Best Cheap Subwoofers


Subwoofers add soul to your favorite music track to make them livelier. Therefore, these are an integral part of your car stereo system. The best subwoofer can give you a home theatre-like feeling to make your mood.

Moreover, they have come to produce low-frequency sounds. You will also receive a deep and enriching bass from these subwoofers that can even shake your seating couch.

Whether you are in a club or bar or listening to standalone music, this powerful bass can charm up your music. You will find endless options available in the market with several features.

You may feel confused about picking an appropriate one for your car. Therefore, I have curated some of the best cheap subwoofers in this article. So, those who want a good budget subwoofer have come to the right place.

You will also find a detailed buying guide at the end of this article. So, jump in this review to find the perfect one for you.

Best Cheap Subwoofers Review

1. Rockford Fosgate R2D2-10 Peak Subwoofer

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In the list of the best cheap subwoofers, Rockford Fosgate R2D2-10 comes first. It has all the latest features to make your car audio system rejuvenated. Moreover, this cheap subwoofer delivers a deep and loud bass to your music.

Another exciting feature of this subwoofer is its strong build quality. The manufacturers design it with a lightweight premium quality Aluminium made anodized cone.

This sturdy cone helps to hold a heavy load on it. This subwoofer has a unique technique to hold such a big size cone than the other market available competitors.

This large size cone can push up to 25 percent more air to deliver great bass. Rockford Fosgate R2D2 is an excellent cheap subwoofer that comes with a 250-Watt RMS rating.

This high RMS rating helps it to handle much power. A mono amplifier ranging between 500 and 700 Watt at 4-ohm helps this subwoofer run smoothly.

Rockford itself is a leading brand that has an in-depth loudspeaker to deliver the best possible music experience. Besides, the manufacturers use Copper to make the voice coil to make them withstand heating issues.

This premium quality voice coil will give an uninterrupted bass for an extended period. This best-engineered device can provide you innovative and passionate music with powerful bass.

What We Like

  • Takes little space
  • Incredible sound
  • Great build quality
  • Nicely finished speaker with a ring surrounding

What We Don’t Like

  • The amplifier is not enough powerful
  • May take little time to deliver

2. Rockville RW10CA Powered Car Subwoofer

Rockville RW10CA is another cheap subwoofer that comes with possibly all the latest features to deliver an enriching bass. Moreover, this subwoofer comes in a compact size that does not take much space in your car.

The manufacturers design this budget subwoofer only with 2.7-inches thickness. This sleek design helps this device to be comfortably fit under your car seat. The next feature that you will like is that it comes with an in-built amplifier.

Therefore, it requires a straightforward and minimal installation procedure. The wiring is also very comfortable, even for a non-technical person. Rockville itself is a leading brand that produces devices to be user-friendly from beginning to end.

Therefore, you will notice several user-friendly features in this device that have made it possibly the best cheap car subwoofer. Most interestingly, it has a smart circuit that receives a signal to turn your system on.

On the other hand, it will automatically turn off the system. Therefore, you do not require a remote control to monitor the subwoofer. You will find all the inputs and outputs on the chassis of this device.

For this, the wiring procedure has become much more comfortable and clean. It has such a slim and compact amplifier that you can hardly find in any other market-available under-seat car subwoofers.

There is a remote functioning knob present in this subwoofer to control all the features. Moreover, Rockville RW10CA comes with all the mounting accessories to make them fit easily.

Overall, we can say that finding a fair subwoofer in a moderate price range can surely pick this.

What We Like

  • Impressive bass level
  • The controller knob is convenient
  • It does not get heated
  • It comes with mounting hardware

What We Don’t Like

  • It randomly gets shut off

3. BIC America F12 Powered Subwoofer

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BIC America is a leading manufacturing company for the last 50 years. This subwoofer gives not only mid-range and high frequency but also low frequency as well.

BIC America F12 is perhaps the best cheap home subwoofer that comes with a home-theatre set-up. The manufacturers design this subwoofer with 12-inch depth along with 475-Watt power.

Enabled with BASH technology, this cheap subwoofer has a 12-inch depth long-throw woofer. There is a BIC venturi vent to withstand any port noise. 

Therefore, it can enhance your listening experience. Adjustable crossover, volume, auto signal sense, high-level inputs, Dolby Pro-Logic, Dolby Digital DTS are some of the additive features to make it an excellent cheap subwoofer.

Besides, BIC America F12 comes with a 5-years manufacturing warranty. This 12-inch driver cheap subwoofer has all the latest features that you can hardly find in any other competing brands.

This subwoofer comes in Black color in a cabinet-like shape that may not match your room interior. Moreover, it has 150-Watt RMS wattage. These are the only two issues that have restricted it to come to the first position.

This model from BIC America is suitable for smaller rooms. Though you will not get this in such a compact size, it still works best, especially in the tightest areas.

Indeed, you will not have sound like the other expensive models, but deep and powerful bass is enough to fill your room thoroughly.

What We Like

  • It comes with a 25Hz-200Hz frequency range
  • Venturi vent reduces noise
  • It runs smoothly without distortion
  • Strong durability

What We Don’t Like

  • The fuse may blow after few months
  • Produces a humming sound

4. Skar Audio IX-8 Car Subwoofer

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Skar Audio IX-8 is another best cheap powered subwoofer to deliver rocking music for a longer time extension. The manufacturer’s design, this subwoofer is very sturdy to have as much power as you need.

Moreover, 1200-Watt peak power and 600-Watt RMS power are exciting features to make it the best cheap subwoofer. Such a wide range of control allows you to enjoy any bass level as per your preference or the symphony orchestra.

Skar itself is a leading brand to manufacture this strongly built subwoofer. The manufacturers use a premium quality material to make the 2.5-inch 4-layer voice coil.

This strongly built voice coil allows this budget subwoofer to handle any power. You will notice a large magnet surface along with a Ferrofluid coating in this powered subwoofer.

This feature not only helps to come into contact with air directly but also dissipates heat. Thus, this coated surface enhances both performance and longevity. You can get this cheap subwoofer in variable sizes to choose from.

Moreover, this Skar Audio IX-8 subwoofer comes in an attractive design to match your car interior. 97db sensitivity rating and 2 and 4-ohm voice coil impedance are other notable features of this good cheap subwoofer.

Overall, this subwoofer is exceptionally efficient and durable that can make you indulge in investing in it.

What We Like

  • Amazing sound
  • Nice packaging
  • Easy installation
  • Takes little space

What We Don’t Like

  • May take little time to deliver
  • Nonresponsive customer service

5. Pioneer TS-A250D4 Subwoofer

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In the list of the best cheap subwoofers, Pioneer TS-A250D4 comes last. Though it comes later in the list, it has all the latest features to deliver you a pleasant sound for a long time.

The manufacturer’s design of this cheap subwoofer with glass fiber and mica injected polypropylene gives the cone a robust build. You will also find a rubber surrounding this unit.

A fiber-made spider is present in this device to make it strong and linear to give a high transient sound. A 56-ounce oversize magnet is there with a pole yolk to make it handle high power.

It is available with a 10-inches subwoofer speaker to make you dance, sitting even on your resting couch. You can install some of these budget subwoofers in your home to make every member of your family rock.

It is possibly the cheap subwoofers for a home to deliver a powerful bass that can indulge even your entire neighborhood dance with your tune. Besides, 1300-Watt peak power has made it the best subwoofer available in the market.

Moreover, 20Hertz to 2 kilohertz and 400-Watt RMS rating are some of the other additive features of this sub to steal your heart at once.

What We Like

  • Produces cleanest highs and lows without distortion
  • Wide range of frequency
  • Strongly built
  • Can handle the highest wattage

What We Don’t Like

  • It does not come in a right package

How to Choose Best Cheap Subwoofers – Buying Guide

It is a tricky task to find a budget subwoofer. Please follow the below-mentioned factors before stepping out to pick one for you.

  • Purpose: Before buying, you need to know the purpose of your usage. That means whether you want good music on your ride or watching a movie with a home-theatre feeling. You will find numerous subwoofers available to serve different purposes. If you love to watch movies, you should install an integrated subwoofer with a home-theatre attachment to get an incredible sounding experience. On the other hand, if you want to carry the subwoofer with you, the wireless ones would be ideal. 
  • Brand: Brand is another notable factor that you must consider before buying. It is not always true that a branded subwoofer always comes with the latest features and builds quality to satisfy you. Still, you should choose a branded subwoofer if it comes under your budget. Rockville, Rockford, Skar Audio, Pioneer, BIC America are some of the leading brands to choose from. These are the brands that have passed both the test of performance and quality. Even these brands manufacture various subwoofers that are available in an affordable price range.
  • Warranty: Various subwoofers come with a various warranty period. a 5-years manufacturing warranty for a subwoofer is good enough. If you face any issue during the warranty period, you can get an easy replacement from the company.
  • Durability: You must not compromise with the quality while buying a budget subwoofer. Though, those who have a tight budget are not going to have the best one. The manufacturers claim, Polypropylene cones, along with rubber surrounding made subwoofers are reasonably durable. Even the cast iron subwoofers also offer good durability.
  • Budget: Last but not least, the account is the most crucial factor while buying a good cheap subwoofer. You can find various subwoofers available in the market with a variable price range. It is not right that you need to spend a ton of money to get the best one. You can also find many budget devices available with various features and the best performance.

Conclusion on Best Cheap Subwoofer

All the budget mentioned above subwoofers come with their unique features to give the best possible performance. I have listed both the positive and negative aspects of each of the subwoofers.

I am sure this guide will help you to make a smart buy. Going through this review, you can narrow down your option to pick the best subwoofer.

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