 10-inch low-profile subwoofers are the right choice for party lovers. 

The next common size is 12 inch which is specially engineered for people who want to enjoy various music. However, the bass production is not good for fast-paced music as compared with 10-inch subwoofers. But the lowest frequency range and ability to handle a variety of music with perfection is highly appreciable. 

Lastly, the 15-inch subwoofers can also handle a variety of music while producing deep bass sounds. However, these are also less responsive when it comes to playing fast-paced music. But the biggest subwoofer can produce ear bleeding bass sounds. 

  1. Power 

After choosing the perfect size, you have to consider the power ratings. However, there are two ways to get how powerful your new subwoofer is; RMS and Peak power. Hence,  both are important, but you have to consider the RMS power rating. RMS power defines how much your subwoofer can handle the continuous power without blowing up. 

  1. Impedance Rating

Impedance rating trait refers to the electrical current management. The impedance defines how easily your subwoofer can translate signals from its amp. However, the low impedance rating produces less sound distortion as compared to high. 

  1. Voice Coils

The number of voice coils defines how much power a sub can take up from the amp. You can choose any one coil single or dual. However, the dual voice coil subs are more considerable than a single one. 

  1. Sensitivity

The sensitivity rating determines the required power to produce volume and bass. If you have a low-powered amplifier, then go with a high sensitivity rating subwoofer. 

  1. Warranty

Like all the above-discussed specifications, a warranty is also a crucial factor to consider before putting your money on the line. The Best Shallow Mount Subwoofer comes with a minimum of one year warranty. 

Conclusion on Best Low Profile Subwoofer

So, here we had gone through the information and top features of the best low-profile subwoofers. One can use them feasibly and increase the frequency of volume and optimal bass features in the car.

Our experts have tested all five subwoofers before recommending the features to readers. One can choose anyone as per their requirement. For more information, one can check the product links and compare.

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