Best DJ Subwoofers


Everyone wants to rock their party with loud music and tasty food. But for that best DJ Subwoofer are the basic requirement for enhancing the quality of music.

Now, the question is if there is any special subwoofer available for DJ? The answer is yes; you can buy a special DJ subwoofer with strong bass and clear sound quality.

People often get confused while buying a DJ subwoofer. Here we will find and review the top 5 DJ Subwoofers from 20 subwoofers our team has tested.

Go through the list and decide whether you want to buy based on its price, size, sound quality, and durability.

Best DJ Subwoofers Review

1. Rockville 18” Active Powered – Best DJ Subwoofer Speakers

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It is a perfect 1000 watts subwoofer with 108.85 pounds weight, making it a portable and long-lasting device. One can enjoy 29-150 Hz frequencies while listening to music from another room.

Buyers are recommending this product as it has LED lights, which makes it more attractive while playing. It also has a low pass subwoofer crossover, which increases product compatibility.

The subwoofer has perfect XLR + TRS input jacks for a secure and easy connection. Aluminum former voice coils are available with a copper winding for safe use and isolation of a wire.

It also has level-up adjustments and phase controllers with a mounting socket to improve the device’s connectivity and usage. The custom metal grill makes it one of the best DJ subwoofer speakers with better efficiency and portability.

What We Like

  • Clip limiter circuit with LED indicator
  • Digital signal processor with boost
  • Power-On and signal light indicators
  • Higher frequency responses up to 150 Hz

What We Don’t Like

  • Cabinet quality could be better.

2. Electro-Voice Best DJ Powered Subwoofer

A1FCtRAhGcL. AC SL1500

Ev QuickSmart mobile application offers a quick and wireless mobile configuration with loudspeaker monitors. It has perfect in-class processing features with powerful bass quality.

Its class-D power amplifier with 1200-watts power and loudspeaker monetization. It has a threaded pole mount plate with two-handle designs. It also offers wired technology for easy and quick connectivity.

It is the best DJ-powered subwoofer with a flexible and true blend of performance and portability. Its speakers offer rick’s choice for DJs and two-way models.

It offers precise control and EV- engineered components for better control and lightweight packaging.

What We Like

  • CD Horn with 130 Max SPL
  • 15 mm plywood and DSP remote
  • Active amplification type speakers
  • Optimal controls and quality

What We Don’t Like

  • The overheating limit is too quick

3. Alto-Professional with PA Speakers

91scpeVJKkL. AC SL1500

12-inches medium size best DJ speaker with XLR and DSP outputs are a perfect choice for customers. It also has portable PA cabinets and the installation of PA pole sockets. 

Speakers have a rugged finish and fine look with polished and designed class D speakers.

One buy this product from any eCommerce platform and gets premium components to enhance your experience of listening to music. 

This speaker is preferred by most of the buyers as its sound quality is extraordinary due to its effective speakers and optimized low-frequency performance responses. 

What We Like

  • The optimal bass response of a full-range speaker
  • Easy to reproduce sound without music alteration
  • It has 6 selectable DSP output modes
  • 2000-watt amplifier with 1000-watts continuous amplifier

What We Don’t Like

  • The rubberized finish is scruffy.

4. BEHRINGER EUROLIVE Pro – Best Subwoofer for DJ

71rWfGrMPYL. AC SL1000

500-watt powered subwoofer has all the basic qualities that a DJ needs to play optimal songs. It is a perfect device for PA applications.

a 12” inch long-excursion transducer attached with high-temperature coils gives a perfect output of music with pounding bass and loud sound.

Built-in stereo output crossover provides filtered output music with loud range speakers. It helps to isolate the sound in the room but enough to enjoy the house party.

Its ultra-low frequency helps in providing a device with a bulletproof punch and great impacts. It also provides over-excursion and clip limit protection. It has a perfect and reliable best DJ sound system.

What We Like

  • Power and Clip LEDs for monitoring of sound
  • Limiter for sound performance and protection
  • 2-way loudspeaker with an extreme low-end level punch
  • Energy-efficient speakers with heat sinks

What We Don’t Like

  • Underpowered sub for playing rap music

5. Sound Town METIS with 4-inch voice call


It is a perfect DJ speaker with 15” inch height and a class-D amplifier. The sound town provides a 1000 watts program with 1800 watts peak power to get clear, loud, and tight bass sound.

It is a lightweight PA subwoofer with versatile input and output connections to provide the best efficiency to the users. 4” voice coil is perfect for getting earth-shaking bass for the users. 

METIS provides ergonomic handles, which makes it more portable. One can easily move it anywhere in the house, and its lightweight makes holding and pushing it easier.

It eliminates any kind of distortion at a high volume. So, you can easily increase volume and enjoy high-efficiency sounds with a suitable performance for any house party.

What We Like

  • 35mm pole mount socket
  • Front and rear panel modes are high-grade
  • 2*XLR and 2*RCA increase the efficiency of the output result
  • ⅝ inch birch plywood increases its durability

What We Don’t Like

  • Sound quality could be enhanced as per the mentioned wattage.

How to Choose Best DJ Subwoofers – Buying Guide

Try to check out some qualities in your best DJ subwoofer to know why it is perfect to be equipped in your house or a studio. Check out the top advice for selecting a speaker.

Size of Subwoofer

The size of the subwoofer generally depends on the space available on the premises. But, in general, one should go for 12-15 inch speakers.

Speaker size also affects the volume of music and bass quality. The more the bass of the speaker, the more will be the thrill while listening to music.

One can choose any size as per the choice, space, and price. Price could vary as per the size of the subwoofer. Professionals working in clubs and loungers prefer speakers with more height and bass quality.

An 18-inch subwoofer is always a perfect choice for large premises to provide enhanced sound quality.

PA-System of Subwoofer

PA system of a subwoofer means a public address system, which is an electronic system. It comprises microphones, amplifiers, and loudspeakers. If your PA system is good, there is no need to worry about sound effects and efficiency.

One can buy Rockville 18” speakers for better efficiency and acoustic sound sources. It increases apparent volume and musical instruments and better sound recording quality.

Working of Subwoofers

The subwoofer works like any other PA speaker and drives audio signals to convert them into sound waves with low frequencies. The whole process works effectively with the help of voice coils.

It often has some cabinets with different types of ports. One can go for a vented subwoofer to get better quality and band-pass enclosures.


So, here is the perfect list of the best DJ subwoofers that one can buy. One can go for Rockville 18” subwoofers or electro watt subwoofers. 

Here one has to check the basic specifications of subwoofers like sound quality, PA System, and size. Bass quality goes parallel with its size and height.

One has to check the price and features required and check if both fit in the same category. You can also go for any best PA speaker to get quality and increase the DJ fun.

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