Best 6.5 Inch Subwoofers


While most people assume that only a big subwoofer can provide a strong deep bass sound, it is true sometimes, but this is also true that if you are fond of crystal clear lows and boomy sound, you need a smaller subwoofer. 

The 6.5-inch subs are specially designed to install in tighter spaces. Despite its small size, it can also provide a superb deep bass sound. However, they are not capable of producing earth-shaking bass. 

But the best 6.5-inch subwoofers can add some good rumble to your music desires and produce a more accurate and punchy bass sound. These capabilities make it a great option for the people who don’t have larger space to upgrade their music system and larger budget as well. 

Now the thing is, how can you choose the right one? Do not worry as you are in the right place. Stay here for a few minutes and keep reading this article; we will help you to pick the perfect 6.5-inch sub. 

Best 6.5 Inch Subwoofers Review

1. Skar Audio EVL-65: Our Top Pick For 6.5 Inch Subwoofers

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The skar audio evil is specially designed to provide high-quality deep bass and solid performance in a small box. The smaller and compact subwoofer is a great option for hard-hitting bass. 

The most considerable thing, which makes it far better than others is its pure copper 2-inch voice coils. It is highly efficient for conducting possible power. Furthermore, the pure copper wires are good enough to manage the high temperatures. 

Secondly, its ferrite motor is also one of the appreciable specifications. The 39Oz powdered ferrite motor can generate more magnetic power to enhance its life, and it is rust-proof as well. 

The deep and rigid cone also ensures its durability. Due to the short distance of mounting from the box, the speaker produces an effectively low and clear bass sound. However, the air-circulation is also superb due to the small size driver. 

This skar audio level subwoofer offers full freedom to the user, as they can use it anywhere a larger sub may not fit. Moreover, the spade terminals also make it the most easier sub to install. You just have to connect the speaker wire with a connector or solder. 

The best 6.5-inch subwoofer comes with 82. Db sensitivity rating, which is too close to the standard 90db. Therefore, we ensure you will not encounter even a single distortion while enjoying music in your car or home. 

2. DS18 Elite Z6 DVC Dual 4OHM Subwoofer

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The DS18 elite subwoofer is packed with some extraordinary specifications and 300 RMS watts of power. It is specially built to handle the high power produced by the amplifier and refined ferrite motor. 

The dual 4OHM voice calls to ensure it is the most durable subwoofer on our list. The dual voice coils also offer to play two channels at once. It is rated for nearly double the maximum power watts, volume, and sound precision. 

The kevlar basket addition has a dust cap, which effectively flows the air to the entire mechanism. The double-stack magnet can generate a high magnetic powered field to handle tremendous power at high volumes. 

The DS elite stands out from other popular brands because of continuing new inventions and up-to-date products.  When we have noticed the capability to handle low frequencies, we found it is working twice better than its price tag. 

The ultra-reliable and carbon fiber cone is specially added to improve the sound direction. It can handle a wider range of different tones at once. In simple words, you will feel like a theater in your house while watching movies. 

The complete foam bumper also ensures durability and makes sure you will get the most of what you want from your new subwoofer. All these specifications and durable, sturdy material makes it the best subwoofer at all. 

3. Rockville W65K9D4 Dual 4OHM CEA Compliant 6.5 Inch Subwoofer

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If you are confused about which subwoofer is the greatest one to upgrade your car’s stereo system, then have a look at this Rockville W65K9D4. The CEA-certified subwoofer matches all your needs for the best 6.5-inch subwoofer for car audio.

It is packed with a huge 66OZ ferrite motor and a superb high-quality magnet. Do not hesitate while running it at full volume, as these two amazing specifications won’t let it produce voice distortion.

However, the thick foam surround and black stitching cone ensure the long life of this wonderful subwoofer. The custom Rockville mounting basket makes it easy to flow the air to each component, and it looks pretty gorgeous as well. 

Now coming to technical specification, it is featured with 1000 maximum power watts and 500 RMS watts. Nevertheless, To say, 500 RMS power handling capability is enough to shake your small car. 

The 2″ 4 layered ASV voice coils make this sub very efficient to deal with high temperatures. The lightweight 6.5-inch sub is extremely easy to install in the tightest spaces. Furthermore, 82.1 DB sensitivity and sealed enclosure will manage different frequencies. 

Apart from these technical specifications, it is built with custom rubber boot magnet covers, which can handle more power than rated. 

4. DS18 EXL-6.2D 800W Max Subwoofer

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The DS18 6.5-inch subwoofer home theater is specially designed to produce extremely clear concert sounds for both instrumental or vocals. The 4OHM dual voice coils and high peak power of 600 Watts ensure that it can handle different audio types. 

The midrange loudspeaker can handle frequency ranges between 40 to 820 HZ. Its 90 OZ high stretch double ferrite magnet makes it stand out from the other brands and sub-models as it can produce a wider range of tones and is capable of handling tremendous power. 

If we talk about its durability specification, then there are many things that affect its life. First of all, the driver is wrapped with 1.5 inches thick voice coils, which are extremely tolerant of heat. 

Furthermore, the voice coils are protected with a red aluminum bullet dust cover, which keeps it secure from dust and enhances the sound quality as well. However, if you are going to install it in your car, you may be making a mistake. 

As it is specially designed as a home theater for small rooms. Due to the big basket, its size is a little bigger, and thus it is tough to mount in your small car. The combination of a big basket and paper/glass fiber cone ensures the proper air circulation to the entire mechanism. 

5. Earthquake Sound SWS-6.5X Shallow Mount Subwoofer

Despite its small size, it really works like its name as the pair of two earthquake loudspeakers are able to shake your dance floor. The RMS power rating of 200 watts and 200 watts Peak power proves its capability. 

The NOMEXROMEX spider assembly design produces deep lows effectively and allows linear and stable cone movement. The shallow mount depth design makes it easier to install, as you do not need to invest significant time to mount it at any location. 

Moreover, it is designed with an inverted cone, which enables it to easily mount in tight locations. Furthermore, the inverted cone design is also helpful to produce deep bass sound with minimum distortion. 

However, a good ventilation system keeps the components cool even while running at a high volume. The heat-sink attachment also works there to handle high-temperature conditions. 

These amazing features and an affordable price tag make it the best budget subwoofer ever. The punchy bass sound and 4OHM independence are considered as an add-on for the buyers. 

How to Choose Best 6.5 Inch Subwoofer – Buying guide

As you have gone through the reviews of some best subwoofers, and you are now almost ready to shop. But in our opinion, this isn’t enough. Stay here for a few minutes more, as we are going to discuss some important specifications, which make a sub best from hundreds of options. 

The buying guide will help you compare the best 6.5 inches subwoofers to buy the excellent one. 

  • Power

The topmost factor to consider is power, as your subwoofer is small, and therefore, it becomes your priority to pick the high-powered subwoofer. Typically you will find two types of power ratings; RMS and Peak power. 

You have to consider RMS watts more than Peak power. As the RMS rating determines how much power your subwoofer can handle for long hours continuously. On the other hand, peak power watts define the ability to handle short bursts. 

However, the short bursts are temporary. Therefore, RMS watts are your priority as this is something that you need to check keenly. 

  • Strong overall built

You will be investing hard-earned money to fulfill your music desires. It is recommended not to compromise with the durability factor. The durability of a subwoofer depends on several things. 

First of all, its voice coils should be made with anodized aluminum wires, capable of handling higher temperature situations. However, dual voice coils are ideal in this term. 

Secondly, the cone needs to be built with rigid but lightweight material as well. The rigid material addition will ensure durability, and if it is lightweight, you won’t encounter voice distortion ever. 

Furthermore, the surround also needs to be sturdy and strong enough. Moreover, a strong and high magnetic powered magnet also affects the durability terms. 

  • Air-Circulation 

 Your small subwoofer needs proper air circulation to keep the components cool, especially when running for long hours. To check the air-circulation capability, you have to consider the basket venting. 

If your subwoofer has a large basket for venting, it means it is capable of circulating air to each component. It also affects the durability terms of a subwoofer. 

  • Mounting Depth

If you are looking for a 6.5-inch subwoofer, then maybe your major concern is to install it in a shorter space. If we are right, then do not go with a high mounting depth speaker. 

However, low mounting depth ensures the small size and easy installation as well. Moreover, if the speaker is mounted near the box, then it can produce better sound quality. 

  • Frequency

The frequency range only matters when you are buying more than one speaker. Probably, you will need two or more subs to get shaking sounds from your small-sized subwoofers. 

In this term, the frequency becomes a priority. A higher frequency means higher sound quality. However, high frequency also prevents sound distortion. 

  • Easy Installation

Easy installation is the second biggest reason to go for a 6.5-inch sub. The terminals for attaching wires need to be located in the right position. 

However, wireless subwoofers are the most easier device to install. But if you are ready to bear the wire headache, then you must look for a speaker, which doesn’t hold useless wires or wire length. 

Conclusion on Best 6.5 Inch Subwoofers

Hope now you can choose the great one from the above listed best 6.5 inches subwoofers. However, all five subwoofers are great at their place, as we have listed them after hard research. 

Our team has tested all these subs’ efficiency, so we can assure you the reviews are absolutely correct. However, there are some drawbacks to these subs, but we make sure the minimal downsides won’t affect their performance anyhow. 

If you are confused about some terms, we would love to suggest the DS18 EXL-6.2D 800W Max Subwoofer as the perfect sub to upgrade home music systems. 

However, the Rockville W65K9D4 Dual 4OHM CEA Compliant Subwoofer is the greatest option to shake your car with a highly powerful deep bass sound. 

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