Best In Wall Subwoofers


Only subwoofers can add an incredible sound to your home entertainment system. They are an absolute choice for all the movie buffs and music maniacs. You can get them in moderate size and occupy your floor space.

But what will you do if you have limited space in your home? Moreover, those who have small children or pets in their houses may not also want to place the subs in an open space.

Only an in wall subwoofer can help you to cope up with this situation. It Does not occupy your floor space, and still adds an excellent bass to your favorite music track.

Therefore, only a wall-mounted subwoofer can add a classy touch to your music system to give you a theatre-like feeling. It comes in a compact design with all the latest features to deliver premium quality sound bass.

For this, endless companies today are manufacturing in-wall subwoofers to offer more resonant bass. You can feel confused to pick an appropriate one for you. To help you make an easy choice, I have come with some of the best in-wall subwoofers.

You will also get a detailed buying guide at the end of this article. Please go through the item to get an additive bass without compromising the space. 

Best in wall Subwoofers Review

1. Monoprice Fiber In Wall Subwoofer Speaker

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Monoprice Fiber in-wall speakers come first in the list of the best in-wall subwoofers. This subwoofer offers various features in such an affordable range that you can consider it to be the best budget in-wall subwoofer.

Monoprice subwoofers certainly come in a compact size. Though it is small in size, it has a 10-inch driver to run this powerful device. This driver allows this in-wall subwoofer to handle up to 300-Watt amplification.

You can install it on any wall of your home that has 3.6-inches of depth. It comes in a straightforward design to make it easily fit against the wall. Even if you want, you can also paint it over.

The manufacturers design this subwoofer to enhance the beauty of your interior. Easy installation is another exciting factor that you will like the most.

The company attaches all the necessary mounting accessories to make the installation procedure simple. It also helps you to reduce the vibration and any other distortion while you are listening to music.

Besides, you will receive an immaculate bass from this wall-mounted subwoofer. Though cheap, you need not compromise with the build quality.

The company designs the driver with Aramid fiber to make them strong and durable. This feature helps this Monoprice Fiber in-wall subwoofer be in proper shape and withstands any distortion.

Therefore, it can deliver accurate sound quality at lower frequency ranges. You can have a 3-dimensional listening experience of your favorite soundtrack or movies. 

Only you need to be careful to screw your wall, as it may damage the mounting tabs. 

What We Like

  • Looks great
  • High-quality sound
  • Great price
  • Easy to install

What We Don’t Like

  • Poor packaging
  • Mounting tabs are a bit tight

2. Klipsch RW-5802 II IW SUB In-Wall Speaker 

81iHXhABHzL. AC SL1500

Klipsch RW-5802 comes with superior sound technology to instantly steal your heart. The excellent build construction of this in-wall subwoofer will add a bonus point.

Klipsch itself is a renowned brand that has manufactured various stereo systems. So, it is true that you need not compromise with the audio design of this subwoofer.

You will notice 8-inch dual cerametallic woofers in the Klipsch in-wall subwoofer. As these woofers are robust, they can easily withstand high pressure without causing distortion.

This subwoofer’s sound quality ranges from 45 to 140Hz and possibly can reach up to 300 Watt. This wide range of music can enrich your entire living room with clear and warm bass.

Therefore, this in-wall-powered subwoofer can make you enjoy your music track. An easy and simple installation will be another notable feature to discuss. There is a sealed enclosure that helps to reduce any distortion.

Featured with an MDF baffle, it helps to transform the bass from one room to another. It comes with 2 x 4-inches construction that allows you to install this subwoofer in most of the walls.

The manufacturers attach both mounting hardware along with an isolation pad to deliver a smooth sound. But when you install this subwoofer against the wall, the gold can flush out from some angles.

It is going to be the only negative issue that Klipsch in-wall subwoofer comes with.

What We Like

  • Amazing sound
  • It fits perfectly against the wall
  • Straightforward installation
  • Quality build

What We Don’t Like

  • Gold cones show through the grilles at some angles
  • Poor customer service

3. Monoprice Fiber In-Wall Speaker Caliber Series

61tV T61KVL. AC SL1200

Monoprice Fiber in-wall subwoofer comes with all the smart features to deliver an incredible sound bass. A flexible installation procedure is another exciting feature of this subwoofer.

Monoprice Fiber is the best in-wall subwoofer that allows you to install it either in your ceiling or against the wall. The company claims that the surface having 3.6-inches depth can be the ideal place to make it installed.

The manufacturers design this in-wall subwoofer in a low-profile and straightforward design to easily match your room interior. You will notice a paintable magnet grill at the center of this subwoofer.

There is a strong driver to make the device run smoothly. A crossover cover is present to protect the driver from any debris falling inside. Monoprice Fiber does not allow you to worry about owning a limited space.

It is capable of delivering a boosting bass all over your room. Enabled with a Kevlar 6.5-inch silk titanium tweeter, it helps to have a crisp and accurate sound ranging from 55 Hz to 20 kHz.

You can consider this limited range of frequency to be the only issue with this in-wall subwoofer. Therefore, you are going to miss all the lower frequencies. But that does not mean you are going to compromise with the sound quality.

Premium quality sound, along with an enhancing sound of up to 300 Watt has made it a leading in-wall powered subwoofer. Most importantly, it comes with excellent build quality.

Monoprice Fiber uses aramid fiber to build the driver to make it withstand high pressure. This build quality of the driver also helps to reduce all the distortions than the other competing subwoofers.

Besides, this featured subwoofer comes in an affordable price range. Therefore, for those who want to pick the best budget in-wall subwoofer, Monoprice Fiber can be ideal.

What We Like

  • Pleasing priced
  • Easy to install
  • Looks nice
  • Heavy and solid built

What We Don’t Like

  • Covers are not easily placeable
  • Little narrow sound field

4. Ceiling Wall Mount Enclosed Speaker – Pyle PDIWS10 

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Pyle PDIWS10 is the best budget in-wall subwoofer available on this list. Besides, this in-wall subwoofer from Pyle comes in a realistic yet straightforward design and a diverse installation procedure.

Therefore, you can consider this subwoofer to be an appropriate combo of reliability and affordability. The diverse installation process allows you to install it anywhere you want.

Therefore, you can install it both in the ceiling or against your room wall, as per your preference. The manufacturers attach a cut-out template to help the streamlined installation and speaker to support the wiring.

Pyle in-wall subwoofer weighs only 6-pounds. It also helps to make the installation simple. Moreover, it comes in white color with having an elegant touch in it.

Therefore, it can easily suit your room décor. This small 10-inch subwoofer is small but delivers a robust sound quality. Moreover, this subwoofer’s compatibility with most of the amplifiers and receivers has made this wall-mounted subwoofer the best.

Enabled with 180-Watt RMS power, it can fill a small or middle-sized room with powerful sounding bass. Besides, the 40 Hz to 3 Khz sound frequency of this affordable in-wall subwoofer can make you feel surprised.

Pyle PDIWS10 comes with a 2-inch dual voice coil to control the high-grade output without making the subwoofer overheated. But if you play this subwoofer at full volume, the grille may sometimes come out.

It is going to be the only negative issue you can face with this in-wall subwoofer. Otherwise, you can consider this to be the best budget in-wall subwoofer available in the market.

What We Like

  • Delivers wall-shaking vibrations
  • Very easy to install
  • Fast shipping
  • Well packaged

What We Don’t Like

  • The grills need little modification
  • Not strongly built

5. OSD Audio 200W Trimless in-Wall Subwoofer – NERO-FS800

91Q84B024OL. AC SL1500

OSD in-wall subwoofer comes last in the list of the best in-wall subwoofer. It is suitable mostly for the home-theatre systems to deliver a superior quality sound. Moreover, you can easily access this user-friendly music subwoofer.

The construction of OSD NERO-FS800 lies in the brand ‘OSD’ itself, which means Optimal Speaker Design. It is a beautiful combination of an 8-inch woofer along with a 10-inch passive radiator.

This combination helps lessen the distortions and vibrations and enhances the low-frequency response up to 40 Hz. Therefore, you can expect a crisp and clear sound resolution from this subwoofer.

So, for those who want to get a home-theatre feeling in their home, OSD audio system will not make you disappointed. This in-wall subwoofer comes in a compact size to easily get fitted in your room wall.

Designed with 3.9-inches mounting depth, it allows them to fit with most of the walls. The manufacturers create this in a sealed enclosure to enhance the sturdiness and rigidity of the device.

This build quality helps to deliver an accurate and rich bass. Moreover, you can get this in-wall subwoofer in a trim less design to make it fit smoothly against the wall.

Besides, those who will use the paintable color to match the device with your room interior can make the subwoofer disappeared from a comfortable view. Though it is compact, it can handle up to 300-Watt amplifier power.

Featured with 8-ohm impedance, this in-wall powered subwoofer can increase efficiency. You can use this OSD in-wall subwoofer with only the corresponding amplifier coming from the same brand.

Therefore, you need to invest much more in buying both products. It is going to be the only negative issue you may face with this subwoofer. But if you want to enhance your movie time experience, you can surely pick this in-wall subwoofer.

What We Like

  • Good sounding
  • Perfect for home-theatre system
  • Easy to install
  • Strong built quality

What We Don’t Like

  • Poor packaging
  • Non-responsive customer service

How to Choose Best In Wall SubwoofersBuying Guide

Here are the factors that you must consider before picking an in-wall subwoofer for you.

  • Frequency range: The frequency range can decide the musical tone of that device it can create. Therefore, you should choose an in-wall subwoofer with a wide frequency range to enhance your hearing health.
  • Amplification: The amplification will decide the difference between an active and passive subwoofer. You can install the active subwoofers with the dedicated amplifiers available. On the other hand, if you install a passive subwoofer, you must purchase an amplifier compatible with your device.
  • Quality: You must pick a high-quality subwoofer to ensure durability and rigidity. Therefore, try to check the build quality of the product before making a purchase.
  • Price: Last but not least, you need to first decide your budget before buying a subwoofer. You will find various options available in the market in different price ranges. Make adequate research to find a quality product available in an affordable price range.

Conclusion on Best In Wall Subwoofer

An in-wall subwoofer will not make you compromise with your limited space. All the subwoofers mentioned above come in a compact size to easily fit against your room wall.

Though compact, each one can deliver a crisp and loud bass that can even shake your wall pictures. Pick any one of them and let us know your own experience! 

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