Best Audiophile Subwoofers


You cannot experience the best quality sound without installing a good subwoofer. Only the best audiophile subwoofer will make your stereo system or home theatre system deliver bass to make your party rock.

The best subwoofer will deliver the low-frequency ranges and make you feel the music’s overall richness to enhance your listening experience.

Therefore, for those who love to get a rumble feeling in their favorite music track, a subwoofer will be an ideal choice. These subwoofers come with a powerful amplifier that will help you feel the bass even deep in your bones.

You will experience the music and movies, and video games with an astonishing difference. They have all the latest features that allow you to listen to even the whispering sounds with excellent clarity.

There are tons of audiophile subwoofers available in the market. You may feel confused to find an appropriate one. Therefore, I will suggest some of the best audiophile subwoofers and their positive and negative aspects.

Give only a 10-minute read to get the best performance from your home stereo system. Let’s have a look.

Top 5 Best Audiophile Subwoofers Review

1. Klipsch R-100SW: Best Audiophile Subwoofer

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Klipsch R-100SW subwoofer comes first in the list of the best audiophile subwoofers available on this list. It has all the possible latest features to make it the best available than the other competing ones.

It comes with a wide range of frequencies, ranging from 27-150 Hz to building a new sound era. It is compact and comes in a stylish look to match your room’s interior.

Therefore, those who do not have a small space in their home can install Klipsch R-100SW comfortably. This subwoofer from Klipsch will add an excellent and tight bass to make your music track livelier.

Most importantly, Klipsch promises you to give an uninterrupted performance for an extended period. The manufacturers attach a robust and integrated amplifier in this subwoofer to make you feel a hard-hitting bass.

Moreover, enabled with MDF Plinths decoupling technology, it will help you minimize the surrounding sound to create a powerful effect. It comes with a wireless kit to allow you to move this device from one room to another without hassle.

This audiophile subwoofer comes with 200-Watt continuous power that you can increase up to 450-Watt. Therefore, this sound device helps you to listen to all the effects with minute accuracy.

So, it is the best audiophile subwoofer under a 400-dollar price range suitable for classical tracks and rock lovers. Klipsch R-100SW is an ideal one to make you enjoy both the highs and low frequency ranges.

Besides, LFE RCA input is present in this subwoofer to make it compatible with most standard home theatre devices. 

What We Like

  • Looks nice and slim
  • Price worthy
  • Deep and incredible bass
  • It comes with rubber feet

What We Don’t Like

  • May take little time to deliver
  • Poor customer service

2. BIC America F12: Powered Audiophile Subwoofer

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BIC America F12 is another notable subwoofer that also comes with various features. It can be the best subwoofer to fill your surrounding with an excellent soundtrack. It is compact and comes in 12-inches in size.

Therefore, those with very compact space in their room can install BIC America F12 to get the best performance. But this subwoofer does not have an eye-catching look.

Instead, you will get this audiophile subwoofer in a dull look. It is the only negative point you are going to have with this subwoofer. It looks dull; it can give you such an excellent sound quality than any other leading brand available in the market.

Moreover, it comes with such powerful wattage and sound quality to challenge many of the top-rated subwoofers. This subwoofer comes with a 150 RMS power rating, which is less than the other devices.

For this reason, it is ideal for offering the best performance for a small and confined room. That does not indicate BIC America F12 comes in a compact size. But it responds well in a tight space than the other subwoofers available in this price range.

It is true, BIC America F12 does not offer sound like expensive models. But it will give a deep and powerful bass to enhance your overall surrounding. You will notice a 12-inch-long injection-molded subwoofer to release the bass.

Various buttons are present in this unit to monitor volume, signal sensing, and many other features to get the best output. The 116db sensitivity of this subwoofer has made it suitable for live rock band lovers.

What We Like

  • Great sound
  • Price worthy
  • Powerful and well built
  • Flawless crossover design with an adjustable knob

What We Don’t Like

  • Non-responsive customer service
  • It gets heated when high usage twice

3. Polk Audio HTS 10: Audiophile Home Theater Subwoofer

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Besides performance, those who prefer the subwoofer outlook, Polk Audio HTS 10, will be an ideal choice for them. Therefore, you can say it is the best audiophile subwoofer for under 400 dollars that comes with a beautiful combination of performance and beauty.

It will deliver an excellent sound quality that fills your entire surrounding. You can expect such a performance from hardly any other subwoofers available in this price range. 

Those who love to add a deep bass in their music track to make them livelier and realistic must install Polk Audio HTS 10 powered subwoofers to give your living room a theatre-like feeling.

Therefore, this audiophile subwoofer is suitable for music and your home theatre systems. The manufacturers design this subwoofer compact that does not occupy much space in your living room.

The radiused edges and the corner-cut grille design have given it a stylish and premium look than the other subwoofers available in the market. Moreover, the availability of this subwoofer from Polk is entirely satisfactory.

Besides, it is the best subwoofer that comes with dynamic sound technology to fill your entire surrounding with a three-dimensional sound. It comes with 200-Watt peak power to add a rumbling bass to most of your favorite movies and music.

Polk Audio incorporates power port technology to reduce any distortion and deliver uninterrupted service. LFE and stereo line input have made this device compatible with most of the other speakers. 

A rear panel is present at the back of the audiophile subwoofer to monitor the volume, bass level, and phase. Overall, Polk Audio HTS 10 has all the innovative features that can certainly steal your heart.

What We Like

  • It does not produce noise
  • Great bass
  • Looks beautiful
  • Best priced

What We Don’t Like

  • The auto-on feature is annoying
  • The boomy sound may irritate your neighbors

4. Sonos Sub (Gen 3) – The Wireless Subwoofer

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Sonos Sub (Gen 3) comes next in this list of the best audiophile subwoofers. It comes in a slim design with an elegantly stylish look to beautifully match your room interior.

You can pair it with any other Sonos speaker to get the best performance. Sonos (Gen 3) offers a straightforward installation, even for a non-technical person. It is the best subwoofer that comes with well-integrated features to add a powerful bass to enhance your listening experience.

Moreover, this is a wireless subwoofer that allows you to move the device from one place to another. Though, little expensive, you can consider it to be the best audiophile subwoofer under the 1000 range.

Moreover, you need not compromise with the build quality of this subwoofer. It comes in slightly oversized and weighs only 16-kg. The manufacturers design this subwoofer so that you can both place it upright or lay straight on the surface.

Sonos Sub (Gen 3) requires an effortless connection. This wireless subwoofer allows you to connect this device with any other Sonos speakers or your home theatre systems.

There is a multi-functional button present at the front side of this audiophile subwoofer to monitor various features. The manufacturers add two canceling drivers at the center of the sub to make it withstand distortions.

It looks stylish and has a glossy touch in this wireless speaker. Overall, it helps to deliver the lower range of frequencies that enables you to listen to accuracy.

Even, you can install a user-friendly app on your smartphone to control this wireless subwoofer.

What We Like

  • Heart-pounding bass without distortion
  • Can stand upright or lay straight
  • The glossy and stylish finish
  • Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity

What We Don’t Like

  • Little expensive
  • Heavyweight

5. Monoprice 60-Watt Powered Subwoofer

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Monoprice 60-Watt powered subwoofer comes last in the list of the best audiophile subwoofer. It is compact and comes with only a 60-Watt RMS rating.

It has a wide frequency range, ranging between 50-250 HZ, which has made this powered subwoofer the best. There is also a crossover filter to adjust this frequency range.

Several buttons are present on the control panel to control various features, including- crossover, bass level, and many more features. The company attaches several inputs to connect this subwoofer with multiple amplifiers or stereo devices.

There are corresponding output units present with every input. Also, you will notice both right and left inputs current in this subwoofer. Therefore, these two amplifying outputs allow you to connect this device with any other standard speakers.

Most importantly, it delivers an excellent quality bass to add to your music track. Besides, this subwoofer comes with excellent connectivity to make it the best.

You can use RCA cables to connect this device with any other compatible devices available in the market. The manufacturers mainly use wood to make it durable and long-lasting.

It is black and comes in a cabinet-like look. You will find a driver and a sound port at the front side of this subwoofer. There is a black-colored speaker grill present to cover these ports.

What We Like

  • Can force a lower frequency input without distortion
  • Pumps hard to deliver powerful bass
  • Looks nice
  • Well priced

What We Don’t Like

  • Little high frequency
  • It takes little time to deliver

How to Choose Best Audiophile Subwoofer – Buying Guide

These are the following factors that you should look for before purchasing an audiophile subwoofer:

  • Size: The subwoofers that deliver a deep bass have come with a larger surface. But you should check the size of your other speakers to keep a balance in your sound system. Generally, 8-inches or 10-inches speakers are suitable for regular bookshelf subwoofers. On the other hand, 12-inches subwoofers are excellent for tower speakers.
  • Placement: There are two types of subwoofers present, front-firing, and down-firing. Before choosing the class, you should decide the place where you are going to install this unit. If you can manage to place the subwoofer near your other set of speakers, you can choose the front-firing ones. Whereas, if you place your subwoofer at the corner of your room, the units with a down-firing option will be the best.
  • Power: The best subwoofers come with in-built amplifiers to connect with the drivers. This feature does not consume much fuel to deliver chest-thumping bass. Though, the power of the subwoofer will depend on the size of your room.

Conclusion on Best Audiophile Subwoofer

Here ends the list of the best audiophile subwoofers.

I am sure this review list will help you to select one for you.

You can choose any one of the subwoofers mentioned above to fill your surrounding with the best possible sound quality.

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