Best Down Firing Subwoofers


A subwoofer will undoubtedly add extra bass to your audio system or the home theatre system to deliver an excellent quality sound. Once you attach, you will notice a significant difference from your regular ones.

Therefore, only a subwoofer will add an overall richness to boost your listening experience. For this, nowadays, subwoofers have become a vital facet to add to your home audio systems.

These subwoofers come with powerful drivers to create heart-pounding bass. It will help you to feel a cinema-like experience. Now, in respect of these drivers, there are mainly two kinds of drivers available- down-firing subwoofer and front-firing subwoofer.

Down-firing speakers will release the sound directly to you, whereas the front-firing speakers will only emit the sound from the device’s side. Generally, most of the subwoofers have down-firing drivers in them.

Moreover, a down-firing subwoofer will throw the sound directly to the floor to create a rich sound that will fill your entire surrounding. Even you will get a rumble effect both in your favorite movies or games.

You will find numerous down-firing options available in the market. To help you out, I will suggest some of the best down-firing subwoofer devices in this article.

Read this short article to find one for your audio system. You will also find a detailed buying guide at the end part. It will also help you to make an easy purchase.

Best Down Firing Subwoofers Review

1. Acoustic Audio PSW-10 Down Firing Powered Subwoofer

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  • It comes with RCA inputs
  • 97db sensitivity and 25 Hz- 250 Hz frequency range
  • Cabinet like design
  • In-built amplifier
  • Long-length cone

Acoustic Audio PSW-10 subwoofer comes first in the list of the best down-firing subwoofer. The manufacturers give a unique design to this powered subwoofer.

It comes with all the latest features to add an incredible bass to your favorite TV shows, music tracks, and even games. There is an in-built amplifier present in this down-firing device to deliver such a crisp bass.

A long-length cone is there to help this deep response. Featured with a synergistic effect, it can emit low-frequency sound. You will find an MDF bass enclosure that will minimize the internal standing waves.

Various controlling buttons are present to adjust multiple features, including- bass level, phase control, auto signal sensor, and low-frequency level. Moreover, Acoustic Audio PSW-10 assures you to give a distortion-free service.

This powered subwoofer comes in a stylish design to suit your room décor. The manufacturers give a black touch to make it more beautiful. Besides, there are four feet present at the bottom of the device to stand firmly on the floor.

This 10-inch down-firing subwoofer with box design comes with a wide range of frequencies, ranging from 25 Hz to 250 Hz, that can even make the action movies livelier. 

Therefore, both the performance and the bright look have made it an excellent attachment to your home audio system. 

What We Like

  • Produces excellent impact all around
  • Price worthy
  • Outrageous performance
  • Deeper bass

What We Don’t Like

  • Plastic feet might substitute with rubber
  • RCA cables are a little poor

2. Creative Pebble Plus 2.1 USB-Powered Down-Firing Subwoofer 

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  • 4-inches in size
  • Enabled with 45-degree elevated dual drivers
  • Featured with High Gain mode
  • 8-Watt RMS output
  • Attached with volume controlling button

Creative Pebble Plus down-firing subwoofer comes next in this list. You will find a beautiful combination of both looks and performance in this powered subwoofer.

It comes in a compact size to fit easily in any of the corners of your living room. Therefore, this down-firing subwoofer from Creative Pebble could be an ideal choice for those who do not have enough space.

Though it is small in size, you need not compromise with the performance of this powered device. It is perhaps the best possible subwoofer to produce a high-quality bass to enhance your listening experience.

The manufacturers give it a straightforward yet sophisticated design. They attach USB connections with this device to make it even brighter. Most importantly, this down-firing subwoofer comes with 45-degree elevated dual far-field drivers.

These drivers help the subwoofer to emit sharp, crisp, and crystal-clear thumping bass. Even the technicians place this powered driver accurately to release the sound directly to you. 

It performs better with the wall mounting sockets than your laptop or computer.

Therefore, if you connect this subwoofer with a 5V 2A USB adapter, you can have up to 8-Watt RMS output to fulfill your entire surrounding. 

You will find a controlling button present in this device to monitor the bass level and power. The only issue you will face with this subwoofer is the absence of a 5V 2A USB adapter to ensure better connectivity.

What We Like

  • Well-balanced speakers
  • Provides incredible clarity
  • Perfect bass
  • Well-defined both high and low points

What We Don’t Like

  • Not travel friendly
  • It does not come with a protective screen

3. Alphasonik AS10DF Subwoofer 


  • It comes with a strong Aluminium cone
  • Rubber made surrounding 
  • 95db sensitivity
  • Air-tight bonding sealer
  • 30 Hz – 500 Hz frequency range

Alphasonik AS10DF is another notable down-firing subwoofer to fulfill your requirement. It has all the efficient features to deliver rich and chest-thumping bass.

Therefore, you are going to have a superior quality low-frequency sound from this down-firing subwoofer enclosure. Besides performance, this down-firing subwoofer comes in a stylish and well-built design.

You will get Alphasonik AS10DF down-firing subwoofer in a sleek design to be completely fit in your car. Therefore, this down-firing subwoofer car is possibly the most suitable that you can install both vertically or horizontally as per your preference.

The manufacturers mostly use premium quality MDF wood to make the subwoofer strong and long-lasting. This sturdy construction helps this device to minimize vibration.

Moreover, you will notice a unique sealer is present in this down-firing subwoofer to make it air-tight. It will help you to improve not only the joint strength but also the bass reflex.

Alphasonic AS10DF is the best down-firing subwoofer that comes with an Aluminium cone to deliver a wide range of low-frequency bass notes. It is compact and comes in a small size to easily fit in your car interior.

Though it is compact, it has a 95db sensitivity and a 30 Hz – 500 Hz frequency range to deliver excellent bass.

What We Like

  • It comes in a compact size
  • Well-finished design
  • Delivers a nice and clean bass
  • Great price point

What We Don’t Like

  • It does not deliver heavy bass, though satisfactory
  • Not suitable for rear seat

4. BIC V1020 Down-Firing Powered Subwoofer

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  • Attached with ‘Venturi’ vent
  • 350-Watt RMS peak power rating
  • Designed with gold plated terminal
  • In-built amplifier
  • 26 Hz – 180 Hz frequency range

BIC V1020 is another notable down-firing powered subwoofer that comes with multiple features. There is an excellent and powerful amplifier present in this down-firing subwoofer to deliver a chest-thumping bass.

The BASH technology of this 10-inch powered subwoofer will give you an uninterrupted service. This BASH technology can make this subwoofer run up to 350-Watt peak power.

The manufacturers mainly use a high-quality magnet to make this durable subwoofer that can smoothly run for a more extended period. Moreover, you will notice a ‘Venturi’ vent present in it.

This vent helps to minimize the port sound that often emits from other market-available subwoofers. Various controlling buttons are present to monitor several features, including- crossover, auto-sensing signal, bass levels, and many more. 

Featured with Dolby Pro or DTS input, it can incorporate a powerful bass to fill your surroundings. Besides, BIC V1020 comes in an exquisite design to match your room interior. 

The company gives a black or silver finish to this down-firing subwoofer. This glossy touch subwoofer will undoubtedly add attire to your living room. This down-firing powered subwoofer allows you to control the bass level and the volume to suit your surroundings and mood. 

Most importantly, this device offers a wide range of frequencies, ranging from 26 Hz – 180 Hz.

What We Like

  • Easy to set-up
  • Sounds great even at low frequencies
  • Volume control works perfectly
  • Worth every penny

What We Don’t Like

  • It lacks mid-bass little, though it depends on the room size
  • It cannot deliver booming sound, but excellent for a mid-size room

5. BOSS Audio Systems BAB10 Amplified Car Subwoofer 

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  • Enabled with 1200-Watt in-built amplifier
  • Featured with low pass filter technology
  • 1.5-inch Copper voice coil
  • It comes with a remote control
  • Safety protected

BOSS Audio Systems BAB10 down-firing subwoofer comes last in this list. This down-firing subwoofer car comes with a subsonic filter to deliver an optimum bass.

Besides, the BOSS BAB10 down-firing subwoofer enclosure has 1200-Watt peak power. You can get this subwoofer in a compact design to fit in your car interior easily.

There is an in-built amplifier present in this 10-inch car subwoofer. The phase control feature of this device allows you to monitor the speakers to receive a clear signal.

It has become famous to the young generation, ages between 18-24 years. There is a 1.5-inch Copper voice coil in this amplified car subwoofer. This audio system from BOSS is black and comes with a remote switch. 

You can control the bass level with this remote as per your choice. This amplified subwoofer comes in a small size to fit in your vehicle. For those who have a small car, the BOSS BAB10 audio system will be the best choice. 

Both the low-level and high-level inputs have made this down-firing subwoofer the best. Moreover, BOSS offers a straightforward and minimalistic installation procedure.

The amplifier present in this subwoofer ensures overall safety protection, including- overload, thermal and short circuits to avoid the miss convenience of all the customers. 

What We Like

  • Adds deep bass sound
  • It takes up very little space
  • Excellent price
  • Fits perfectly

What We Don’t Like

  • Can make the mounting hardware shake
  • Requires professional installation to get the best result

How to Choose Best Down Firing Subwoofer – Buying Guide

The debate between down-firing subwoofer vs front-firing subwoofer is ongoing. There are indeed certain factors that you should look after before installing a subwoofer for your own.

Please go through the following factors that you should consider before purchasing a down-firing subwoofer.

  • Size: Down-firing subwoofer that has a vast space is ideal. Though, you should also consider the size of your existing speakers to maintain a balance. Usually, 8-inch or 10-inch speakers are ideal for the bookshelf speakers, whereas a 12-inch speaker is ideal for a tower subwoofer.
  • Placement: Next, you must decide the space where you are going to install the subwoofer. Your installation placement will determine the type of the speakers- down-firing or front-firing. If you place the speaker near your existing speakers, you must go with a front-firing one. On the other hand, if you install it at the corner of your room, you must pick the down-firing subwoofer.
  • Power: The best down-firing sealed subwoofer comes with an in-built amplifier to be compatible with the drivers. These subwoofers do not need much external ability to emit the booming bass response. Though, the power of the subwoofer must vary with the size of the room.

Conclusion on Best Down Firing Subwoofer

All the above-mentioned down-firing subwoofers come with several features to release excellent sound quality. You can install them not only in your living rooms but also in the cars.

You can choose any one of them to fulfill your surroundings with a new bass. Do not forget to share your own experiences with us in the comments section below.

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